Krispy Kreme’s New Premium Donuts Will Give You Life (Photos)


By Cooking Panda

Good news, doughnut lovers! If you’re totally over the (admittedly delicious) standard glazed doughnut at Krispy Kreme, but still want to satisfy your sweet tooth and dessert cravings, the chain has stepped up its game and is debuting a slew of decadent new doughnuts!

Krispy Kreme Japan has launched a new premium line of doughnuts and these babies are gunning to whet the appetite of foodies everywhere.

The chain has come up with four luxurious new flavors, which are being referred to as “miniature cakes” and are available just in time for Easter.

The Krispy Kreme Premium Brulee Glazed Cream features a whipped custard cream that is sandwiched between a sliced doughnut covered with a brulee glaze. The doughnut is also caramelized with a light coat of the custard.


Next up is the Premium Latte Bunny, which is a doughnut chock full of thick latte-flavored milk cream frosting. Because Krispy Kreme Japan is super cute, it also comes adorned with a pair of biscuit ears and a dash of roasted almond flakes sprinkled on top.

The Premium Matcha Adzuki is sure to appeal to green tea fans everywhere — think whipped cream infused with green tea and a sweet adzuki red bean paste filling. Next comes the matcha green tea glaze topping, as well as a fancy gold powder dusted on top of the doughnut.

Finally there’s the Premium Sakura, which has a sweet-sour flavor and is supposed to represent the cherry blossom season. You’ll find a tart cherry paste along with a strawberry-raspberry-cranberry puree on the inside, all topped with whipped cream. Finally, the doughnut gets coated with a pink cherry icing glaze.

Sources: Krispy Kreme Japan, Food and Wine / Photo Credit: Krispy Kreme Japan, Krispy Kreme Japan via Food and Wine

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