How To Make The Thanksgiving Sandwich From ‘Friends’ (Video)


By Cooking Panda

Have you ever heard of the YouTube channel Binging with Babish?

Run by Andrew Rea, the channel essentially posts videos of recipes that were inspired by foods or dishes in popular television shows and feature films. If you ever saw something on an episode of your favorite show and thought to yourself, “Dang. I would kill to eat that,” then you might want to head over to his channel — he might already have a video up showing you how!

We are most excited, however, about his brilliant decision to recreate Monica Geller’s famous “Moistmaker” Thanksgiving sandwich from an episode of the hit TV sitcom Friends.

Do you remember the Moistmaker? Basically, Monica assembled it out of stolen leftovers, and it famously landed Ross in anger management classes.

You’ll have to actually watch the episode to find out Ross’ ultimate fate, but until then, check out Rea’s video as it shows you just how you can make your own Moistmaker replica for yourself (below):

Sources: Andrew Rea/YouTube / Photo Credit: Screenshot via Andrew Rea/YouTube

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