Buy This And Never Have A Sad Desk Lunch Again


By Cooking Panda

Ever wanted to never get up from your desk at work? Probably not, actually.

For most office workers, lunch is the most highly anticipated hour of the day. It’s the sole time you get to roam free from a land of unflattering florescent lighting and overkill air conditioning and into the outdoors for a comforting slice of pizza or a tried-and-true sandwich.

Others aren’t so lucky; their lunch “breaks” consist of shoveling depressing salad into their mouths while typing furiously into Excel spreadsheets.

But your desk lunch doesn’t have to be sad, according to Metro.

For The Furniture Market is selling the Dinner Desk, which, equipped with a microwave, refrigerator and dishwasher, allows you to fix your lunch without ever journeying to the kitchen or interacting with coworkers. There’s also storage for plates and silverware, so Jim will never be able to use your favorite mug again. 

“But what if I’m having leftover fish filet for lunch? Won’t I stink up nearby cubicles?” you may ask. Fear not; there’s a built-in pungent food extractor to prevent the stench. And if you tend to spill coffee, there’s a paper-towel dispenser on the side.

“Rather than workers having no other option than to wolf down a bland sandwich or drab salad, they’ll now be able to enjoy meals from start to finish, cooking to cleaning to storage, without having to leave their desk — and more importantly that spreadsheet that Sylvia from accounts simply cannot wait for,” a Furniture Market employee told Metro.

Since you’d just be heating your leftover spaghetti at your desk instead of walking a few feet to the kitchen, we’re not sure how much time the Dinner Desk will save you. But if you’ve got about $13,000 lying around and really hate making small talk with coworkers, this could be the investment for you.

“We fully believe there is a market for this,” the same employee said. “It should be viewed as an investment in employee efficiency and in time the returns can be expected to more than cover the outlay.”

Sounds more like an investment in workaholic and antisocial culture, but OK. Get it here.

Source: Metro / Photo credit: The Furniture Market via Metro

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