McDonald’s Is Getting Brand New McFlurry Machines


By Cooking Panda

Have you ever gone to a McDonald’s on a bright, warm day and decided to order a McFlurry to cool off?

Their McFlurries are famous for being sweet, thick, and chock full of add-ins that give the dessert an interesting texture that never gets old. They are basically McDonald’s big take on the classic Blizzards served at Dairy Queen, and they are equally as addicting and satisfying too.

Unfortunately, we have been told many times that we can’t get our McFlurries … because the McFlurry machines are always down.

It’s an extremely common phenomenon. Originally, we thought it was just our local McDonald’s that always seemed to have issues with its McFlurry machine, but as it happens, the machines were prone to breaking down in general, and consumers have been reporting frustration over this fact.

Luckily, however, the Wall Street Journal reports that McDonald’s is planning to install much easier-to-maintain soft-serve machines.

Allegedly, the machines will come with fewer parts, which will make maintenance and cleaning of the machines easier and less prone to going out of order. Because the old machines took such a long time to clean, if employees at an establishment began cleaning the machines too long before closing, then chances are you wouldn’t be able to get your hands on a McFlurry until the next day.

So you know what easier-to-clean soft-serve machines mean, right? More frozen treats and more reliable availability!

Delish also reports that the new machines are made by an Italian company called Carpigiani, and that the machines might even be able to dispense more flavors than their predecessors.

We could get down for some new and delicious McFlurry flavor combinations! We’re already daydreaming about the possibilities…

Are you excited about the soft-serve upgrade at the golden arches? 

Sources: Delish, Wall Street Journal / Photo Credit: Alexandra Brunet/Instagram

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McDonald’s Almost Gave Us Broccoli McFlurries (Photos)


By Cooking Panda

No, it’s not a really late (or early?) April Fool’s Day prank. McDonald’s really did threaten to release a broccoli-flavored McFlurry into the world.

It was THIS CLOSE to happening, friends!

Here’s the scoop: as part of their partnership with Pokemon, the franchise announced six possible flavors, one of which was to become a real menu item to help promote “Pokemon: I Choose You,” a limited-release anime film, which came out on July 6.

Twitter users took the six flavors to a vote, which closed on midnight on July 10, according to Polygon.

Each of the six McFlurries were created to reflect a Pokemon, and obviously, the grossest, most horrifying one was nasty Bulbasaur flavor that admittedly bears an uncanny resemblance to the character:

There was also a likely refreshing and far less awful white peach Jigglypuff dessert, but it wasn’t meant to be either:

Then there was a purple potato McFlurry for Gengar, which sounds pretty cool. Ube shake, anyone?

Then you have a Ramune blue soda-flavored dessert for Squirtle. Hm…could be good?

And, oddly, Charmander got a super spicy flavor with habanero, which happened to be the least popular during voting. That one would probably be gross, but I would have tried it anyway. Then again, I’m kind of weird.

The winner, as always when it comes to Pokemon, was a chocolate banana Pikachu flavor, which sounds tasty and is a lot more tame than most of those other ones.

Turns out, Pikachu won by a landslide, as usual. And the cups that the decadent ice cream treat is served in are really adorable:

As of now, the flavor is only available in Japan, but if it sounds delicious to you, keep your fingers crossed. McDonald’s experimented with similar banana desserts (banana-chocolate McFlurries in some parts of the world) when the Minions took over the fast food chain to promote their new movie.

Sources: Polygon, Delish / Photo Credit: Like_the_Grand_Canyon/Flickr, The Pokemon Company/McDonald’s Japan via Polygon

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McDonald’s Hack Alert: The McFlurry Ice Cream Sandwich


By Cooking Panda

The latest and greatest McDonald’s hack is not for the faint of heart. It is not for someone who prefers to play it safe, to stick to lighter fare. It is instead for someone who is willing to take a walk on the wild side, to ingest quite a bit of sugar and to get a lot of chocolate on their face. 

If that someone sounds like you, stick with me. 

A creative and hungry Twitter user recently discovered that even though ice cream sandwiches are not on McDonald’s menu, it’s possible to create one by, here we go, ordering the McFlurry of your choice, plus two soft-baked chocolate chip cookies, and sandwiching it all together. 

The result, in his case, was a dangerously chocolaty Oreo McFlurry sandwich situation.

His tweet has nearly 20,000 retweets, so it’s safe to say people think this is an excellent idea. And $2.57 isn’t too shabby a price, considering the generosity of the dessert and the fact that you’ll likely have leftover McFlurry to eat.

Others have been inspired to try it out for themselves.

Even McDonald’s is in on the trend.

This hack to end all hacks solves every problem of an inferior ice cream sandwich. The cookies are served fresh, so they’re soft and easy to bite into, and their temperature renders the ice cream perfectly melty. The McFlurry has a more whipped consistency than regular ice cream, which gives the entire sandwich a more pleasant sensation on the tongue. And it’s a McFlurry, meaning your already chocolate-chip-filled dessert can ALSO have M&M’s, Reese’s or Oreo bits. It’s not just delicious … it’s a game changer.

If you’re in need of other McDonald’s dessert hacks, the possibilities are aplenty.

Like this reverse of the McFlurry ice cream sandwich: Break up a couple of cookies, and stir the pieces into your favorite McFlurry.

A post shared by Nick Love (@whereislove) on

Or this apple pie shake, for which you crumble up one or two apple pies and fold the chunks into a McFlurry or vanilla shake.

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You could even create your own chocolate-covered strawberry sundae by ordering a fudge sundae and asking for strawberries and chocolate chips on top. 

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Source: N8/Twitter / Photo credit: jeffreyw/Flickr

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Yay! McDonald’s Is Bringing Back A McFlurry Favorite!


By Cooking Panda

With summer approaching and the days getting warmer, what better quick treat is there than a McDonald’s McFlurry? And what better way to celebrate summer than by bringing back a much-loved McFlurry flavor?

Good news for all the McFlurry-lovers out there: After a long absence, the Rolo McFlurry is back for the summer. 

The Golden Arches is finally bringing back the Rolo McFlurry, which hasn’t been available since 2012. 

From May 24 to September 11, you can get your McFlurry swirled with the chewy, caramel-filled chocolate candies. 

And now you can enjoy that delicious Rolo McFlurry with a little less guilt, and a lot more gusto.

In 2016, McDonald’s began its transition to soft serve without artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, according to a company press release. This healthy change also applies to McDonald’s soft-serve cones and milkshakes. 

The process of switching to preservative-free desserts is complete at nearly every McDonald’s across the U.S., according to Cosmopolitan.

For some reason, I’ve always thought a McFlurry was one of the “healthier” options to order at McDonald’s. For one thing, it’s free of strangely processed meat and is not fried in vats of oil (I think?).

With the preservative-free initiative, now it’s even healthier. Alas, everything is relative.

In the past, McDonald’s has also served other fun McFlurry flavors for a limited time only, including Twix, Butterfinger and Snickers. 

Why these special-edition flavors don’t remain permanent fixtures on the menu is a mystery to me. Then again, if they were permanent menu items, they would no longer be “special.” 

Of course, the classic M&M’s and Oreo flavors are always a hit. 

Twitter users have responded positively to the return of the Rolo McFlurry, according to Delish. For some, the oldie-but-goodie brings back fond memories of childhood. 

The Rolo McFlurry combines caramel, chocolate and vanilla soft-serve ice cream to create a simple but delicious treat. 

And now that McDonald’s has partnered with UberEATS to provide McDelivery, customers in Chicago, Los Angeles, Columbus, Ohio, and Phoenix can have their McFlurrys delivered to them.

Handy for those days where the heat is too oppressive to step outside.  

Are you lovin’ it? 

Sources: Delish, Cosmopolitan, McDonald's / Photo credit: Faruk Ates/Flickr

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Never Miss Out On A McFlurry Again With This New App


By Cooking Panda

If I wasn’t convinced that true McDonald’s fans were the most dedicated and industrious out of all of the fast food chain fan clubs out there, I am now.

By now, most people have experienced the heartbreak of going to a McDonald’s restaurant and ordering a McFlurry or any flavor, only to be informed that — once again — the McFlurry machine is broken.

There’s just something so satisfying about McFlurries, so the disappointment is crushing when you can’t fulfill your craving for one.

McDonald’s is aware that this is an issue, and is actively working on installing new, more efficient McFlurry machines that are easier to clean and less prone to breaking down. But in the meantime, somebody has developed a brand new app that basically allows you to check in with your local McDonald’s to ensure the McFlurry machines are up and running before you trek out to order one.

Anything for the McFlurry!

The new app is called Ice Check, and basically just accumulates consumer input to allow users to know whether or not their specified McDonald’s has a working McFlurry machine.

Pretty cool, no?

Additionally, the app has reached out to McDonald’s, and participating locations are also going to begin inputting data so you’ll know whether you can get your favorite frozen treat straight from the source.

“Ice Check is the only way to outsmart McDonald’s unreliable ice cream machines and find out if they are ON or OFF before you get on line. Our real-time status updates save  time, energy, and frustration…and offer you some sweet deals, too. We’re taking the guesswork out of your McDonald’s ice cream cravings. Pretty sweet, right?” the website for the app promises.

Beginning on April 14, you can download the app from the App Store. Hopefully, Ice Check will truly follow through for you if the craving for a McFlurry hits, and its intel won’t let you down.

Will you be downloading the new app? Or will you continue hedging your bets when you decide to try and go get yourself a McFlurry?

Source: Ice Check / Photo Credit: Blog Simplesmente Rosa/Instagram

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McDonald’s Giant McFlurry Looks Legit Amazing


By Cooking Panda

What sounds better than a McFlurry Party? If you said nothing, you’re totally right.

According to Brand Eating, France is unveiling an extra-large version of the McFlurry we’ve all come to know and love, and they’re calling it the McFlurry Party. The amazingly large McFlurry-filled cup is meant to serve two to four people, but I’m pretty sure I’d be hogging it all to myself. Who really wants to share ice cream, anyway?

If you do want to share, which is apparently encouraged, you’ll be glad to know the large cup comes along with a few smaller cups for portioning. Unlike McDonald’s restaurants in the U.S., McDonald’s in France (and other countries) likes to focus on a more sit-down themed restaurant, so the ice cream in this giant cup will melt a little too quickly if you try and take it home.

If you’re like me and you want to have it all to yourself at home with no witnesses, I’d suggest simply buying a pint of regular ice cream from the grocery store, or satisfying yourself with a normal-sized McFlurry that your figure will thank you for anyway. However, if you want to try taking the giant McFlurry home, it does come with a to-go lid. I guess McDonald’s of France is at least welcoming you to try.

If Canada’s closer to home for you, and you are just dying to try something new in the McFlurry world, you might be pleased to know that they’re launching a new flavor! According to Financial Post, a new Skor McFlurry will be available at participating locations, featuring crushed-up bits of the candy bar favorite. Then again, many are actually upset by this move, since the Skor bar uses almonds in its chocolate, meaning that now McDonald’s has to warn consumers that they may come into contact with nuts. If you don’t have an allergy, or if you’re just a regular risk taker, you might not mind so much.

Hopefully soon, some of these new McFlurry changes will come to the U.S.! It’s about time for a new flavor option over here.

Sources: Brand Eating, Financial Post / Photo Credit: anaiisanaiis/Instagram

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Will You Try McDonald’s New Deep-Fried Olives? (Photos)


By Cooking Panda

Sure, we know that different countries have different tastes when it comes to food. McDonald’s knows that better than anyone, since they’re always making local menu changes. Some of this year’s new offerings will either throw you for a loop, or make you olive-green with envy.

First, we have fried olives on the Italian menu, also called Olive all’Ascolana. According to Brand Eating, this is a pretty common food in Italy, so why not? The olives are stuffed with meat then deep-fried and served as a side dish. Personally, I’ll pass on trying that, but I imagine people who love olives would be pretty eager to order it.

The Nutella burger is our next find. According to CNBC, the brand new Nutella burger offered by McDonald’s in Italy consists of two sweet rolls with a Nutella spread in the middle. More of a Nutella sandwich, if you will. It’s called “Sweet with Nutella,” and if I was going to try any new McDonald’s dish, it would be that one.

The next menu offer is the Trio of Vegetables, tempura style, which probably means they should be served in Japan. This side features fried pieces of zucchini, eggplant and peppers.

There are a couple more sweet treats available as well: the Zuppa Inglese McFlurry (doesn’t that mean English soup?), which has pieces of cake and custard mixed into the ice cream, and the Panettone Tiramisu — Tiramisu topped with candied fruit, raisins and almonds.

Now that you’re getting slightly jealous already, I’ll drop one more little menu addition on you: local beer is also on the menu. Imagine a Nutella burger and a nice microbrew. You might think that those two things don’t go together, except that I believe Nutella goes with everything.

All of this is great and all, but it begs the question, when will be seeing crazy and creative new menu changes in the U.S.? I’m always grateful for the Big Mac, but how about a Nutella milkshake or something? We could also use some new McFlurry flavors. Just throwing that out there.

Sources: Brand Eating, CNBC / Photo Credit: McDonald's Italy/Instagram, Brand Eating, CNBC

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Mars Might Be Pulling M&Ms from McFlurrys and Blizzards


By Cooking Panda

It is rare to come across a large corporate entity that genuinely seems to be more concerned with the wellbeing of its customers than overall profits. Strangely enough, however, that seems to be exactly the case as Mars candy considers pulling its products, including M&Ms, from fast food sugar bombs, including McFlurrys and Blizzards.

Mars is currently in talks with McDonald’s, Burger King, and Dairy Queen over concerns that the fast food giants’ offerings “exceed in a single serving the amount of sugar the U.S. government recommends anyone eat in a day,” according to Reuters.

While M&Ms themselves are filled with sugar, the candy’s inclusion in such saccharine-heavy desserts goes against Mars’ public stance that candy should be an occasion treat enjoyed in moderation. This is especially meaningful considering recent concerns regarding the adverse health effects of excessive sugar consumption, placing Mars at the forefront of movements to limit sugar and positioning the company as a pioneer of Good Samaritan corporate policy.

Even more surprising than Mars’ progressive stance regarding M&Ms, however, might be the fact that this is far from the first time that the company has prioritized public health over corporate profits. Mars has publicly pledged to limit sugar in all its products according to World Health Organization nutritional guidelines. It was also the first U.S. candy company to write the caloric contents of its confections on the front of candy bar wrappers. What’s more, Mars stopped selling king-sized candy bars in 2013, and it has restricted the overall calorie counts of all of its candy packages to 250 calories or less.

Mars even urged customers to eat its Dolmio pasta sauces “no more than once a week” due to their indulgent fat, salt, and sugar contents as part of a campaign to brand candy and other unhealthy products as “occasional treats,” rather than frequent indulgences. In solidarity with Mars’ ethical practices and model corporate policies, we’ll be enjoying some M&Ms in moderation tonight for dessert!

Source: Reuters via NBC News / Photo credit: Jack Everett/Wikimedia Commons

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