Could You Follow Mariah Carey’s Super Strict Diet?


By Cooking Panda

Mariah Carey’s diet leaves much to be desired. The singer’s diet secret consists of two things: Norwegian salmon and capers.

First of all: yuck to the capers. Secondly, just salmon and capers? Obviously, Mariah Carey is beautiful, so something she’s doing is working, but I have a feeling she could be incorporating a lot more variety into her diet and looking just as good.

“It’s really hard. My diet, you would hate it,” she told E! News. Yes, I would most definitely hate it. Especially since I think capers taste too much like olives. The goal, she says is to “stick with the proteins.” I’m sorry, but if I were told I could only eat those two things every day or gain weight … I’d gain weight. It’s just not worth it.

Then again, what about all of her vitamins and other necessary nutrients? I can’t imagine this is a healthy diet. As much as we all want to hate sugar and carbs, they are still essential. Sure, salmon is high in healthy fats, protein and calories, but I also can’t imagine she’s meeting the minimum requirements she should be, either. Oh Mariah, you could be eating so much more!

What about fruits? Avocado? Tuna? I could go on and on with delicious and healthy foods that could be added in. Green beans are delicious and also carry carbohydrates. Honestly, it makes me sad to know that someone else’s diet is so restricted. I feel like I need to eat more to make up for it.

If you want to achieve Mariah’s great figure, then by all means try the diet. But, according to Women’s Health and their article on “10 Healthy-Eating Rules Almost All Nutritionists Agree On,” you can follow a healthy diet that allows fruit and oats for breakfast, plenty of veggies, lots of water and for you to eat when you’re hungry. You don’t even have to skip meals!

That is a much more tempting “diet” in my opinion — although it doesn’t look much like a diet at all. And I know Mariah is stunning, but I also believe that healthy is beautiful.

Sources: E! News, Women's Health / Photo Credit: E! News

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