Most People Think Beer With Lunch Is Bad


By Cooking Panda

How do you feel about the idea of having a beer while on your lunch break?

You may not be surprised that Metro reports that in a survey by YouGov, 74 percent of people said that it’s unacceptable. The study asked a couple of questions. One was whether it was okay to have a beer on your lunch break without a meal (rough day?), to which 74 percent of responders said absolutely not.

The next question was, well, what if you are having a meal with your beer? To this, 60 percent of responders said it’s still not acceptable, and 32 percent said it’s okay. Out of these responders, four in 10 men said it was okay, while two-thirds of women said it’s not. So, I guess if you have a male boss, you have a 40 percent chance of getting away with it.

Here are the graphs to better illustrate the results:

The study also found that age played an important role in this decision. Those ages 18 to 24 are more likely to say yes to having a drink at lunchtime, while those over 65 are the most offended by this behavior. So, there again, if your boss is a male and a millennial, you probably have an even better chance of scoring a beer at lunchtime.

Personally, I don’t see the big deal (maybe because I belong in the millennial age category?). One beer, or even two, alongside a meal for the sake of enjoyment should be okay. As long as it’s not enough to get your head all fuzzy, which I agree would be entirely unacceptable if you have to go back into work and finish out the day. Save the craziness for happy hour.

If you’re just enjoying lunchtime and you’re at a nice place, maybe your meal is better enjoyed with a complementary brew. Would it be so bad to enjoy the two together? Just don’t stumble back into work looking confused. Or, if your boss is a woman or over 65, enjoy a nice iced tea instead. 

Source: Metro UK / Photo Credit: Metro UK

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