3 Useful Ways To Sharpen A Knife


By Cooking Panda

Use a Whetstone

Pick an angle to sharpen your knife, or use the same angle you used last time to sharpen it. Make sure to remain consistent, since re-sharpening a knife at a different angle will take significantly more time. If you can’t remember, choose an angle or 10 to 30 degrees per side since shallower angles make a sharper edge that doesn’t last as long.

Then, lubricate the whetstone with a small amount of mineral oil. This makes it easier for the blade of the knife to pass over the stone. Finally, start sharpening the knife on the rough grit of the stone. The rough side is used to grind the steel down, while the fine grit is used to sharpen the knife. If you wish, polish the edge of the knife to your desired sharpness.

Use a Honing Rod

The honing rod isn’t usually used to restore a knife, but to keep it sharp between uses. To sharpen, hold the honing rod in your non-dominant hand at a comfortable angle. Hold the knife firmly in your dominant hand. Then, move the knife across the top half of the honing rod while keeping a 20 degree angle. Move the knife up and down the honing rod 6 to 8 times before each use of the knife.

Use a Coffee Mug

Although it may seem odd, a coffee mug can actually be used to sharpen a knife for a quick fix. Place the mug down so that bottom is exposed to the air. While maintaining a 20 degree angle, swipe the side of the blade across the grit of the mug several times. Repeat the process using the alternate side of the blade, then switch back and forth for the last several swipes. Finish the process with a few swipes across a honing rod. 

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