M&M’s Is Releasing A Key Lime Pie Flavor
Sonic’s Trick or Treat Blasts Blends Three Halloween Favorites
M&M’s Has New Mixed Packs Combining 3 of Their Best Flavors
Fudge Brownie M&M’s are almost here!

M&M’s New Flavor Is Perfect For Chocoholics (Photo)


By Cooking Panda

M&M’s is amazing at coming up with fun new flavors. The brand is always unveiling something delicious, and now is no exception. There’s the ever-popular peanut butter … I think I remember a birthday cake flavor … but now? There’s a triple chocolate flavor and it’s calling my name!

Popsugar reports that M&M’s Triple Chocolate is rumored to be released for Valentine’s Day 2018. They’ll have a chocolate center surrounded by layers of white and dark chocolate. Sadly, we have to wait quite a while for them. Being a self-proclaimed chocoholic, I plan to seriously stock up.

In the meantime, there are plenty of other candies to enjoy. Just take a peep at the first few items on Popsugar’s “Best Candy of 2017” list to get an idea of what I mean:

Tropical Sour Patch Kids
Coconut and pineapple additions to the Sour Patch brand, perfect for summer! The flavor mix includes paradise punch, pineapple, tropical twist and passion fruit. Yum!
Reese’s Crunchy Cookie
It’s a candy hybrid of Reese’s and crunchy bits of cookie. Doesn’t that sound absolutely perfect?
Alter Eco Organic Dark Mint Truffles
If you love mint chocolate, these truffles should be on your list of must-tries. They’re made with coconut oil and cocoa butter and oh-so-truffley.
Hi-Chew Fizzies
A little less grown-up, and a little more fun are the soda-inspired Hi-Chew Fizzies. The Orange Soda and Cola flavors are said to be slightly fizzy. Definitely a fun-for-summer treat.
Vanilla Caramel Brownie Peeps
OK, this one is just plain exciting. Peeps is always coming out with fun new flavors, but these are filled with caramel and dipped in chocolate. Do we even need to know more? Suddenly, I’m a huge Peeps fan.

Now that we’ve made it through that list, do you even remember the M&M’s we were so crazy for a moment ago? OK, yes of course. Triple Chocolate M&M’s are going to be amazing … but we almost forgot. Which says a lot about this current lineup. Get out and enjoy some of these fun new flavors and keep an eye out next Valentine’s Day for the M&M’s for chocoholics!

Sources: Popsugar (2) / Photo Credit: Christopher Michel/Wikimedia Commons

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New M&M’s Ice Cream Bars Are On The Way!


By Cooking Panda

I scream you scream, right?

Summer is just around the corner, and M&M’s is here to help you stay cool and satisfied with its all new M&M’s Ice Cream Bars, featuring vanilla reduced-fat ice cream with M&M’s Milk Chocolate Candy pieces.

Can you say yum?

The Ice Cream Bars look very similar to your average candy bar, and are coated in creamy, smooth milk chocolate as well as chock full of the addicting, sugary candies.

“Building on the success of our M&M’S Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich, we are incredibly excited to introduce our fans to this innovative summer treat,” said Flip Block, the marketing director of Mars Ice Cream, in a press release.

Each 2.64-ounce bar, according to the press release, comes individually wrapped, and each box of the M&M’s bars comes with six treats for you to enjoy for almost every night of the week.

The boxes carry a suggested retail price of $3.99, but if you’re only in the mood for a single bar to satisfy your sweet tooth (and to keep your fitness and health levels in check) then you might be able to snag yourself one at certain retailers. The suggested price for a single bar varies, but should be around $1.79.

These are super tempting, because they’re clean, convenient and easy to transport; if you’re a fan of ice cream and the classic taste of M&M’s, this is sure to satisfy you.

What do you think of the new M&M’s item? Are you excited to indulge in them during summer?

Source: Mars Chocolate / Photo Credit: Hisham Binsuwaif/Flickr

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M&M’s Is Already Promoting Its Pumpkin Pie Flavor (Photo)


By Cooking Panda

Look, I’m a huge fan of autumn; it is by far my favorite season. I love the foliage (yes, foliage … I live in the Northeast, after all), the weather, the colors, the scents, and of course the seasonal flavors. I’m your girl if you want to try out a new Pumpkin Spice-flavored candy or novelty dish.

But this, even for me, is a little too soon. The weather has just cleared up; it’s finally sunny outside. Ice cream truck bells are clanging, children are playing outside again, and I finally don’t dread going outside without nine layers on.

I’m thinking about snow cones and refreshing treats; M&M’s, however, is apparently already trying to push their Pumpkin Spice flavor upon the masses in a super early effort to promote their Halloween flavor lineup!

Are you kidding me?

Thanks to the Instagram account Candy Hunting, it’s confirmed: M&M’s is being a little extra right now with its advertising.

“New Pumpkin Pie M&M’s will be out for Halloween! They are already for sale on candywarehouse.com. One bag with shipping is $19. Next week, I’ll find out if the M&M’s are worth that outrageous price.”

No, they most certainly are not worth that outrageous price. Who in their right mind is stocking up on Halloween treats now? We’re all supposed to be slathering on the sunscreen and sampling all the new iced coffee varieties the different chains are pumping out.

What about the new Apple Pie Oreos? And all of the Fourth of July hoopla that is sure to sweep food retailers in the coming months?

Come on, people. I urge you to eat seasonally and focus on all the Pumpkin Spice stuff when the time comes, in the autumn.

For now can we all just put our excitement for the new M&M’s on the back burner and actually allow ourselves to enjoy the summer harvest before global warming ruins it all for us in the future?

Source: Candy Hunting/Instagram / Photo Credit: Candy Hunting/Instagram

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M&M’s Newest Limited Edition Flavor Is Strawberry Nut


By Cooking Panda

What in the world would we do without the magnificent candy sleuth Instagram account called Candy Hunting?

Without them we would not even know that there is, in fact, big news out in the chocolate world, folks — namely that M&M’s has just released a brand spanking new flavor that looks absolutely delicious and is available at both Walmart and RiteAid.

Heck yes!

Introducing: The Strawberry Nut M&M’s, which is similar to last year’s limited-time Chocolate Covered Strawberry M&M’s flavor, only now has had an update and comes stuffed with peanuts.

“There’s a new addition to the flavored Peanut M&M’s lineup! Found these new Strawberry Nut M&M’s at Walmart!” reads the Candy Hunting Instagram post, which has received more than 3,700 likes as of March 7, 2017.

“Looks yummy, do they have a pb&j vibe?” one user asked, which is honestly our question too. M&M’s is constantly coming out with new flavors to appeal to the masses, and sometimes they are a hit, while other times they are a huge flop.

The thing is, nobody knows just how long these babies are going to stay on shelves. We can see by the packaging that the Strawberry Nut M&M’s are a limited-edition flavor, so head on over to a RiteAid or a Walmart near you ASAP in order to taste test the new flavor before they’re all sold out or potentially no longer sold at all!

Are you excited for the newest addition in the already illustrious M&M’s lineup? And if you’ve tried the new M&M’s, what is your opinion on the flavor? Let us know!

Source: Candy Hunting/Instagram / Photo Credit: Candy Hunting/Instagram

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Prepare Yourself For Vanilla Cupcake M&M’s!!!


By Cooking Panda

One Instagram user has M&M’s fans going crazy over a leaked new flavor. The post shows a picture of M&M’s Vanilla Cupcake, and we can’t wait to try it.

According to Delish, the new M&M’s will be white chocolate based and vanilla cupcake flavored. They’ll come in spring colors such as lavender, pale yellow, baby blue and light pink. The Instagram post shows a purple package with the lady green M&M on the front holding a tray of cupcakes. Also on the post is a message about the new flavor only being available at Target.

Instagram user Junk Banter apparently found this new flavor announcement on a Target store weekly flyer, which was uploaded to TheCouponingCouple.com, for those of you who are interested in scanning through coupons (maybe even for the M&M’s once they’re out). The Vanilla Cupcake flavor is expected to debut after Valentine’s Day, when it makes more sense to release candies that are Easter-colored.

We always look forward to getting a taste of a new M&M’s flavor, and according to Today, the most recent flavor to debut was the White Cheesecake. We’ve also known them to come in the strawberry shortcake variety, as well as pecan pie and hot chocolate. Some have argued that the White Cheesecake M&M’s really only tasted like plain white chocolate, so we’re hoping this new flavor will actually taste like the real deal.

Mars hasn’t officially announced this new flavor yet, so we’re waiting on that as well. Once that much-anticipated press release is available and circulating, we’ll know it’s time to start the taste-testing. We’re not the only ones excited for that part, either! Both Delish and Today have also expressed an eagerness to announce their own taste-test findings. Will M&M’s Vanilla Cupcake taste like the disappointing White Cheesecake flavor, or will they be scrumptious, like the popular peanut butter flavor? Time will surely tell! Keep an eye out at your local Target after Valentine’s Day to decide for yourself.

Sources: Delish, Today / Photo Credit: M&M's/Instagram

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This Guy Created A Machine To Sort Candy By Color (Video)


By Cooking Panda

Willem Pennings, a mechanical engineering student at Eindhoven University in the Netherlands, is known for his engineering projects, which he enjoys working on in his free time. He is proud to say that some of them have even reached the front pages of Reddit and Imgur. I guess you can say Pennings knows what’s up when it comes to making cool stuff.

His latest project is a candy sorting machine that sorts M&M’s and Skittles according to color (video below). Pennings says that he’s always wanted to do a project like this one for sorting colored candy, and that one YouTube video provided the inspiration needed to make it happen. The candy sorter in that video looks just a little different from Pennings’ version, but the idea is the same.

In his blog, Pennings describes how he created his own machine using an Arduino controller, stepper motors, an RGB color sensor and 3D printed parts. He goes on to explain how the machine actually works, sorting M&M’s and Skittles by obtaining optical measurements using the RGB color sensor. The machine sorts about two pieces of candy per second, and usually makes it through a whole bag in two to three minutes.

So, here’s how it works. Candy pieces are poured into the “hopper,” which is the funnel-looking device at the top. While in there, the candy pieces are constantly mixed so that the machine doesn’t clog. There’s a scanner wheel with four slots at 90 degrees apart for performing measurements, and after the sensor takes three measurements, the item’s color is determined. That’s when the exit tube is chosen to guide the candy piece to the correct container. The LED strip that encircles the machine isn’t just there to look decorative (although it does do that), it’s actual purpose is to provide visual feedback.

I’m not sure when or where this product would come in handy, but it’s still pretty neat. Watch it in action in the video below to truly be amazed by Pennings’ genius.

Sources: Willemm.nl (2), Willem Pennings/YouTube / Photo Credit: Willemm.nl

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How Irresistible Do These Valentine’s Day Treats Look?


By Cooking Panda

It’s that time of year again folks!

The end of January 2017 is upon us, which means the next big holiday slated to hit calendars — Valentine’s Day — is fast arriving.

Whether you choose to participate in the festivities or not, plenty of companies globally decide to unleash new products in honor of the celebration (and likely trying to capitalize on one of the many “Hallmark Holidays” designed to get us to spend money).

One such chain that is pumping out a slew of Valentine’s Day-themed treats is Walmart, and if we’re being totally honest, we’re pretty excited about some of the items slated to hit the shelves.

For example, do these white chocolate cheesecake-flavored M&M’s look delicious or what? 

Described by Brand Eating as a blend of both graham cracker and cheesecake flavors mixed in with a white chocolate center, and all encased in a delicious candy shell. The 8-ounce bags retail for $2.88 and come in shades of red and pink for Valentine’s Day.

Next,  Hershey’s is debuting some Conversation Kisses that come in a record-and-play box that will help you record a message to your Valentine, which is ultra-sweet. The milk chocolate candies inside the Conversation Kisses Recordable Message Heart box are wrapped in foil and have classic messages printed on them like “XOXO”, “UR SWEET” and “Hug Me”. A 10-ounce box will run you $14.98.

Lastly, check out this adorable Skittles Valentine’s Heart Box; they’re just your typical Skittles candy, although the packaging is hard to resist. Two heart-shaped boxes come in each 8-ounce package, which you can buy for $5 at Walmart.

What do you think? Are you excited for Valentine’s Day?

Sources: Brand Eating / Photo Credit: Walmart via Brand Eating

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Walmart Has A Slew Of Really Cool Fall Candies


By Cooking Panda

In case you haven’t stocked up on Halloween candy yet (for the kids, of course), make a trip over to Walmart to get these Halloween candy must-haves now!

You’ll find three awesome new kinds to choose from. First, the brand new Sea Salt Chocolate Candy Corn, sweetened with real honey has hit the shelves. Like most, I’m not a fan of candy corn…at all. I actually despise it. But sea salt chocolate? I’ll try that flavor any day.

Next, Pecan Pie flavored M&M’s. Am I dreaming? This isn’t only perfect for Halloween; it’s perfect for thanksgiving as well! These are not completely brand new, since they are returning from their seasonal debut last year, but still very much worth making a fuss about. Besides, doesn’t a return mean they were a hit?

Finally, for the first time ever we can now eat — I mean hand out — printed Reese’s Cups. They have little jack-o-lantern faces, spooky ghost faces and even bats printed on them.

FoodBeast reports that the Reese’s Cups and M&M’s are available exclusively at Walmart locations, so head there to get all three candy variations in one trip.

Some other great new candy varieties you won’t want to miss this year, according to Delish, include: Cauldron Skittles with new flavors like Petrified Pear and Gripping Grape, Reese’s White Chocolate Peanut Butter Ghosts, Butterfinger Cups in a skull shape, Skulls and Bones Sweet Tarts, Hershey’s Cookies’n’crème Skulls (these resemble Day of the Dead more than Halloween, but still very cool!) and Spooky Shapes Jolly Rancher Lollipops.

There’s no shortage of variety in treats to be handed out this year, and I’d recommend stocking up enough to have some leftovers, because no one is too old to enjoy candy. And we’re especially not too old to enjoy chocolates.

All of these fun and exciting new flavors are obviously only available for a limited time, and there’s no telling what will return next year, so take the opportunity to try them while you can! I think I’ll go for the Pecan Pie M&M’s and, can’t believe I’m saying it, the candy corn…

Sources: FoodBeast, Delish / Photo Credit: FoodBeast

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The New M&M’s Caramel Flavor Is Coming!


By Cooking Panda

One of the best things about M&Ms is that they just keep on smashing it with consistently well-executed new flavors.

By now, we’ve all tried (and fallen in love with) the original, milk chocolate variety; but there are also mini, peanut, peanut butter, almond, crispy, pretzel, coffee nut, and more M&Ms out there, ready to be savored.

And now, for the first time in M&M’s 75-years of history, CNN reports that a caramel filling is breaking in to the M&M scene, and is slated to become a permanent flavor of the M&M family beginning in May 2017.

The new offering will be called M&M’s Caramel, with each bite-sized candy coming filled with a soft and chewy caramel center encased in milk chocolate. Predictably, the chocolate will be coated in a crunchy, colorful shell.

According to the vice president of research and development of Mars Chocolate (M&M’s parent company), Hank Izzo, this new creation has been a long time coming.

“Caramel is extremely trendy,” he told CNN. “It’s a $2.2 billion flavor segment and the fastest growing segment in food right now. We want to be part of this category.

“It was a big technological challenge for us,” Izzo continued. “We never before had a M&M lentil with a true soft center, so we had to figure out how to not make the chocolate too sticky or too soft that it could collapse.”

“Because it is a brand new production, we’re still in the process of finishing the manufacturing setup for the caramel M&M’s,” finished Izzo.

We cannot wait for May of next year, but in the meantime, we’ll just have to satisfy ourselves with watching this mouthwatering preview of the candies below:

Sources: CNN Money/YouTube / Photo Credit: CNN Money

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M&M’s Is Already Gearing Up For Its New Fall Flavors!


By Cooking Panda

Mars plans to release a limited-edition M&M’s flavor that may appeal to Harry Potter fans everywhere.

BOO-tterscotch, the newest M&M’s flavor, combines “the scary good flavors of butterscotch and white chocolate for the perfect seasonal treat,” a Mars rep told TIME.

A Delish correspondent wrote, “These white chocolate treats are infused with an intense butterscotch flavor, making them taste remarkably like the Harry Potter favorite, Butterbeer.” (Delish created a homemade Butterbeer recipe with cream soda, butterscotch syrup, heavy cream, sugar, vanilla extract, and butter.)

Although there has been no reported official or unofficial connection to Harry Potter, the July 31 debut of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child coincides nicely with this flavorful treat.

BOO-tterscotch is currently only available at M&M’s World, which is located in Las Vegas, New York, Orlando, London, and Shanghai, but it will eventually be available at Target stores throughout the United States.

In addition to BOO-tterscotch, Pecan Pie, Candy Corn, and a new harvest edition of crispy S’mores M&M’s will also be available this fall. Pecan Pie will be sold exclusively at Walmart, and Candy Corn and S’mores will be available at most supermarkets.

However, reviews have been varied. While Pumpkin Spice Latte, which will reportedly not be available this year, was more successful than its Pumpkin Spice predecessor, other fall flavors have received mixed reviews.

“Coming as a delightful surprise, they taste exactly like a pumpkin spice latte in solid, shelled form …,” reported The Impulsive Buy. “Unlike the burning aftertaste of last year’s [Pumpkin Spice] M&M’s, the smooth pumpkin flavor here is seamlessly blended with the chocolate and hits fast.”

“[Pecan Pie M&M’s are] hyper sweet, bitter in aftertaste, and lack the qualities I look for in pecan pie (caramelized sugar, pecans, etc.),” wrote The Impulsive Buy in a review. “What emulsion of natural flavoring has shaken the identity of the cacao bean so that it tastes so obscure? How, dear confectionary world, did Pecan Pie become this?”

Regarding the Candy Corn flavor, a reviewer at Candy blog wrote, “Ultimately though I didn’t feel like they rose to the level of an actual Candy Corn flavored candy. Still, they’re nice, and for white chocolate fans who have so few choices for real cocoa butter white chocolate, you might be pleased.”

Will BOO-tterscotch be a hit? Only time will tell.

Sources: Delish (2), The Impulsive Buy (2), M&M's World, Candy Blog, TIME / Photo credit: Candace Braun Davison via Delish

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Hostess Is Making Candy Brownies And They Look Delicious


By Cooking Panda

It is a truth universally acknowledged that candy makes everything better.

Candy topped milkshakes? Better than plain milkshakes. Peanut butter cup peanut butter cookies? Infinitely more delicious than regular peanut butter cookies.

Luckily, there is good news for the candy lovers of the world. According to Brand Eating, Hostess has teamed up with Mars Chocolate to release new candy brownies, and the results could not sound more appealing.

The snack company recently started selling Hostess Brownies made with M&M’s and Hostess Brownies made with Milky Way candy bars. Commence the drooling.

Even more enticing than the names, however, are the descriptions of the desserts themselves. The new Milky Way Brownie consists of a plain chocolate brownie, smothered in caramel icing and topped with pieces of Milky Way candy bars, while the M&M’s Brownies include a chocolate brownie, riddled with M&M’s, spread with chocolate frosting and sprinkled with even more M&M’s.

We think it’s safe to say that both new flavors will be incredibly delicious. After all, just imagine how amazing the brownies would taste as the base of a candy-filled ice cream sundae—topped with ice cream, chocolate sauce, caramel, whipped cream, and even more candy!

Both new flavors of Hostess Brownies are currently available in grocery stores. We suggest you hop in your car immediately and sample as many as possible!

Source: Brand Eating / Photo credits: Walmart, Hostess via Brand Eating

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Loaded M&M Oreo Cookie Bars


By Cooking Panda

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Mars Might Be Pulling M&Ms from McFlurrys and Blizzards


By Cooking Panda

It is rare to come across a large corporate entity that genuinely seems to be more concerned with the wellbeing of its customers than overall profits. Strangely enough, however, that seems to be exactly the case as Mars candy considers pulling its products, including M&Ms, from fast food sugar bombs, including McFlurrys and Blizzards.

Mars is currently in talks with McDonald’s, Burger King, and Dairy Queen over concerns that the fast food giants’ offerings “exceed in a single serving the amount of sugar the U.S. government recommends anyone eat in a day,” according to Reuters.

While M&Ms themselves are filled with sugar, the candy’s inclusion in such saccharine-heavy desserts goes against Mars’ public stance that candy should be an occasion treat enjoyed in moderation. This is especially meaningful considering recent concerns regarding the adverse health effects of excessive sugar consumption, placing Mars at the forefront of movements to limit sugar and positioning the company as a pioneer of Good Samaritan corporate policy.

Even more surprising than Mars’ progressive stance regarding M&Ms, however, might be the fact that this is far from the first time that the company has prioritized public health over corporate profits. Mars has publicly pledged to limit sugar in all its products according to World Health Organization nutritional guidelines. It was also the first U.S. candy company to write the caloric contents of its confections on the front of candy bar wrappers. What’s more, Mars stopped selling king-sized candy bars in 2013, and it has restricted the overall calorie counts of all of its candy packages to 250 calories or less.

Mars even urged customers to eat its Dolmio pasta sauces “no more than once a week” due to their indulgent fat, salt, and sugar contents as part of a campaign to brand candy and other unhealthy products as “occasional treats,” rather than frequent indulgences. In solidarity with Mars’ ethical practices and model corporate policies, we’ll be enjoying some M&Ms in moderation tonight for dessert!

Source: Reuters via NBC News / Photo credit: Jack Everett/Wikimedia Commons

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