7 Vegetarian Tacos So Good You Won’t Even Miss The Meat (Recipes)


By Cooking Panda

Who’s in the mood for tacos?

*raises hand*

Taco night doesn’t need to be a sad affair when you don’t eat meat. Vegans, vegetarians and omnivores alike will all be able to agree — these filling and flavor-packed tacos are as tasty as it gets.

1. Lime and Cornmeal Crusted Potato Tacos

Even if you’re the biggest veggie taco skeptic, these crispy-on-the-outside, tender-on-the-inside seasoned potato chunks are sure to win you over. They are just fab with lime and avocado!

2. Vegan Tacos Al Pastor

I mean just LOOK at these. They look so much like the pork version, and the marinade is bang on. These are fabulous with the recommended textured vegetable protein, but of course they’d be swell if you replace the TVP with just about any meat substitute.

3. Roasted Poblano and Jackfruit Tacos with Adobo Cream Sauce​

These fresh, light and just slightly spicy tacos are outstanding as is, but it’s the jackfruit that so perfectly stands in for shredded meat that really brings these home. If you prefer, you can make these with jackfruit carnitas too (here’s how).

4. Five-Minute Easy Vegan Tacos

That’s right, all you need are a few minutes, some fresh produce and a can or two and you’ll have the most delightful dinner! Feel free to toss in some tasty leftovers while you’re at it.

5. Crispy Cauliflower Tacos

With oven-baked, breaded crispy cauliflower, tangy slaw and avocado crema, you really can’t go wrong with this harmonious blend of fun flavors and textures.

6. Walnut “Meat” Tacos

Seasoned nuts make for a savory and surprisingly meaty, satisfying filling. If you want, you can cut the mixture with half crumbled tofu for a bit of flavor variation. This is a lovely low-carb, suuuper healthy meal, although you can also just shred the lettuce and eat it in tortillas if you’d prefer.

7. One Tray Tacos with Fresh Mango Salsa

These filling veggie tacos cook up in just 30 minutes! You can throw anything you want inside, but it’s the mango salsa that really elevates them.

Featured Image: T.Tseng/Flickr

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7 Exciting Ways To Eat Chickpeas For Meatless Monday (Recipes)


By Cooking Panda

It’s Meatless Monday!

Going meat-free once a week can help save tons of water and fossil fuels, and it might also reduce the risk of certain health conditions like obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and even cancer.

Of course, there’s no denying that you know what’s best for your body and your diet, so if you can’t or don’t want to cut out meat entirely, you’re more than welcome to observe Sustainable Mondays (with locally sourced meat and veggies) or Less-Meat Mondays.

Either way, if you’re looking for an affordable meatless main or side that’s packed with enough protein to actually fill you up, consider the delightfully underrated chickpea aka garbanzo bean. This versatile, savory legume is cheap, easy to get your hands on and simple to cook with.

Here are some of the best things you can do to chickpeas:

1. Soy-Free Vegan Benedict

From the creamy cashew hollandaise sauce to the spiced chickpea patties, this filling dish is absolutely magical, especially when it sits atop a toasted English muffin, a thick tomato slice and some completely spellbinding shiitake bacon (or pork/turkey/soy if you’d rather). Serve with some veggies on the side and you have a perfectly rounded meal.

2. One Bite Falafel Kebabs

These are super fresh, healthy and adorable. Perfect party bites. If you want your patties to be a little crispier, you can fry them on medium high in an oil-coated pan.

3. Baked Broccoli Burgers 

This might sound weird, but broccoli, chickpeas, couscous and onions combine to make a really delicious and hearty vegan veggie patty with a perfectly textured bite and tons of nutrition. Top with tahini dressing and you’ll be head over heels in love with this meatless burger. Serve with:

4. Chickpea Fries with Yogurt Dipping Sauce

All right, this might not be the most rounded meal, but these crispy on the outside, soft on the inside protein-packed fries are absolutely irresistible dipped in the yogurt mint sauce, and they’ll go great with the veggie burger.

5. Stuffed Falafel Balls

If for some strange reason you find falafel to be boring, go stuff them with tons of cheese and roasted peppers and then come back and we’ll talk.

6. Spicy Chickpea and Sour Tomato Curry with Noodles

Do try and find tamarind, but if you can’t, you can substitute equal parts lime juice and brown sugar. On that note, if the tamarind is a little too sour for you, add a pinch of sugar to balance out the taste.

7. Falafel Wraps with Grilled Veggies and Salsa

Look, you don’t need to eat your falafel patties in pita pockets every darn time. Get a little variety in your life and taco-fy this lovely food.

Featured Photo Credit: Jules/Flickr

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These 6 Filling Vegan Dinners Will Rock Your Socks Off


By Cooking Panda

In case you aren’t already on board with Meatless Monday, allow us to make our case: Reducing your meat intake is great for the environment — just one meal without meat can save more than 1,000 gallons of water and cut down on fossil fuel — and it can be great for your health too (depending on your individual health needs, of course). Read all about the benefits of observing Meatless Monday here.

Going animal-free does not need to be tough! There are so many delicious vegetarian dishes that will leave you completely full and satisfied. Here are some of our favorite vegetarian-friendly dinners that you can whip up pretty quickly on a busy weeknight. And since November is Vegan Month, they are all completely vegan too! Enjoy!

1. Chipotle-Inspired Vegan Burrito Bowl

Make your own version of Chipotle’s classic without leaving the house! And if you want to recreate the burrito chain’s infamous guac, here’s how.

2. Butternut Squash Chipotle Chili with Avocado

If you’re looking for a satisfying dish that will keep you warm during these cold November days, you can’t do much better than serving yourself a heaping bowl of this flavorful, hearty chili.

3. Curried Coconut Quinoa and Greens with Roasted Cauliflower

Quinoa and cauliflower absolutely do not have to be bland or boring, especially when you ditch the water and cook the quinoa with rich, creamy coconut milk and curry spices, and toss the whole thing with roasted, slightly charred cauliflower. Even veggie haters will love this one.

4. Sweet Potato and Black Bean Empanadas

The dough might take you a few extra minutes for prep and cleanup, but the awesome thing about this recipe (besides it being amazingly filling and delicious, of course) is that you can make a truckload of these at once, throw them in the freezer, and then just reheat as many as you want for the ultimate fast lunch or dinner. It goes without saying that if you want to make a big batch of these, you can totally switch up the fillings for a variety pack that suits your fancy; we love sauteed zucchini and potatoes in these.

5. West African Peanut Soup

If you want something spicy, creamy and comforting, don’t hesitate to make this easy, healthy soup. The combination of peanut butter, tomatoes and collard greens might sound a little wacky if you’ve never tried it before, but we can assure you that this is one risk that will really pay off.

6. Fries Supreme

Who said eating vegan has to mean being healthy all the time? There is no reason why you can’t splurge every now and then, and dump all of your favorite toppings onto a big pile of French fries — and enjoy the heck out of it.

Featured Photo Credit: Once A Month Meals

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