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KFC Makes Scratch-And-Sniff Cards For Valentine’s Day (Photos)


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KFC is a big player among fast-food companies that regularly execute absurd promotional stunts for the sake of marketing gimmickry and a good laugh. Of the company’s comprehensive playbook, we’ve seen a finger-lickin’-good sunscreen (to protect your epidermis from looking like crispy chicken thighs), a “chicken couture” fashion line that included mustard yellow sweaters, bright fried-chicken socks, chicken sandwich jewelry, and a creepy, Bioshock-esque VR game teaching Colonel Sanders’ famous chicken recipe to would-be chicken fryers.

The marketing masterminds at KFC’s corporate headquarters are a team of wildcards.

So, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, the fried-chicken chain pulled more tricks out of the hat by joining tender love with tender chicken. From February 12 through 14, KFC will be giving away free scratch ‘n’ sniff Valentine’s Day cards with any purchase of a $10 Chicken Share.

These odorous chicken-grams, marketed as a kind of a greasy aphrodisiac, are scented with the “heavenly aroma of the Colonel’s 11 herbs and spices,” according to a press release, a clever ploy to lure last-minute planners to go straight for the fried-chicken bucket. Couples can share their love of fried chicken together in an all-in-one excursion; no reservations needed.

This marketing schtick will ostensibly work on couples who want little to do with Valentine’s Day pageantry minus the cheesy sentimental cards. Each heavily scented Valentine’s Day card features a Colonel Sanders one-liner that any KFC-lover will appreciate.

“You have the secret recipe to my heart,” reads one sappy love line along with “I’d be with you all the time if only I could. You make me feel so finger-lickin’ good.”

The best Valentine’s Day gifts are the quirkiest and this one comes out on top. Romantic? Far from it. However, Colonel Sanders makes an excellent point about convenience and gives us a perfect reason to embrace the brand’s finger-lickin’-good chicken on this obligatory holiday.

Set the mood, light a candle, spread out some Chicken Pattern Pillows, and fill the air with bouillon cubes and freshly fried chicken.

Source: PR Newswire / Featured Image: Terence Ong/Wikimedia Commons

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KFC Japan Made A Low-Odor Fried Chicken


By Cooking Panda

In Japan, where the law of etiquette includes passengers encountered on the subway, a “low smell” KFC fried chicken is being offered in to-go boxes specially packed to repress delicious finger-lickin’ odors from reaching perturbed fellow subway passengers.

This special “Fried Chicken Home Type” pack is available through Dec. 31, according to Grub Street, and is located at a pop-up inside the Shinjuku subway station in downtown Tokyo. Commuters can grab a two-piece fried chicken to-go box for $4.50 without worry of nasally offending riders around them.

Japan’s Sora News 24 reported KFC’s claims that the Home Type’s low-odor packaging locks in flavor and aroma by swapping the usual cardboard box and less-permeable plastic with a plastic that seals the odor of fried chicken even when your nose is pressed up against the container.

Home Type is sold at room temperature, but after zapping it in the microwave, the familiar smell of KFC’s herbs and spices blend permeates the air and reportedly lives up to its finger-lickin’ promise (although nothing was said about the crispiness after nuking. Home Type solves the solution to inadvertent rudeness, while apparently giving up nothing in the actual eating experience once in the privacy of your own home, according to Sora News.

Spare passengers the delicious smell, if not for their sake, but for yours. Drooling in public transportation, I imagine, is more offensive than a strong perfume (Eau de KFC).

Home Type will only be available at KFC Station until the end of December, when the demand for fried chicken skyrockets. Fried chicken is Japan’s go-to Christmastime meal and every year, thanks to KFC’s wildly successful “Kurisumasu ni wa kentakkii” (Kentucky for Christmas) marketing campaign in 1974, a bucket of “Christmas Chicken” is in order to start off the big day.

KFC’s special Christmas chicken dinner comes with cake and champagne and goes for $40. Swarms of people trek to the fast-food chain to get their chicken, sometimes waiting in lines as long as two hours, while others order their boxes of finger lickin’ holiday boxes months in advance to avoid the wait.

Sources: Grub Street, Smithsonian Mag, Sora News 24 / Featured Image: Alpha/Flickr

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KFC Is Serving Up Gravy-Filled Mashed Potato Balls (Photo)


By Cooking Panda

If deep-fried mashed potato balls with an oozing KFC gravy center sounds like something out of a KFC fever dream, then you’re absolutely right; only this is real life and such gumption exists in the hands of Colonel Sanders.

Introducing KFC’s “Gravy Mashies” (pictured below) — these bite-size morsels of KFC’s creamy mashed potatoes are deep-fried to gluttonous oblivion, but first stuffed with a dollop of KFC’s signature gravy in the center. I know, it’s amazing, right?

It may appear that the Colonel is making big leaps in the fried-food world with Gravy Mashies, but this is not KFC’s first go-around. Gravy Mashies was a limited-time-only item on Australia’s KFC menu about eight years ago, according to Food and Wine. Mashies fanatics (or what I like to call Mashies Maniacs) rallied for its comeback, going as far as to create a Facebook group dedicated to its return.

But in 2015, in a weird twist of events, KFC released Gravy Mashies once again, but exclusively to residents of Tasmania. The restaurant sold more than 130,000 orders of Gravy Mashies in less than two weeks. But what about the diehard fans?

Leaving mashless Australians in its wake, KFC Australia is finally giving the citizens of Australia what they want. “Our fans have spoken, and we had to listen,” KFC Marketing Director Angela Richard said to The Western Australian.

Richard said thousands of fans commented on KFC’s social media post, asking when Mashies would return. An eight-year struggle seems to have paid off, as Gravy Mashies are back on Australia’s KFC menus — although only for a limited time. Brand Eating reports a “cheeky” fine print: “This offer is not everywhere and not forever.”

For now, the discourse on Gravy Mashies Facebook is about its taste — one YouTuber gave Mashies a 7.2 out of 10, pointing out a “missed opportunity” in a spiceless, herbless crust, contrary to Colonel Sander’s signature recipe. But, an eight-year hiatus is long enough to elevate expectations from finger-lickin’ good, to finger-lickin’ excellent.

Sources: Brand Eating, Food and Wine, The Western Australian / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Image: KFC Australia

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Oh, Crap: Your Soda Just Might Contain Fecal Matter


By Cooking Panda

Remember when we told you about how there might be fecal matter in your Starbucks iced coffee? Well, those pesky poop particles have made their way into plenty of other drinks, a new BBC study reveals.

Traces of fecal bacteria were found in U.K. locations of three of the world’s largest food chains: McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC, where plenty of people go for supersize Cokes and Dr. Peppers. The BBC program “Watchdog” tested for disease-carrying fecal coliform bacteria in 10 drink samples at each chain, and the results were smelly, according to CNBC.

Six of Burger King’s and seven of KFC’s samples contained coliforms, which are banned at high levels in drinking water by the EPA, as they indicate the possibility of fecal contamination, according to ABC News. Several of the chains’ contaminated samples had “significant” levels of the bacteria.

If you’re in the US and think you’re safe from poo bacteria, don’t. ABC News reported on a study that found coliform bacteria in nearly half of all sodas dispensed from a sample of 30 machines in Virginia, and they guessed the problem is much more widespread.

“Wherever man is there will be representation of feces,” microbiologist Philip Tierno told ABC. “We’re basically bathed in feces as a society.”

Oh, what a lovely image. It’s pretty easy for soft-drink machines to become infested with bacteria, according to ABC News, as just one contamination of the soda nozzle can lead to more bacteria making their way through the tubing, into the machine and back out into our tasty sodas.

Sure, cleaning the nozzles daily and the machines monthly would be an effective solution, but experts doubt that restaurants are aware of the necessity.

“…my guess is that most restaurant owners wouldn’t have the vaguest idea about how to flush those machines, or that they would even need too,” biology professor Renee Godard told ABC News.

And there’s always the possibility that even if restaurants have cleaning measures in place, people aren’t adhering to them.

“We are shocked and extremely disappointed by these results,” a KFC spokesperson said following the BBC study. “We have strict procedures for the management and handling of ice, including daily and weekly inspections and cleaning of the ice machine and storage holds, as well as the routine testing of ice quality across our business.”

Down to the nitty-gritty, though: You’re probably not going to die or get a serious disease from contaminated soda. But there is cause for concern if coliforms lead to more serious strands of bacteria, like E. coli, or fecal contamination-induced viruses, ABC News reports.

For now, order your iced coffees and Diet Cokes with caution, or sneak your own bottled beverages into restaurants.

Sources: CNBC, ABC News / Photo credit: Kurt Nordstrom/Flickr

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KFC Is Launching A Chicken Sandwich Into Space


By Cooking Panda

One small step for man, one giant leap for chicken sandwiches? 

As part of a marketing campaign, KFC will be launching its Zinger sandwich into the stratosphere, on a high-flying balloon developed by World View Enterprises, an Arizona company.

World View Enterprises is planning to use this technology to send people on balloons into the stratosphere, where they will be high up enough to see Earth’s curvature and the darkness of space while even enjoying a few cocktails, according to the New York Times.

Basically, it’s a cooler, much more expensive version of Google Earth. Although World View has not said when it hopes these trips could begin, the company is taking reservations at $75,000.

But the first tourist to enjoy this scenic flight will be not be a wealthy traveler or an adventure-minded businessperson, but rather a spicy fried chicken sandwich.

Yep. You read that right. 

The Zinger, created by KFC in 1984, is a spicy, hand-breaded fried chicken sandwich. Although it’s sold in more than 120 countries, it wasn’t available in the U.S. until spring of 2017.

The concept of this marketing campaign is the dual launch of the Zinger both in the U.S. and in the stratosphere, said George Felix, KFC’s director of advertising, according to the New York Times.

When World View was approached with the idea, it was finishing up development of high-flying balloons it calls stratollites.

“As you can imagine, when we first heard about it, we laughed our heads off,” Jane Poynter, World View’s chief executive, said to the New York Times. “And when we picked ourselves off the floor, we actually thought it was really, really cool.”

The sandwich will be sent up as part of the stratollite’s demonstration flight. If all goes well, the balloon should stay in flight for at least four days.

Don’t worry though, there won’t be any aliens around to steal the sandwich. The balloon doesn’t  travel high enough to reach the 62-mile threshold considered the edge of space.

This would have been a great stunt during the Cold War. 

I know the U.S. already landed on the moon and everything, but sending a KFC sandwich up to space would really have been the icing on the cake (or the mayo on the Zinger).

“Are you really sending the Zinger sandwich into space?” begins an exchange on the FAQ page of KFC’s Zinger01 website.

“Yes. Yes we are?”



If you still don’t believe it, you’ll be able to watch the stratollite launch at kfcin.space. 

Sources: New York Times, KFC Zinger01 / Photo credit: Dezidor/Wikimedia Commons

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KFC Is Making Chocolate, Would You Try It? (Photo)


By Cooking Panda

Kentucky Fried Chicken is proving to the world that it will not be confined to only fried chicken. It can do so much more! The newest venture, it seems, is chocolate.

According to the New Zealand Herald, KFC has partnered with the experts at Kako Chocolate to create a chocolate/chicken masterpiece. Sounds kind of gross. The two flavors consist of a milk chocolate truffle with nuts and a dark chocolate truffle.

The first is topped with 23 karat gold leaf (what’s with this gold leaf fad?) and seasoned with the famous 11 secret spices; the second is infused with hot and spicy marinade. I guess they may not be so gross, after all? Just a little off the wall. It could maybe be compared to a truffle version of mole, I think. Mole is pretty good …

These chocolates are being branded as a Mother’s Day special, and the idea is that they’re “perfect for mum to savor while you finish your bucket.” You can get them in a four-piece pack, but you should probably let Mom have all four since it’s her day.

The marketing director for KFC New Zealand says they’re excited to be offering a way for their fans to share something they love with their mother on Mother’s Day. I guess that something shouldn’t only be fried chicken and mashed taters.

A word to the wise, though: Don’t let these be your only gift to Mom (just in case she doesn’t appreciate their weirdness). You never know if she was actually hoping for a necklace or something.

These chocolates are only available in New Zealand, and KFC is giving away 15 free boxes on the KFC New Zealand’s Facebook page. Check it out if you’re in New Zealand, otherwise just revel in the fact that it exists.

If you’re celebrating Mother’s Day in the U.S., maybe just get Mom a $20 Fill Up box and that romance novel the Colonel stars in. Maybe she’ll appreciate a story about a mysterious sailor with her bucket of fried chicken. Just make sure you get the jewelry, too.

Source: New Zealand Herald / Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, KFC via New Zealand Herald

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If You Love Spice, KFC’s New Sandwich Is For You


By Cooking Panda

Spice lovers, listen up!

In an apparent bid to leverage the Fast Food spicy-chicken-sandwich playing field (both McDonald’s and Burger King offer a version of the sandwich on their menus), KFC is finally debuting its own spicy sandwich, and it sounds fire.

The sandwich is making its grand appearance on April 24 at all KFC locations, and is being dubbed the Zinger Sandwich. For 14 weeks, you can get your hands on the item, and decide for yourself if it truly has anything on McDonald’s Hot ‘n Spicy McChicken, or Wendy’s Spicy Chicken sandwich.

Hey, KFC is a chicken chain, so hopes should be high for this one, and not just because they specialize in the bird. While fried chicken sandwiches are pretty ubiquitous at many fast food restaurants, Kevin Hochman, KFC’s president, tells Business Insider that what really sets apart KFC is that it fries its chicken in store, rather than receiving it from a central factory where the chickens are frozen, and then refried at store.

“You can come to KFC and get a hand-breaded Zinger and a $5 fill up — that is just unbelievable value and a vastly superior sandwich,” said Hochman. “Compared to a factory breaded sandwich, it will always be crunchier, more flavorful, more juicy.”

The Zinger itself features a chicken breast fillet, and is prepared simply with some mayo and lettuce on top of a toasted bun. The sparse amount of condiments and toppings are probably meant to allow the in-store fried and spicy chicken breast to truly shine.

“We’re going all out to establish ourselves as a sandwich player,” Hochman told Business Insider. “It’s easier said than done. We’re late to the party — that’s why we’re throwing in the kitchen sink.”

It seems Hochman’s confidence doesn’t come without some backup, however, as Business Insider reports that according to Hochman, KFC actually put $80 million toward ensuring that the speed of service and back of house organization to sell the Zinger Sandwich would be working at optimal levels.

What do you think? Are you excited to try the new spicy chicken offering at KFC? Or will you stick with your tried-and-true favorites?

Source: Business Insider / Photo Credit: Hollis Johnson for Business Insider

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KFC Pledges To Stop Using Antibiotics In Chicken


By Cooking Panda

Better late than never?

On April 7, Yum Brand Inc.’s U.S. Kentucky Fried Chicken chain, announced that it will finally stop using antibiotics important to human medicine in its supply of chicken, and join its fellow chicken restaurants in attempting to curtail the possible rise of dangerous antibiotic-resistant bacteria known as superbugs.

Honestly, this announcement probably should have come long ago — as in, the second it was made clear that using chicken treated with antibiotics was super unethical and dangerous. However, KFC is now giving its poultry suppliers until the end of 2018 to totally quit using antibiotics.

“We recognize that it’s a growing public health concern,” said KFC U.S. President Kevin Hochman to Reuters on April 6.

“This is something that’s important to many of our customers and it’s something we need to do to show relevance and modernity within our brand.”

Additionally, Lena Brook, a food policy advocate at the NRDC, is extremely excited about the planned switch.

“It’s great news for fried chicken lovers, and most importantly it’s great news for public health,” Brook told Reuters. “Their commitment is one that we’ve been waiting for.”

For now, the policy is only applicable to the U.S. KFC locations and the 4,200 restaurants that are supplied by around 2,000 domestic chicken farms. However, what’s nice is that the new policy applies throughout every chicken’s full life cycle. That means that the bird is even protected from being injected with antibiotics before it’s even hatched and while it is still in the shell.

Yum Brand Inc.’s U.S. Taco Bell chain also already committed to serving exclusively antibiotic-free chicken, and its Pizza Hut division likewise won’t serve chicken raised with antibiotics important to human medicine on its pizza.

What do you think about KFC’s latest decision to join the antibiotic-free chicken pledge?

Source: Reuters / Photo Credit: KFC/Instagram

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KFC Wants You To Make Their Fried Chicken Pizza (Video)


By Cooking Panda

KFC sent Taco Bell a clear message: Fried chicken hybrids are OUR territory.

This alarming threat (just kidding, we made that up — they are actually owned by the same company) came in the form of the Chizza, which, as you likely would never guess, is a pizza that does away with your standard dough and replaces it with FRIED. CHICKEN. For real.

This certainly isn’t the Colonel’s first foray into the world of “the meat IS the bread” plot twists. At most KFC U.S. locations, you can order the glorious Double Down sandwich, which contains bacon, cheese, cheese and secret sauce (yes, that’s two cheeses) sandwiched between two slices of FRIED CHICKEN.

The Chizza sounds a little wild, but there’s really not much difference between it and a chicken Parmesan. Here’s what goes into it, so that you can make it yourself:

You start with a marinated chicken breast fillet, cut it in half “butterfly style,” so that if you are lucky it forms the shape of a heart, because KFC “hearts” you … or maybe KFC is bad for your heart.

Either way, the Chizza crust gets breaded and fried — because, after all, this is KFC, not some wimpy healthy place — and slathered in pizza sauce. Before finishing it with cheese and “KFC Cheese Sauce,” it takes a nightmarish turn and gets topped Hawaiian style, the go-to ham and pineapple combo for people around the world who have bad taste, because clearly the chef who made this just wants to watch the world burn.

If you have bad taste, you can make it this way, while people with functioning taste buds can order it with pepperoni instead — or you can make it yourself and put whatever you want on top.

Admittedly, the Chizza has been around for a while; it debuted in the Philippines in 2015 and has been touring Asia since then, heading next to India and now, finally, to Singapore.

“The idea was to come up with something innovative, while sticking to our core of fried chicken,” KFC India’s general manager Rahul Shinde said of the 2016 Chizza launch in his country, according to Presented By P. “And Chizza offers chicken lovers the taste of our signature Hot and Crispy chicken in the most innovative format ever.”

We are waiting with baited breath to find out when it’s coming to the U.S.

Your move, Colonel Sanders.

Sources: Eater, KFC Singapore/Twitter, Presented By P / Photo Credit: KFC Singapore

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Woman Unable To Eat Anything But KFC For 3 Years, Gets Cured With 1 Hour Of Hypnotherapy


By Cooking Panda

A woman captured the attention of many around the world after it was revealed she had lived off nothing but KFC for three full years.

Georgie Scotney, 21, has suffered from selective eating disorder since she was a child. She says the illness caused her to be unable to eat anything other than KFC.

While it is common for children to be picky eaters, most will outgrow the disorder by the time they are adults. For those diagnosed with selective eating disorder, the unusual relationship with food persists into adulthood. Eating is often accompanied by severe anxiety for those with the disorder.

“Growing up I’d always been really stubborn with what I’d eat, it started off as just southern fried chicken and chips but it then got to the point where it’d only be chicken from KFC — I’d go there every day without fail,” Scotney explained. “I was just never fed up with it, I loved to put loads of salt on it too, which I now see wasn’t such a good idea — I do think that it had a lot to do with me being scared of a lot of foods, especially sauce, that was the worst fear of mine.” 

After a one-hour hypnotherapy session, Scotney says she was cured. She is now able to eat a wider variety of foods, including fruit.

The young woman says her boyfriend, Dean Arnold, 25, encouraged her to seek help.

“My boyfriend was the one who put me forward for the session and I was very skeptical, I warned everyone that I was so headstrong and thought that I’d never be able to change,” she said.

Her boyfriend wasn’t the only reason she wanted to change — the couple is planning to travel the world and believed that her disorder would cause problems in unfamiliar regions.

“When we decided that we’d go traveling I knew that something needed to be done, we’re going for four months and I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat any of the food — I would have starved,” she said. “Never in my life had I eaten any fruit or veg and I’ve even managed to try a roast dinner now. I can’t believe that I missed out on so much.”

Selective Eating Disorder is an eating disorder most commonly recognized by the fact that the people suffering from it refuse to eat very specific foods or food types. What sets it apart from other eating disorders is that it is not the result of any sort of fixation on body shape or weight, but rather is due to disinterest or an avoidance of certain foods. It is known to cause excessive and unhealthy weight loss and malnutrition. 

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KFC’s New Georgia Gold Chicken Looks Delicious


By Cooking Panda

Do you remember KFC’s Nashville Hot Chicken? It came out in 2016 and was a huge hit, mainly because it was extra crispy and featured a new sauce, different from the regular hot sauce with the vinegar kick. The new KFC Georgia Gold could be considered an upgrade from that popular flavor.

Brand Eating reports that KFC will be offering their new take on Georgia’s honey mustard-based barbecue sauce as they release the new Georgia Gold Chicken flavor on Jan. 29, 2017. The name signifies the availability of a new saucing option for many of the chain’s fried chicken products. It can be ordered on chicken tenders, bone-in chicken, wings and even on Chicken Littles sandwiches.

The Georgia Gold was tested in Mobile, Alabama, and in Pittsburgh before coming to market. You may think those are weird locations, but it makes sense if you think about it. Try a northern place and a southern place, to make sure everyone likes it!  According to Business Insider, the sauce was tested on fried chicken and tenders. Clearly, the results, which were measured on Sept. 4, 2016, proved that it was a sauce worth sharing with the rest of us. Exciting!

In describing the new sauce, one KFC spokesperson said that it resembles “grown-up honey mustard — sweet with attitude.” That’s enough to make me want to try it. It’s part of KFC’s extra crispy campaign, and so it’s meant for the crispy chicken options on the menu, as mentioned above.

When you order this version of chicken tenders (or other type of menu item — I’m not picky), you’ll notice that the name is actually quite suiting. The sauce gives the chicken a gold-like appearance, and is served with a couple of pickles (just like the Nashville Hot Chicken) to help cleanse the palate for full enjoyment.

Business Insider has also reported that this new sauce made for some of the best chicken KFC has ever served. Try it if you think a “muted honey sweetness” sounds like a great addition to your crispy chicken favorites. Don’t worry, there’s not supposed to be too much of a mustard taste.

Sources: Brand Eating, Business Insider / Photo Credit: KFC via Business Insider

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Watch This Tiny Woman Eat 4,307 Calories Of KFC At Once (Video)


By Cooking Panda

It’s always surprising to see how much food a tiny person can actually put away, especially in the world of competitive eaters. Japan’s Yuka Kinoshita can personally eat an entire KFC Christmas Pack in one sitting, but don’t take it from me. You can see for yourself in the video below.

Let’s just take a second to understand what goes into the KFC Christmas Pack, shall we? Yuka begins her video by reading off the list of what’s included in her family meal for one: 5 KFC original chicken pieces, 4 chicken tenders, 10 nuggets, 2 orders of barbecue chicken nuggets and 3 medium orders of the Colonel’s coleslaw. To top it all off, Yuka also bought a premium roast chicken. As Yuka states in the video, the Japanese celebrate Christmas by eating KFC, so it’s probably safe to assume that the amount of chicken consumed here is somewhat festive in nature.

According to Metro News, the 31-year-old competitive eater makes a living from eating large quantities of food in front of the camera. As you watch her down all 4,307 of those calories, you’ll notice she enjoys eating all of the food just about as much as we enjoy watching her do it. I have to admit, I’m a bit envious, since I’d love to be able to enjoy that much food at once, and I’d be especially happy if I could remain that small while doing so.

You’ll also notice that the video’s title contains the word “Mukbang.” This mean’s “social eating,” and it’s how competitive eating began in South Korea. Clearly, it caught on and grew big enough for food-lovers like Yuka to make a living off of eating on-screen. Social eating was first meant for audiences who don’t love eating alone, so they could watch a video in which someone is eating with them. That way, no one has to feel lonely while enjoying a good meal. How cute!

Anyway, take a look at the video to watch Yuka chow down, and be sure to have some chicken handy, because you’ll absolutely grow hungry.

Sources: Metro News, Yuka Kinoshita/YouTube / Photo Credit: Yuka Kinoshita/YouTube

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KFC Japan Wants To Stop Finger Licking Goodness


By Cooking Panda

In the event that you are fiercely craving fried chicken but don’t want to ruin your new manicure, head on over to Kentucky Fried Chicken, because they have just solved your conundrum and made your dream a reality.

KFC might tout their chicken as being “finger-lickin’ good,” but their chain in Japan is putting an end to that by offering tiny little gloves that you can put on your finger tips to keep them from getting greasy and oily, according to Rocket News 24.

Seriously. This is 100 percent a real thing.

These little two-finger gloves are known as the “Finger Nup” aka “Finger Napkin.” According to KFC Japan, people were using napkins as a barrier between their hands and the Colonel’s famous crispy meat, but the little paper morsels were not doing a very good job at protecting them from grease. Plus, you end up getting those little napkin bits on your food, and nobody wants that.

And that’s exactly where the Finger Nup comes in.

A photo posted by chie ishikawa (@chiquitachie) on

The Finger Nup burst onto the Japanese scene on Dec. 15. At 222 stores around the Kanto and Kansai regions of Japan, you can find the little grease shields in plastic tubs behind the cashier’s counter, so you might need to ask for them specially if you’re in the area and want to keep your fingers clean while you eat impossibly juicy chicken.

A similar version of the finger protectors has been making the rounds throughout fast food chains in Korea, so we’re hoping it catches on soon. But if you’re desperate to protect your fingers in the U.S. as soon as possible, you can pick these disposable and eco-friendly mini-gloves on Amazon for around $14, including shipping. According to the Amazon seller, these versatile protectors are great for eating all kinds of finger food, eating outside, applying ointment, cleaning and “having a taste,” though we’re not exactly sure what that means.

Sources: Rocket News 24, Amazon / Photo Credit: haru/Instagram

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Anthony Bourdain Can’t Get Over His Saddest Meal


By Cooking Panda

Anthony Bourdain visits Conan O’Brien’s late night show to discuss fast food, and how sad Johnny Rockets can make him.

In the video below, you’ll see how Bourdain reacts at the mention of fast food. Sometimes, he says, when he’s in a “bad decision-making period of the evening,” he’ll get a craving for it. In this particular anecdote, Bourdain tells us he will sometimes want to go out for “the Colonel,” which we all know to be KFC. “It’s not the chicken at the Colonel,” he says he’s hungry for, it’s that mac’n’cheese that we all find irresistible. As he goes on to explain it, it doesn’t sound so tasty and crave-worthy: “it’s that-that orange, bright orange, I’m not even sure it’s cheese — it’s some sort of weird glowing orange color…”

Bourdain says he goes out with a hoodie on to cover his face and hopes he won’t be recognized, but it always happens on his way out (when he thinks he’s escaped!) that someone stops him and asks for a picture together. Poor Bourdain, can’t even enjoy his KFC mac’n’cheese fix in private.

He compares the experience of getting caught buying fast food with the feeling of getting caught exiting an adult store with risque films in tote. I suppose if you’re a famous chef known for bashing on the “King, the Clown and the Colonel,” that’s a pretty appropriate feeling. But, we also know how delicious fast food can be, even for those of us with the best intentions. This just means Bourdain is human!

Then again, he says the one fast food place he’ll never visit again is Johnny Rockets. This is what has been designated as the saddest meal of his life. I feel bad for the business with that description!

Bourdain recollects visiting a Johnny Rockets at an airport once, where he said this saddest meal took place. He ordered and watched a line of crew members grab some cold fries, without even dipping them in the grease, throw a cold patty on a bun and throw a flimsy pickle on there before sliding the tray over and watching for his reaction. “Not a fan,” he finishes. Can’t say I blame him on that one.

Source: Team Coco/YouTube / Photo Credit: Screenshot from Team Coco/YouTube

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KFC Has Officially Hopped On The Pumpkin Bandwagon


By Cooking Panda

It’s autumn, a.k.a. the season of pumpkin spice everything — in America, at least.

Over in Australia, however, it’s actually spring, which brings to mind budding flowers rather than orange gourds.

However, perhaps KFC Australia isn’t quite ready to leave the autumnal vibes behind in favor of more seasonal delights, because according to Brand Eating it has just hopped on the pumpkin bandwagon with its new Pumpkin & Feta Twister.

The new menu item doesn’t use the same kind of pumpkin those of us in the states are using to carve Jack-O-Lanterns, however. Rather, it uses what looks to be kabocha, which is more commonly known as Japanese pumpkin.

The Pumpkin & Feta twister features grilled chicken, crumbled pieces of feta cheese, what appears to be roasted kabocha (the pumpkin in question), lettuce, and smoky chipotle mayo wrapped up in a warm flour tortilla.

“It’s the goods,” promises the description of the item on the KFC website.

Fans in Australia, take note: the Pumpkin & Feta Twister is available for only a limited time, so if you want one last nostalgic taste of autumn, go pick up one today.

Sources: Brand Eating, KFC / Photo Credit: KFC Australia via Brand Eating

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KFC’s 11 Secret Herbs And Spices May Have Just Been Revealed!


By Cooking Panda

Chicago Tribune’s Jay Jones traveled to Corbin, Kentucky, to talk with Colonel Sanders’ nephew, Joe Ledington. The piece Jones was working on was for Chicago Tribune’s travel section, and surely he wasn’t expected to come across this hugely kept secret.

Jones reports that he was able to meet with Ledington in the same restaurant in which Colonel Harland Sanders first began serving his famous fried chicken. The restaurant has been kept to resemble it’s original look from the mid-19th century, with a shop all about KFC added onto it. Jones sat down with Ledington and his wife to discuss family memories.

Little did Jones know that he’d stumble across the famed 11 secret spices that go into making the chicken. It was while Ledington was flipping through an old photo album that Jones noticed the list on the back of Claudia’s (the Colonel’s second wife) will. 

The recipe

Jones stopped him and asked if this was the list of spices; the famously secret list? Ledington replied that it was a familiar list, as he had helped make the chicken during his childhood. He shared with Jones that the main ingredient, to his mind, was the white pepper. “I call that the secret ingredient. Nobody [in the 1950s] knew what white pepper was. Nobody knew how to use it.”

When asked whether or not this was the actual list, KFC’s parent company Yum! Brands, seems to evade the question. They claim that no one has gotten the recipe right, yet.

It seems like a pretty specific list to have on the back of a will, though. Is it coincidence that there happens to be 11 spices on it? I choose to believe it isn’t.

Sources: Chicago Tribune, Metro News / Photo credits: Singapore Local Favourites, Jay Jones/Chicago Tribune

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Is KFC Following McDonald’s Lead With Healthier Food?


By Cooking Panda

Shareholders of Yum! Brands Inc., parent company of Kentucky Fried Chicken, have filed a petition demanding the company stop using antibiotics in its chicken.

As McDonald’s, Subway, Chick-fil-A, and Wendy’s are planning to cease the use of antibiotics in their chicken within the next few years, investor activists are urging Yum! Brands to alter its practices as well. More than 350,000 signatures have been collected for the proposal, urging the corporation to become a public health change agent and force meat suppliers to change their practices.

“KFC is lagging woefully behind,” said Lena Brook, food policy advocate with the Natural Resources Defense Council, according to Reuters. “Diners around the country want KFC to step up.”

Per federal law, Kentucky Fried Chicken does not use antibiotics for growth promotion. Nevertheless, medical professionals state that the use of antibiotics in healthy animals plays a role in the development of drug-resistant “superbug” infections.

Antibiotic use in animals has also been linked to 23,000 deaths in the U.S. and over 2 million serious infections, as reported by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and considers such antibiotic use an enormous threat to global health. These practices also lead to more than $20 billion in health care costs.

“These lifesaving drugs should be used only when animals are sick,” said Steven Roach, food safety program director at the Food Animals Concern Trust.

“We count on our life-saving drugs to work when we need them,” Brook explained, as reported by The Huffington Post. “No one wants their favorite pizza, taco or fried chicken place to undermine the effectiveness of our antibiotics. Companies like Yum! Brands — which owns some of America’s most popular restaurant chains, like KFC — have the power to keep our drugs working by asking their suppliers to end the routine use of antibiotics in animals that are not sick.”

Although Yum! Brands’ Taco Bell and Pizza Hut have vowed to stop using chicken with antibiotics important to human health by 2017, Kentucky Fried Chicken, which utilizes much more chicken, has yet to make a similar commitment, according to Fortune. 

Austin Wilson, environmental health program manager of As You Sow, said, “Yum! Brands’ silence in the face of this looming antibiotic resistance crisis is bad for business.”

Sources: Reuters, Huffington Post, CDCFortune / Photo credit: KFC via Daily Mail

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Taco Bell Is Launching A Shell Made Entirely Of Fried Chicken


By Cooking Panda

Taco Bell is planning to release the Naked Chicken Chalupa, a taco filled with vegetables inside a shell made of fried chicken.

Although it hasn’t officially been approved for a nationwide launch, preliminary tests in California and Missouri have been promising, according to Buzzfeed News.

In 2013, Taco Bell senior director of innovation, Heather Mottershaw, initially came up with the idea of a shell made out of chicken Milianese. However, other senior managers were hesitant.

“They really weren’t into it because it is so different,” said Kat Garcia, Taco Bell’s senior manager of marketing.

“Think of all the crazy firsts that have existed in time and civilization,” said Chief Marketing Officer Marisa Thalberg, who was originally not sure that a chicken shell would be successful. “Dare we say even the creation of the wheel probably seemed a little odd at first until someone said, ‘Ah, that’s really a good thing!'”

According to Garcia, the team needs to ensure that customers take the product seriously, a problem that Kentucky Fried Chicken experienced when they introduced a similar sandwich, the Double Down.

“People look at the Double Down and what do they think? Frankenfood, right?” Chief Marketing Officer Kevin Hochman told Business Insider. “The sad thing is that somebody in the back of the house was hand breading fillets and making the Double Down.”

Made of two chicken fillets filled with cheese and bacon, the Double Down may have hurt the chain’s reputation in the long run.

“You can’t just pivot from Double Downs to ‘We make fried chicken in the back of the house’ overnight,” Hochman said.

However, unlike the Double Down, the Naked Chicken Chalupa is filled with lettuce, tomatoes, and avocado ranch sauce. Oddly enough, this has managed to make the product seem like a “health halo” to some customers.

“We were getting feedback like, ‘It’s so healthy. It’s so fresh,'” Garcia explained. “That really surprised us because it’s fried chicken.”

If the Naked Chicken Chalupa is successful, the chain will probably expand and create more variations and flavors of the product.

Sources: Buzzfeed News, Business Insider / Photo credit: Vanessa Wong/Buzzfeed News

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Robots Are In Charge Of This Shanghai KFC (Photos)


By Cooking Panda

The future is here! In Shanghai, China, a KFC restaurant is completely staffed by robots. 

This innovative establishment is located at Shanghai’s National Exhibition and Convention Center.

Isn’t that cute? And it looks so content with itself. All in a hard day’s work.

Called “Original+” to refer to the Original Recipe chicken combined with “innovative technologies,” this store features an artificial intelligence system called “Dumi.”

Using voice recognition, the robots are able to attend to customers throughout the restaurant. According to The Nan Fang, this system is “learning” from its interactions with customers in order to handle customers making substitutions or changing their minds when they order.

Technological advances are present throughout the restaurant. In addition to the personalized attention given by the robots, customers can also pay for their food using mobile payment services like Alipay, Tenpay, and Baidu Wallet. A wireless charging station, which also functions as a music streaming station, is also available for patrons.

The robots can’t understand English or Shanghainese, the local dialect, and struggle to distinguish between particular dialects and accents. Maybe Suri could help Dumi with that linguistic kink. Or perhaps Rosie the Robot from The Jetsons could lend a hand.

Dumi is the result of 10 years of research and development by Baidu, and will reportedly appear in other real-world environments. Will more restaurants welcome the technology? Or maybe somewhere like the DMV or post office? Only time will tell.

Source: The Nan Fang / Photo credits: Q Daily, My Fancy Life

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KFC Releases Chicken-Flavored Nail Polish (Video)


By Cooking Panda

How many times have you looked at your nail polish and wished it tasted like chicken? (video below)


Us neither.

Fortunately (or unfortunately), KFC Hong Kong is now making edible nail polishes that taste like chicken. The company worked with McCormick spices to develop two special flavors modeled after the restaurant’s fried specialties—Hot & Spicy and Original Recipe.

While the nail polishes are not yet being sold to the public, the company has assured customers that the products are completely edible. Not only that, but they can be applied like regular nail polish and come in two on-trend colors. Unsurprisingly, Hot & Spicy is a fiery orange, perfect for summer, while Original Recipe is an elegant nude.

Check out the shades above, and be sure to watch the video for more information on KFC’s vision for the polishes themselves.

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Source: Metro / Photo credits: KFC via Metro (2)

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KFC Is Going Back To Its Roots


By Cooking Panda

Kentucky Fried Chicken has launched a new initiative in an attempt to win back its customers’ trust.

Jason Marker, president of the U.S. division of the chicken chain, explained the company is trying to get back to their roots, as reported by Business Insider.

“Customers were saying, ‘Your food doesn’t taste the same,'” Marker said in a press event. “We’re not making the food the same way the Colonel had, and we’re not making food in what he described as ‘the hard way.’ Today marks the end of that.”

In recent years, KFC has struggled to keep up with rivals such as Chick-fil-A and with the changing demands of the modern casual dining. Kevin Hochman, KFC’s Chief Marketing Officer, stated that only 40 percent of millennials have ever visited a KFC franchise.

“I think it’s fair to say that we haven’t been living up to the standards or the philosophy of Colonel Sanders himself,” Marker explained.

However, through a process called “Re-Colonelization,” the organization is committing itself to quality and customer satisfaction once again

The company has established a new satisfaction guarantee and employee retraining procedures in order to reach higher standards and hopefully draw new customers to the restaurant. If customers are unhappy with their meal, the restaurant will remake whatever part of the order was not to their liking.

Furthermore, the company has launched a “chicken mastery certification” program to retrain over 20,000 employees throughout a period of more than 100,000 hours. The program included 43 rallies throughout the United States, which were attended by over 97 percent of the restaurant’s general managers. Training events were established at every KFC restaurant in the country.

Through these extensive efforts, the “Re-Colonelization” program may indeed put KFC back on the map.

Sources: Business Insider / Photo Credit: Business Insider

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Footage Of What KFC Employees Were Doing To Chicken Quickly Goes Viral (Video)


By Cooking Panda

Pictures and video of South African KFC employees washing raw chicken on the ground outside the fast food restaurant have surfaced online.

A video (shown below) of the two staff members was taken by a resident at an apartment overlooking the fast food restaurant.

“Like you, we were really shocked to see the pictures posted from KFC Braamfontein, and at first couldn’t believe what we were seeing,” KFC said in a statement. “We immediately closed the store while we investigated and were extremely relieved to find out that this was discarded chicken, never intended to be sold.”

The chicken in the pictures didn’t meet KFC’s standard and was therefore set aside for disposal. The franchise requires employees to discard chicken before breading it to avoid waste, and the employees in the pictures were apparently attempting to hide the breading waste from managers by hosing it down.

“The Braamfontein store had set it aside for disposal. This is a good thing, but the way in which they handled the product to be disposed of definitely did not follow our procedures,” KFC noted.

Despite releasing a statement on Facebook, public outrage was so great following the release of the video that KFC published a full-page advertisement in the Sunday World newspaper apologizing for the incident.

KFC Africa managing director Doug Smart noted that he’d never seen anything like this before, describing the incident as a “watershed” case.

Sources: ENCA, IB Times

Photo Credit: ENCA

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