Man Sprays Odd Substance At Whole Foods, FBI Wants To Know Why


By Cooking Panda

The FBI is investigating after a man was caught on camera at a Michigan Whole Foods spraying an “unknown liquid substance” on top of the food bars and salad.

At the Whole Foods Market on Eisenhower Parkway in Ann Arbor, an employee spotted an unidentified man pouring a substance on top of the salad and hot food bars in the store on April 24. Interestingly enough, the suspect reportedly did not really attempt to hide his actions or identity, as he made “disturbingly direct eye contact with the camera,” as noted by Grub Street.

The team member told store management about the bizarre incident, which has now sparked a thorough investigation involving the area’s Whole Food Markets, the Ann Arbor Police Department, and the FBI.

“Out of an abundance of caution, all salad and hot food bars were immediately closed down at the store, all food was thrown out and the store team thoroughly cleaned and sanitized all food stations, equipment and serving utensils before restocking with fresh items,” said Allison Phelps, public relations representative for Whole Foods Market, as noted by MLive.

Although the “unknown liquid substance” does not appear to be harmful, that cannot be declared “unequivocally,” an FBI spokesperson stated. Authorities also don’t know whether or not the man will be charged, as they need to talk to him before making a decision.

Thanks to the clear surveillance photos and plentiful amount of media attention, several leads have already been given to the authorities.

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Sources: MLive, [2], Grub Street / Photo credit: Whole Foods via MLive

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