McDonald’s Giant McFlurry Looks Legit Amazing


By Cooking Panda

What sounds better than a McFlurry Party? If you said nothing, you’re totally right.

According to Brand Eating, France is unveiling an extra-large version of the McFlurry we’ve all come to know and love, and they’re calling it the McFlurry Party. The amazingly large McFlurry-filled cup is meant to serve two to four people, but I’m pretty sure I’d be hogging it all to myself. Who really wants to share ice cream, anyway?

If you do want to share, which is apparently encouraged, you’ll be glad to know the large cup comes along with a few smaller cups for portioning. Unlike McDonald’s restaurants in the U.S., McDonald’s in France (and other countries) likes to focus on a more sit-down themed restaurant, so the ice cream in this giant cup will melt a little too quickly if you try and take it home.

If you’re like me and you want to have it all to yourself at home with no witnesses, I’d suggest simply buying a pint of regular ice cream from the grocery store, or satisfying yourself with a normal-sized McFlurry that your figure will thank you for anyway. However, if you want to try taking the giant McFlurry home, it does come with a to-go lid. I guess McDonald’s of France is at least welcoming you to try.

If Canada’s closer to home for you, and you are just dying to try something new in the McFlurry world, you might be pleased to know that they’re launching a new flavor! According to Financial Post, a new Skor McFlurry will be available at participating locations, featuring crushed-up bits of the candy bar favorite. Then again, many are actually upset by this move, since the Skor bar uses almonds in its chocolate, meaning that now McDonald’s has to warn consumers that they may come into contact with nuts. If you don’t have an allergy, or if you’re just a regular risk taker, you might not mind so much.

Hopefully soon, some of these new McFlurry changes will come to the U.S.! It’s about time for a new flavor option over here.

Sources: Brand Eating, Financial Post / Photo Credit: anaiisanaiis/Instagram

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