Just When You Thought Sushi Couldn’t Get Any Prettier, Chefs Turned It Into Mosaics


By Cooking Panda

Sushi is indisputably a gorgeous food. There’s the balance of colors from refreshing vegetables and bright pieces of fish, the sheen of Omega-3s on fresh hunks of salmon, the comforting symmetry of each slice of sushi roll. How could it get any prettier?

The Japanese figured it out: It’s by transforming sushi into mosaics.

Foodies and Instagrammers are going nuts over the trend, which is pulled off by meticulously slicing, positioning and decorating pieces of sushi until they resemble the intricate tiles of a mosaic.

Here are a few examples of the art to tickle your fancy.

Check out the basket-weaved cucumbers on this square number. It would make the perfect lunch on a busy Monday, when only delicious and aesthetically pleasing food can numb the pain of the weekend you left behind. 

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Photos like these confirm our belief that Instagram’s new zoom feature was made for food. This artist’s intricate garnishes show that a little leaf goes a long way. 

Here’s a more approachable yet attractive mosaic, just in case you want to try your hand at creating a sushi craft at home.

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No words, only wows.

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Art has no rules, and neither do sushi mosaics. This is beautiful, but all we want to do is pluck off a round sushi ball for ourselves.

Nothing says “I love you” like a heart-shaped arrangement of fish, rice and veggies, am I right?

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Sushi mosaics aren’t limited to single plates; in fact, it’s best if they fill an entire table and are served buffet-style.

Interested in trying out some sushi mosaics with creative recipes at home? Give it a shot with our takes on sushi here and here

Featured Photo Credit: tsukicook/Instagram via Foodbeast

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