McDonald’s Is Finally Selling Big Mac Sauce!


By Cooking Panda

Love Big Mac sauce? If so, you’ll love this news: McDonald’s is ready to start selling it by the bottle! Remember when the fast food giant offered these bottles as a limited time treat in January 2017? I guess the popularity made a more permanent release necessary. Definitely not complaining.

Brand Eating reports that the sauce hasn’t been released just yet, but when it is, it’s expected to come alongside bottles of Filet-O-Fish tartar sauce and McChicken mayo. While we could already buy tartar sauce and mayo, the sauce trio is still an exciting new addition to grocery store shelves … especially that Mac sauce.

Each sauce will be available in a 12-ounce plastic squeeze bottle, but unfortunately they’ll only be available in Canada. I can imagine that what happened with Big Mac sauce sales in January is likely to also happen with this new release. If you remember, we reported that a few of those people lucky enough to get their hands on Mac sauce bottles were making a killing off of selling it on eBay. That means it’s probably likely these sauces will make their way over the border and into our eager hands (and plates!).

I doubt that this time around anyone will be making $10,000 off of one bottle, considering there will be much more availability. The supply and demand curve won’t be nearly as steep, if you know what I mean. The price of the bottles sold by McDonald’s isn’t known just yet, but it’s expected that we’ll know everything we need to know when the bottles launch this spring.

This new release will mean you can start working on creating your own homemade Big Macs at home! Of course, you’ll want to opt for the entire trio, so you can create all three tasty sandwiches for home consumption. Then again, maybe you just want to buy the sandwiches and add a ton of extra sauce at home (they already put too much tartar on that Filet-O-Fish, though).

Whatever your reason for needing these sauces … the point is that you need them!

Source: Brand Eating / Photo Credit: McDonald's Canada/Twitter

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