Reheating Pizza? Try French Toasting It! (Video)


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You know how it is. You ordered delivery the night before and enjoyed a deliciously gooey, cheesy greasy dinner, but now you’ve got a few stale slices left. While cold pizza appeals to some (ME!), if you want it warm and soft with a bit of a crunch in the right spots, you’re going to struggle.

Nuke it and you’ll end up with soggy, overly chewy slices. Throw it in the oven and you might dry out your pie, plus it takes forever. So how the heck do you reheat it??

Well, a brilliant YouTuber has finally found an offbeat solution to the age old dilemma (video below).

You turn it into toast.

No joke.

“When you French toast leftover pizza, the stale crust becomes a soft and savory pillow, while the once-rubbery cheese crisps on the outside of a gooey interior,” a YouTube user known as Internet Shaquille wrote in the description of the video posted on July 17.

As of the afternoon of July 21, more than 5,500 people have viewed this hack, so no doubt it’s catching on.

How do you do it? It’s pretty simple: Much like French toast, you start with a savory soak. Beat some eggs with a bit of cream, salt and smoked paprika or whatever spices you want — garlic powder, cayenne or Italian seasoning would be great if your pie needs an extra kick.

Soak each slice until it’s fully coated with the egg wash and then saute on medium-high heat, crust side down until it is perfectly browned. Then, flip it and do the same. And that’s it! You have successfully revived your formerly lifeless pizza.

“This isn’t a technique you want to waste on artisanal thin-crust gouda slices,” Internet Shaquille added in the description. “In fact, it works best on cheap doughy brands like Domino’s.”

If for some unknown reason, this doesn’t appeal to you, you can apply a similar approach without the egg wash. According to Delish, reheat a slice or two at a time, crust side down, in a skillet over low heat with the lid on top. It gets hot like a pizza stone and also works well to heat up frozen pizza.

Source: Delish / Photo Credit: D.L./Flickr

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9 Awesome Ways To Breathe New Life Into Your Leftovers


By Cooking Panda

Did you get a little overzealous with ordering takeout this weekend? If you have a fridge full of leftovers, you’ll want to read ahead.

Yes, we love cold next-day pizza as much as anyone else (seriously, why is cold pizza so good?) but guess what? We can do you one better.

You already have most of the ingredients you need, so why not take a few minutes (still less time than delivery takes) and whip up some savory pizza bread pudding or a sensational takeout burrito?

1. Shrimp Fried Rice

Also known as leftover stir-fry — use whatever you have on hand.

2. Savory Pizza Bread Pudding

Remember that cold pizza we were talking about? Yeah. Chop it up and make it into this savory bread pudding instead. You know you want to. (Ok, but if you really don’t want to, you can also make this breakfast casserole instead.)

3. Leftover Orange Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Leftover orange chicken can get pretty soggy, so it’s not always delightful when eaten days later. These lettuce wraps totally take that into account and provide some awesome crunchy textures and zippy flavors that absolutely complement your leftovers. Plus, it’s the healthiest thing you can do to orange chicken.

4. Orange Chicken Burritos

Alternatively, you can burrito-fy your orange chicken if you’d like. Feel free to do this to any takeout dish. It would be great with teriyaki chicken, broccoli beef or even Hawaiian barbecue (mac salad belongs in a burrito!) or a thick, chunky curry (not too soupy!). Throw in some fried rice or even noodles too. Go to town.

5. Fried Chicken Tacos

We can’t confirm this, but we’ve heard stories that there is, in fact, such a thing as “leftover fried chicken.” We aren’t 100 percent sure what that means, but these tacos look like a pretty good use for it.

6. Leftover Casserole

Got a bunch of leftover meat? Throw it, along with whatever else you want to use up, into this tasty casserole.

7. Butter Chicken Pizza

Got leftover curry? Put it on pizza — you can use store-bought dough, flatbread, naan — whatever you want. This works beautifully for just about any curry with big chunks. Use your imagination.

8. Mashed Potato Muffins

If muffins aren’t your style for some strange reason, consider kneading your mashed potatoes into gnocchi instead.

9. Pot Roast Patty Melts

You know you want to. Shred whatever meat you have and patty-melt it. Bonus: If you used a lot of onions in your pot roast (and if you like them nice and soft), throw a bunch on the patty melt and skip the caramelized ones.

Featured Photo Credit: What Do You Crave

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