This Pop-Up Restaurant Exclusively Serves Airline Food


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When most people think of airplane food, the words “haute cuisine,” “gourmet” and “fine dining” probably aren’t the first terms that come to mind.

In fact, one of the most exciting things about flying for me is getting those little Lotus cookies that Delta hands out for free with the beverages, but I would hardly call those a meal — just a delicious snack to tide me over until I can grab some real lunch at my final destination.

However, a pop-up restaurant in London’s Soho is looking to change that perception, apparently, as it opened on April 24 and offered a menu that featured exclusively airline food to its patrons.

And here’s the kicker: The reason the eatery decided to feature only food that you get during your flight is because reportedly, the results of a survey of 1,000 U.K. adults showed that British people believe that the meals they chow down on while flying are terrible — like, way worse than the meals served in subpar school cafeterias and the mush that is served at hospitals.


The Sun reports that the menu at the restaurant is cheekily named “This Is How We Fly,” and was devised by chef and restaurateur Peter Gordon in an effort to show off just how fresh and satisfying the on-board fare of Air New Zealand truly is.

Aha! So this is all beginning to make sense now. This isn’t just any pop-up restaurant; it’s a pop-up restaurant sponsored by Air New Zealand.

“When you’re sitting on an airplane you want food with fresh ingredients and great texture that’s going to awaken your taste buds and really excite you,” Gordon told The Sun. “The food served on board Air New Zealand uses the finest, fresh ingredients that are simply bursting with [flavor].”

Adds Jo Copestake, Air New Zealand’s general manager in the U.K. and Europe: “At Air New Zealand we make a virtue of flying long-haul so serving great food is just one element of the in-flight experience.

“The research findings are interesting but I suspect they just haven’t travelled with us — flying should be enjoyed, not endured.”

Would you be willing to give airplane food a shot if your preferred airline offered a pop-up to try and woo you? Or will you steadfastly be packing your meals?

Source: The Sun / Photo Credit: Pexels

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This ‘Stranger Things’ Restaurant Menu Looks Awesome


By Cooking Panda

Do you miss biking around with Dustin, Mike, Lucas and Will? Are you hungrier than Eleven in a diner?

First of all, if this means nothing to you, get thee to Netflix and binge on “Stranger Things” as soon as possible so that we can talk. You won’t regret it.

Finished? Ok, good. Now that we’ve cleared that up, and you’re all aboard the #JusticeForBarb train with us, we’re here to tell you that there is so much you can do with your life while you wait for season two and nurture that empty spot in your heart.

You can start by eating your feelings with us. It will be an awesome feeling to eat by choosing from Stranger things restaurant menu.

Head over to London for a visit to Lucky Chip, a hip burger and beer-type spot that just unveiled a “Stranger Things”-themed menu that they will be serving for the entire month of October. And it looks so, so good!

At any of their four locations around the London area, you can order such offerings as the Demogorgon Burger, the Eggos Waffle Burger, Stranger Wings, the Up Fried Down and lots of other cool stuff that frankly looks pretty delicious.

Bonus: They also have a lot of cool-looking cocktails as well as a good-sized beer and wine menu, in case eating the Hopper Whopper gives you feelings that you don’t know how to deal with.

While you’re in town, you should also totally check out Strangest Things, a theme night that is touring around various nightclubs in England for the rest of October, according to Metro. If you make it to one of the special events, you can enjoy the fun ambiance created by strategically placed chopper bikes, way too many Christmas lights strung across the ceiling and a DJ playing 80s hit synth pop songs.

Oh, and there’s also a shrine to everybody’s favorite character who deserved so much more.

London, we’re ready. #StrangerThings #StrangestThings #OsloHackney

A video posted by Strangest Things (@strangestthingsclub) on

Can’t make it out to the UK? We feel you. Tide yourself over until a themed event comes your way by making this luscious Eggo waffle cocktail, because everyone knows that Eggos are pretty much the best thing ever (recipe here).

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You Can Create Your Own Break At This New Kit Kat Chocolatory


By Cooking Panda

Need a break?

We all do, sometimes. Kit Kat knows that, and for a long time has been suggesting that breaking yourself off a piece of a Kit Kat bar is a sufficient way to take a breather and enjoy yourself in the midst of a long and endless work day.

However, what if you could do more than that? What if you could savor your break time not just by chowing down on a Kit Kat — but by doing it at a Kit Kat cafe?

You’ve probably guessed it, but from Oct. 5 to Nov. 8, you will be able to do just that at the new KITKAT Chocolatory, a pop-up opening at The Street in London.

Per Metro, fans will be able to design their own premium Kit Kat bars, complete with customizable packaging.

You’ll be able to choose between milk, white and dark chocolates, and then add three toppings from 16 different selections, to really create your own perfect, harmonious break.

After you’re done at the Create Your Break station, you’ll then be invited to use the Chocolatory’s touch screen to customize your fancy packaging.

Even cooler is that your bar will be ready to take home and snack on within an hour, because there will be expert chocolatiers on site to tailor-make your personal creations for you.

The pop-up will also feature weekly Special Edition Kit Kat flavors alongside the Create Your Break station for fans to sample.

“Consumers are going to be given the opportunity to create their interpretation of a confectionery icon,” Andrew McIver, managing director of Nestlé Confectionery in the UK and Ireland, told Metro.

“The Create Your Break, Special and Signature Edition KITKAT bars elevate the brand into a brave new territory and offer fans the opportunity to try unique, exciting and delicious products.”

The KITKAT Chocolatory’s hours begin Oct. 5 at 10:30 a.m. at The Street, Westfield Stratford City, London. Create Your Break bars cost the equivalent of about $9.10, while Special Edition bars next to the station cost approximately $4.50.

Source: Metro / Photo credit: Kit Kat via Metro

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Krispy Kreme Is Now Selling Nutella Doughnuts From A Vending Machine


By Cooking Panda

Cancel your weekend plans and buy a plane ticket to London.

Just when you thought doughnuts couldn’t get any more perfect, Krispy Kreme has announced that it will be selling Nutella doughnuts from a pop-up vending machine in Holborn, London.

That’s right. Nutella doughnuts. From a vending machine.

While the pop-up is only temporary, Krispy Kreme has promised that the new flavor, named “Nutty Chocolatta,” will soon be on sale worldwide for a limited time. The doughnut itself is filled with delicious Nutella perfection, topped with chocolate frosting, and sprinkled with crushed hazelnuts. Stop drooling!

Personally, I’ll be waiting until the new flavor is available stateside, but if you do find yourself in London the pop-up is located at 229 High Holborn, London, WC1V 7DA. It will be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., May 9 through May 21. Each doughnut costs two pounds, and all proceeds go to the Teenage Cancer Trust. Doughnuts, Nutella, and charity? How could you go wrong!

If you’re landlocked like me however, never fear. Krispy Kreme “accidentally” leaked a memo May 5, revealing that the Nutty Chocolatta will go on general sale May 27. Check out the memo below, and don’t forget to mark your calendar! Until then, we suggest preparing your taste buds by eating as much Nutella and doughnuts as possible!

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Source: Metro / Photo credits: AnishaRhoden/TwitterKrispy Kreme

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Dogs Will Serve You Beer At This British Bar


By Cooking Panda

If you’ve dreamt of going to a bar where dogs wait on you hand and food, we have some life-changing news for you.

There is a one-day-only pop-up bar in London where German Shepherds will serve you beer. Yes, you heard correctly. Unfortunately, the event is already sold out, but we’re hoping that it will be so successful that they’ll bring it back.

Kronenbourg 1664, a 350-year-old brewing company from the Alsace region of France, set up the event as a marketing stunt to accompany a new beer advertisement featuring dogs delivering beer in Alsace. At the May 6 event, which will be held at Bar D’Alsace-tian in Soho, London, each “professionally-trained” German Shepherd dogtender will be wearing a lightweight, miniature barrel around its neck that has a chilled bottle of beer inside. Those lucky enough to have snagged a reservation will find their table equipped with bread, cheese and two bottles of Kronenbourg. When patrons finish their beer, a German Shepherd will bring them another.

“We’re absolutely delighted to be opening the doors on the world’s first bar staffed by dogs,” said Ifeoma Dozie, brand director at Kronenbourg 1664, according to the Irish Examiner. “It provides customers with a truly unique experience and is the ideal way for us to bring the ‘Alsace-tians’ to Kronenbourg fans.”

“With Bar D’Alsace-tian, we will have man’s best friend delivering one of man’s greatest achievements: the Taste Supreme of Kronenbourg 1664,” Dozie added.

If London is a little far for you, or you just simply were unable to nab a reservation, don’t despair – there are other dog-friendly businesses stateside, like the Dog Cafe in Los Angeles. The canines there won’t wait on you or deliver your beverages, but you still get to play with a cafe full of lovable pups looking for someone to adopt them.

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Sources: Eater, Irish Examiner, Dog Cafe / Photo credit: Kronenbourg1664/Twitter

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May The Fork Be With You At London’s New Star Wars Pop-Up Restaurant


By Cooking Panda

Use the fork, Luke…

Good news, Star Wars fans — a few months from now in a galaxy far, far away (you know… the one across the pond), a Star Wars-themed diner called “The Fork Awakens” will avail itself to hungry Londoners for one week only.

Brought to you by immersive dining pundits Barrel and Forks (the same folks who organized the aphrodisiacal Casanova Dinner) the pop-up (which is set in Darth Vader’s kingdom) “will take Foodtroopers into an immersive journey through time and space, with many familiar encounters and interactive adventures along the way,” according to Barrel and Forks’ website. 

For around $80 (or £55 in London), diners will receive a welcoming “jedi lightsaber” cocktail in the canteen, and nosh on “hutt dogs and special spacefood” while meeting galactic adventurers and interacting with rebel spies.

Keeping in line with pop-up restaurant tradition, the certified menu and exact location of The Fork Awakens won’t be revealed until 48 hours before the event takes place. However, organizers warn patrons to expect “strong drinks, hot tunes and occasional outbreaks of shocking violence.”

If this sounds up your alley, you can register to become a member of the fork alliance online; you will then receive an ID home one month before the June 23 event, which will grant you access to the 4-course interactive meal and galactic spectacle. Until then, keep yourself busy by speculating over potential menu items.

Padawonton appetizers? Obi Wan Unagi sushi rolls? How about a soothing glass of AT-ATea? And as for dessert: Do or donut. There is no pie.

May the fork be with you…

Sources: Barrel and ForksMashable / Image Credit: Barrel and Forks

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A UK Bar Will Swipe Left For You If Your Tinder Date Turns South


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Too many of us have heard stories — or, unfortunately, have our own stories to tell — of online social interactions turning south.

Even in 2016, when the stigma for online dating is mostly eradicated (eHarmony Australia’s 2015 Relationship Study found that online dating is now the second-most popular way to meet new potential partners, according to Bustle), there’s no real way to ensure that the person behind the URL will turn out as expected in the natural world.

Sometimes, a bad online date simply happens. Perhaps that smile you loved in the photos just didn’t make a favorable transition from internet-to-life; maybe you just couldn’t bear the way your date tried to order your food for you (sit down, Casanova). In other cases, however, a bad online date can feel indicative of something more sinister.

And that’s where this bar in England steps in.

Located in St. Albans in Hertfordshire, The Brickyard has been met with overwhelming support on social media for the sign in their bathroom offering discreet help and guidance to women in the event of a Tinder date gone wrong, Metro reports.

“Tinder date gone wrong?” it asks. “Doesn’t look like his picture, or just plain weird?”

“If you’re on a date and it’s not going well, come to the bar and ask for Rachelle or Jennifer and we’ll get you out it and / or get you a taxi,” the sign reads. “Your safety is our highest priority.”

“If anyone is bothering you or making you feel uncomfortable please tell us. We will discreetly move them away and if necessary ask them to leave.”

Owner of The Brickyard James Hanning tells the Daily News that the sign’s installation was the result of two female patrons asking managers if the men they were meeting resembled the photos they had on their smartphones. 

“They were light-hearted conversations, but we realized there was a potential for discomfort and thought that a discrete sign would help give dates the confidence to ask for assistance if things weren’t going well,” Hanning says. 

And while The Brickyard’s initiative has been roundly commended (The Women’s Equality Party St. Albans praised The Brickyard for their “excellent idea” and said they approve on their Facebook page), the staff already has plans to enact a similar safety campaign which will support people who identify as other genders as well.

“The forums have been fantastic at promoting the idea that all hospitality venues should pick up on this,” Hanning tells Mashable. “We have revised our sign to remove the unintended gender bias, realizing that there is a broader issue here and anyone may feel uncomfortable and we are here to help.”

Harassment doesn’t discriminate, and we applaud The Brickyard for recognizing that help should be available to any person who finds themselves in an unsafe situation.

Sources: Bustle, Metro, Daily News, The Women's Equality Party St Albans/Facebook, Mashable / Photo credit: The Brickyard/Twitter

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Garlic Is Not Allowed At Buckingham Palace


By Cooking Panda

A top source at Buckingham Palace gave an insider account to anyone wondering just what the Queen of England eats and doesn’t eat.

Chef John Higgins, who cooked for the Queen on the eve of her 90th birthday, spoke out about the interesting restrictions on the menu for the birthday bash, and also revealed what the Queen’s favorite foods are.

The most surprising and interesting restriction is, according to Higgins, garlic! That’s right, Queen Elizabeth wasn’t having going to stand for any garlic in her food at the birthday party.

Along with garlic on the list of things banned from the menu was lumpy oatmeal. In addition, Higgins learned the hard way that the Queen expected diced rabbit meat for her dogs to eat — after he ground the meat up and served it, and was told to start over.

Something that did go over well was chocolate mousse. 

“Trust me the plates were clean when they came back from the royal family,” Higgins told Food & Wine. He also revealed that the Queen is a big fan of mangoes and always knows how many are in the fridge at the Palace. 

Source: Food & Wine / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons 

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London’s First Nude Pop-Up Restaurant Launches This Summer


By Cooking Panda

To dine, or not to dine … naked? That is the question — if you find yourself eating at The Bunyadi, the new clothing-optional restaurant launching in London this summer, that is.

“Enter a secret Pangea-like world, free from phones, electric lights and even clothing (optional) and revisit the beginning where everything was fresh, free and unadulterated from the trappings of modern life,” the folks behind The Bunyadi write on their website.

We know, we know … “Say no more!” some of you are probably thinking. Your plane ticket is already booked, and your shirt is halfway off, making its sorry way to the floor.

But just in case you still have questions — “How exactly is this going to work?” was my first one — here’s an overview of the restaurant’s plan.

First things first: Let’s discuss the layout.

The establishment will reportedly be split into two sides, with meal-goers asked to enter a changing room and remove all but a provided gown (lockers available).

Once situated on their respective side, diners can choose between a vegan and non-vegan tasting menu of wood-flame-grilled meals served on handmade clay crockery.

The cutlery will also be edible (!), and the ingredients will be home-grown. According to Country and Townhouse, the spatula used to cook the meal will be “a piece of tree branch.”

Most importantly, the bar is strategically situated in the non-naked partition. Gown-wearing diners who are feeling feisty — perhaps after nursing a spirit or two — are welcome to travel through the hallway (demarcated on the restaurant’s floor-plan as the “Path to purity”) and break bread with their liberated brethren on the “Naked and Pure” side, should they choose.

“We have worked very hard to design a space where everything patrons interact with is bare and naked,” says Seb Lyall, founder of the company that brought The Bunyadi to life, according to a press release. “The use of natural bamboo partitions and candlelight has enabled us to make the restaurant discreet, whilst adhering to the ethos behind it. No doubt, this has been the most challenging project for us yet, which makes us very excited about it.”

The Bunyadi is the latest effort from Lyall, who appears to be somewhat of a novelty eatery entrepreneur. Last year, he made headlines for his controversial owl bar; however, he and his team are also the people behind the popular Breaking Bad-themed pop-up bar, ABQ. 

If this sounds like an experience you want to partake in, make your way over to central London in June 2016; the pop-up will run for approximately three months, and the restaurant has a capacity of only 42 patrons.

As of April 20, over 5,800 people are on the waiting list, so come prepared to wait. You know the drill: Be polite, don’t cut in line, and keep your shirt on. 

Or, you know. Don’t.

Sources: The Bunyadi (2), Country & Townhouse / Photo credit: The Bunyadi

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