Lay’s Has More Limited Edition Wacky Chip Flavors! (Photos)


By Cooking Panda

Novelty chips are a lot of fun!

I’m a huge fan of Lay’s “Do Us a Flavor” contest, because NOVELTY and also because I get to expand my palate and decide what often unexpected tastes reign supreme on the classic potato chip.

Cappuccino? Wasabi ginger? Chicken and waffles? YES SO GOOD.

And now we have a new batch. According to Brand Eating, the three finalists for this round will be available until October 2017, which is just enough time to get hooked on your favorite underdog, grieve its inevitable loss and then tearfully stock up before it gets pulled from the shelves before its time.

Just me? Ok then.

(I miss you, Chicken and Waffle Lays. You are gone but not forgotten.)

This time around, you have your choice between Crispy Taco, Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese and Fried Green Tomato, and you can vote for your favorite on as well as on the chip giant’s social media pages.

While I haven’t gotten my hands on these new chips yet for a taste test, the savory flavors are sure to give your taste buds a break from their usual routine.

Here’s what the masterminds behind each flavor say:

“My fiance loves crunchy beef tacos more than anything,” Ellen Sarem of San Antonio, Texas, said of her Tex Mex creation. “I actually made them for one of our first dates, and after three years, I can now finally say that I’ve mastered cooking his favorite dish!”

“There’s no better way to start your day than with an everything bagel with cream cheese,” said Lindsay Hoffman of Palm City, Florida, who invented the Kettle Cooked snack version of the breakfast food. “It’s become my favorite morning ritual.”

“Fried green tomatoes remind me of my childhood in Georgia,” said Gregory Pope of Charlotte, North Carolina, who turned the Southern classic into a Wavy chip flavor. “Fried to a golden brown, salted and peppered, they were always the perfect feel-good food prepped by my dad for our family dinners.”

Don’t forget to keep voting up your favorite so that you can avoid the inevitable heartbreak of limited edition snacks!

Sources: Brand Eating, Do Us A Flavor / Photo Credit: PixabayFrito-Lay via Uproxx

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Lay’s Wants You To Create Another New Flavor


By Cooking Panda

Every now and then, we see a new campaign from Lay’s asking us to creatively come up with a fun new potato chip flavor. You remember, like when they chose Chicken & Waffles? Well, they’re at it again.

The campaign is called “Do Us A Flavor” and, as Foodbeast reports, there are some crazy ones out there. For example, Beers and Cigar? Or Peeps? Some of them are hilarious, but I’d prefer to let you discover those on your own, considering some might find them offensive.

Personally, I think a nice Cuban Sandwich or Lobster Bisque flavor would be delectable. Should I be submitting these? If you’ve got some good ideas, don’t hesitate to go and submit them as well! There’s even an “Inspiration Gallery” to help you come up with ideas.

Aside from the gallery, you can also find good ideas just by scrolling through the ingredient list when you go to create your own flavor. I’ve looked around at what Lay’s has to offer in that area, and many of the ingredients would be great flavors themselves. Spoiler alert, lobster bisque is actually an ingredient option. You can create and submit more than one flavor, so go wild!

Otherwise, you might scroll through the gallery just for fun. There are some entertaining flavor submissions, as well as some exciting ones. For example, Bacon Mac’n’Cheese Burger sounds pretty great, but Spaghetti Taco? I don’t know about that one. You can click “I’d Eat That” on any of the flavors that look appealing to you, but they don’t count as actual votes. They basically help your ranking in the gallery.

Top scorers for the “I’d Eat That” category as of right now are Summer Pad Thai, Bacon & Gouda Stuffed Avocado and Chicken Quesadilla Ranch. I’m a sucker for anything with avocado, so that one’s got my vote! I’m also highly interested in the Vanilla Shake and Fries flavor. How does Lay’s decide? There are so many good options!

Go to to submit your own creation, or simply to scroll through the gallery. Good luck with your flavor ideas!

Sources: Foodbeast, Do Us A Flavor / Photo Credit: Lay's/Instagram

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Get Into The Olympic Spirit With Lay’s Passport To Flavor


By Cooking Panda

Is everybody ready for this? Because Lay’s just took their chips to the next level, and it’s awesome. By now we’re all familiar with Lay’s “Do Us A Flavor” contest. People submit their favorite chip ideas, we try them, we vote on them and one of those becomes a chip forever and ever. (West Coast Truffle Fries 4lyfe!) 

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, Lay’s has done something different this time with their Passport to Flavor, giving us four chips inspired by the flavors of the world: Chinese Szechuan Chicken, Indian Tikka Masala, Greek Tzatziki and Brazilian Picanha. And because we care (and we love eating chips!) we tried them on your behalf. So how did the chips stack up for us at Cooking Panda? Let’s discuss. 

4) Chinese Szechuan Chicken

Unfortunately, Chinese Szechuan Chicken was our least favorite of the bunch. I’m even someone who generally enjoys the taste of chicken flavored chips, but this one had a very interesting after taste. As someone said, “It tastes like chicken. And I want to keep eating it. But…I don’t.” If you do like things with strong flavors that you wouldn’t expect in chip form, then this might be your jam. Sadly, it wasn’t for us. 

3)  Indian Tikka Masala

We had such hopes for this one! And while it did have a great crunch, it wasn’t as flavorful as we were hoping. I mean, if someone were to give me a bag of these chips, of course I would eat them, but as I was eating, I’d probably be thinking, “If only this was a tad bit spicier.” You will definitely appreciate this though if you like Indian food, but can’t handle how overpowering some of the flavors can be. 

2) Greek Tzatziki 

If there was one chip that tasted EXACTLY how you hoped it would, it was this one. The yogurt and cucumber flavors were totally on point, and worked especially well with the wavy texture. It almost made me want to hit up my local Greek restaurant and crumble up these chips all over my gyro. Actually, that’s an amazing idea. People of the world! Buy these chips and go do that!

1) Brazilian Picanha

While Greek Tzatziki made a valiant effort, hands down the best flavor is Brazilian Picanha. Before you stop yourself from trying them because they’re meat-flavored chips, hear us out! They are DELICIOUS meat-flavored chips! You could taste the smokiness of the steak, which paired perfectly with the garlicky, parsley and oregano flavor from the chimichurri. As someone exclaimed upon trying it for the first time, “Can I just eat these chips forever? Please?”

So do yourself a favor and go pick up all of these chips! Have a taste-test of your own, and let us know how things fared for you. Did you like Szechuan Chicken more than we did? Do you think we’re crazy for going with Brazilian Picanha over Greek Tzatziki? Let us know! 

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Attention Chip Fans: Lay’s Is Bringing You 4 New International Flavors To Try


By Cooking Panda

With the 2016 Summer Olympics fast approaching, Lay’s wants to ensure that fans nationwide have a wide variety of chips to snack on while watching the talent on-screen — which is why the company has decided to bring four international flavors of Lay’s chips to all its stateside fans in honor of the occasion.

According to the press release, the four new popular flavors will be available in stores starting on July 25.

“This summer, all eyes will be on the global stage, reminding us of our desire to travel and explore the world. While most of us can’t just hop on a plane, all of us can travel through our taste buds,” Jeannie Cho, vice president of Frito-Lay marketing, said in the press release. “The Passport to Flavor program invites consumers to try four delicious new global flavors, while also giving them a chance to win a variety [of] different trips and travel-related prizes.”

Lay’s cites a recent Mintel study, which demonstrated that three out of five people now claim to have become more adventurous when it comes to sampling ethnic cuisines, as an additional inspiration for bringing the flavors stateside.

Check out the list of flavors, courtesy of the press release, below:

  • Brazilian Picanha – the potato chip captures the flavor of Picanha, the finest cut of Brazilian steak, which is skewer-grilled with coarse salt to lock in flavor with a mix of chimichurri sauce.
  • Chinese Szechuan Chicken – The regional Sichuan Pepper is where takeout favorite Szechuan Chicken gets its name. The potato chip embodies the dish with the tongue-tingling sensation of “mala.”
  • Greek Tzatziki – Made up of a mix of dill, garlic and other unique spices added to yogurt, Tzatziki is a Mediterranean classic.
  • Indian Tikka Masala – Packed with flavorful spices like turmeric and cumin, the tomato-based dish Tikka Masala is a fixture in global cuisine.

Sources: Lay's via PR Newswire / Photo credit: Lay's/Twitter

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