Give A Cheer! Kinder Eggs Are Coming To America!


By Cooking Panda

Having lived in Italy until the age of eight, I grew up with all kinds of Kinder snacks that I haven’t been able to find in the U.S. 

My personal favorites and the ones I miss most: Kinder Delice, Kinder Pingui and Kinder Surprise Eggs. 

Lucky for me (and for all the other Kinder lovers out there) Kinder Eggs are officially coming to America.

On May 22, Ferrero (the glorious Italian chocolate maker who makes Kinder AND Nutella), announced that a special version of the eggs will be released in the U.S. in 2018. 

If you’re confused because you’ve already seen them in a few American stores, that’s because they were being sold on the “black market,” according to CNN. 

The chocolate eggs were actually banned in the ’70s by the FDA, according to Good Housekeeping. Apparently, this was because the surprise toy inside is considered a choking hazard.

“Any Kinder product that has been sold in the US up until now was done on an unauthorized basis,” Ferrero said in a statement, according to CNN. Terrifying. 

The legal eggs which will be sold in the U.S. starting in January 2018 are not the Kinder Surprise Eggs, but the Kinder Joy Eggs. 

The Kinder Joy variety debuted in Europe in 2001, and does not include a choking hazard since they have two individually packaged halves. 

I’ve actually indulged in these many times and they are delicious. I think I like them better than the regular Kinder Surprise, which is just a milk chocolate shell with a milky white lining and a toy inside. 

The Kinder Joy Eggs are packaged in a plastic shell, one half of which contains chocolate cream, two crispy cocoa wafer balls, and a little spoon to eat everything. The other half contains a prize.

My favorite part of eating these is breaking one of the wafer balls in half with the little spoon, and scooping it with the milky cocoa cream to create a perfect mouthful.

Ferrero sells 3.5 billion Kinder eggs a year, according to its data. I’m hoping that once the eggs are legally released on the U.S. market, they’ll be so popular that Ferrero will have to offer all its other treats as well.

Especially my beloved Kinder Pingui. Are you as excited about this as I am?

Sources: Fortune, Good Housekeeping, CNN, Ferrero / Photo credit: Coralie Ferreira/Flickr

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Eating Kinder Bars And Other Delicious Chocolates Could Be Really Dangerous


By Cooking Panda

German watchdog Food Watch has found in Kinder chocolate bars and other snacks not joy, not sweetness, not comfort, but carcinogens.

You know, that substance that can cause cancer.

The organization is pushing for a recall of some Kinder, Ferrero and Aldi products after scientists tested the treats positive for mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons (MOAHs), according to The Local.

If that doesn’t already sound like something that doesn’t belong in your body, Food Watch added that MOAHs can “damage the human genome,” Metro reports.

The European Food Safety Authority backs up these claims, having called MOAHs “likely” “carcinogenic and mutagenic.”

Despite concerns, both Kinder and Ferrero have denied requests to recall any products.

Ferrero said in a statement that traces of mineral oils “exist nearly everywhere in the environment” (hooray!) and could have found their way into candies through the packaging or transportation process.

“… [We] are working on technical solutions to minimize these omnipresent substances as much as possible and to avoid transfer and migration to food,” the statement read.

The Association of the German Confectionary Agency (BDSI) said that MOAHs are found only in packaging as a result of recycled materials being used – and the food inside is safe to eat, reported The Local.

Foodwatch campaigner Johannes Heeg isn’t buyin’ it. He said BDSI’s language is too dismissive.

“You can’t see [MOAH], you can’t taste it, but it’s in there,” he said. 

Sources: The / Photo credit: Rex/

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