Great News For Chocolate AND Oreo Lovers!

Oreo Wants You To Create Its Next Flavor For $500,000


By Cooking Panda

Cool news, Oreo fans!

It seems like Nabisco is pumping out new flavor options for Oreo fans to enjoy almost every week these days, but even so, there have probably been plenty of new varieties that just don’t appeal to you. It happens — peoples preferences are unique and varied.

So in order to ensure that its customers are truly getting the most fulfilling and best Oreo experience possible, the iconic cookie brand is offering up a rare and fun opportunity.

It’s asking you to design your own flavor of Oreos for $500,000!

Super cool, right?

“Think you have an idea worthy of becoming the next great OREO creation?” Mondelez International Group asks on its site. “Share your creation, flavor or inspiration with us. Who knows? You could WIN $500,000 and have your creation in stores all across the U.S.”

Basically, you just have to come up with an Oreo flavor you think the masses would enjoy, and then either text your idea to 59526, Instagram or Tweet your idea (making sure to use the hashtag #myoreocreation and #contest), or respond to an Oreo social post with your idea.

You have until July 14 to submit your idea, and then you’ll be left crossing your fingers and drooling over the other submissions until Oreo announces its flavor winner, who will also receive the grand prize of $500,000 and universal bragging rights pretty much forevermore.

Just browsing through the hashtag on Instagram yields hundreds of options as of May 8, including some truly delectable sounding ideas.

Pink Champagne Oreos, anybody? How about Glazed Doughnut Oreos? Or Chocolate Cherry Mascarpone, or Butter Rum Caramel?

Additionally, some serious A-Listers have gotten in on the fun already, with notables like Tituss Burgess from “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” casting his vote for a “Broadway” flavor of Oreo.

His super luxe creation would feature one part red carpet (of course), one part red velvet (to keep with the red, regal theme), and one part “glittery, golden buttercream.”

What Oreo would you like to see created?

Source: Tituss Burgess/Instagram, Mondelez International Group / Photo Credit: Pixabay

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The New Oreos Are As Sweet As Apple Pie (Photo)


By Cooking Panda

Yes, yes, yes!

Look, I know that Oreo is at this point ubiquitous for churning out new flavor after new flavor at, like, an alarmingly prolific rate, but that doesn’t stop me from going super extra with my excitement every time it happens. It doesn’t matter that there are so many flavors out there that I doubt I’ll ever be able to sample them all; I like that challenge.

And let’s be real: Can you ever seriously have enough Oreo variety in your life? I don’t think so, which is why this new announcement comes as a welcome surprise to me, and I’m sure to the legion of fellow Oreos fans out there.

According to the Instagram user The Junk Food Aisle, the next new Oreo flavor slated to hit the shelves is the Apple Pie-flavored Oreo, and I for one can’t wait. It seems like the perfect treat to enjoy as the weather really begins to start heating up.

“Coming Soon! Limited Edition Apple Pie Oreo! Featuring a graham flavored cookie, these Oreos should be out this summer,” they wrote on their Instagram post.

What a genius move by the Oreo flavor-makers (is there an official job for the people who taste test and suggest new flavor combinations of Oreos? And if so, where do I send my application?) to nix the traditional chocolate wafer in lieu of the golden one, which is bound to pair magnificently with an Apple Pie-inspired filling.

The packaging on the Instagram post seems to suggest that, like many of its predecessors, the Apple Pie Oreo flavor is a limited edition product, so I suggest you all try to snag yourselves a box of these beauties before Oreo pulls them from the shelves and you’ll be forced to purchase them online.

Source: The Junk Food Aisle/Instagram / Photo Credit: The Junk Food Aisle/Instagram

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How To Predict Cream Side When You Twist Apart An Oreo


By Cooking Panda

Finally, scientists have used their knowledge and perseverance to quell the most pressing of questions: When the cookies of an Oreo are pulled apart, on which side will the cream remain?

It turns out that the fate of the cream is not random, so your old and faithful tactic for deciding bets is now tragically obsolete. The white filling, Princeton physicists discovered, will end up on the same side every time.

After going through dozens of boxes of Oreos, subjugating the cookies to lab experiments involving heavy-duty load frames and rotation rigs, the curious group found a simpler explanation for the cream question, Quartz reports.

Position the Oreo box so the label is facing the right way, take out the cookie in the upper left corner and pull it apart, they instruct. If the cream ends up on the left cookie, it will end up on the left cookie for every Oreo in the box. The same goes for the right cookie. 

After making that discovery, “it was easy to make the leap that it’s a feature of the manufacturing process,” scientist Dan Quinn told Quartz.

While we may never know Nabisco’s top-secret Oreo-making process, an episode of Discovery Channel’s “How It’s Made” went behind the scenes of similar Newman-O cookies.

To manufacture the Oreo lookalikes, a machine lays cream filling onto a bottom wafer, and another machine places the second cookie on top. Since the cream is warm when it lands on the first cookie, it fills each crevice of the wafer, sticking to it like hot glue. Once the second cookie comes into play, the cream has cooled down.

After that, the cookies are placed in the same direction in each box, so the cream will end up on the same side no matter how you twist it.

Since you’ve gained this knowledge, you can no longer fairly break a tie using the classic Oreo trick. But who said anything about fairness?

Source: Quartz / Photo credit: minato/Flickr

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No, Really: Oreo’s Latest Flavor Is Swedish Fish, And It’s Available Now


By Cooking Panda

Here we go again!

If you thought that after unleashing Fruity Crisps, Choco Chip, Blueberry Pie, Cinnamon Bun, and a panoply of other innovative flavors, Oreo would be done for the summer — well, you’d be wrong. But honestly, you might wish you were right.

According to Thrillist, an Oreo spokesperson confirmed by phone on August 9 that a new Oreo flavor is now available for a limited time in Kroger grocery stores. So prepare yourself for Oreo’s latest invention: Swedish Fish Oreos.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Oreo has partnered with a popular candy: Reese’s Cup Oreos are a well-liked Oreo variety, but somehow that pairing just seems more natural. Both the standard Oreo cookie and Reese’s Cup involve a creamy center sandwiched between chocolate.

Swedish Fish, on the other hand, are bright red gummies with no certified flavor at all — people in the past have described them as tasting like cherries, lingonberries, syrup, and more.

If you’re curious as to how the combination has been working for others, you’re in luck: The Impulsive Buy (who is self-described as a “gummy-ologist”) has reviewed the mash-up, and the verdict? Less than sensational.

“See, this creme isn’t perfectly pillowy, soft, and squishy. It’s a little more sticky, chewy, and dare I say…slimy,” reads the review.

“The creme’s taste, though, is just like Swedish Fish,” the review adds. “It has potent, puckering pops of candied cherry and a slightly off-putting finish of waxy gelatin. … I can’t say if it’s more pleasant, though. Eating the cookie and creme together, I can really only taste the overpowering cherry creme. There’s a processed chocolate aftertaste, but even then, it has to battle for supremacy with the cherry cough syrup layer that the creme plastered on the back of my throat.”

If you’re still interested in trying the perplexing concoction for yourself, you can grab $2.99 and head over to a Kroger store for a limited time. If you’re willing to shell out a larger sum of cash, however (and don’t have a Kroger store near you), search eBay: a number of people are offering the cookies online.

Sources: Thrillist, The Impulsive Buy / Photo credit: Oreo via Thrillist

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The New Choco Chip Oreo Marries Two Of Nabisco’s Iconic Cookies (Video)


By Cooking Panda

Among many other things, 2016 will surely go down in history as the Year Of The Oreo.

First, the brand’s Wonder Vault debuted a cinnamon bun flavor in January; and after rolling out a seeming never-ending cavalcade of tasty iterations, the Wonder Vault has now launched Oreo’s latest darling: The “Choco Chip” Oreo (video below).

Unlike the Oreo-Ception (aka the cookies and cream-flavored Oreo), this new cookie-flavored cookie truly combines the best of two iconic Nabisco brands: Oreos and Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies.

Described by TIME as “a first-ever dual-flavored wafer — golden and chocolate — with chocolate chip creme inside,” the flavor will be available starting the week of July 11 for a limited time (a spokeswoman tells Eater that this means usually six to eight weeks).

Check out the sweet promotional video for the new flavor below:

Sources: Oreo Cookie/YouTube, Eater / Photo credits: Nabisco via TIME, Nathan Congleton/TODAY

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