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These Coffee Pods Are The Wave Of The Future


By Cooking Panda

Coffee pods are the newest way to enjoy a single cup of coffee. They put brewed coffee into our hands much faster and simpler than the more traditional methods, like brewing a whole pot or using a French press. But, what about all of that waste?

According to Wellness Mama, the K-cup’s creator, John Sylvan, actually regrets creating them. He said that they were intended only for office use. Today, an estimated 30 percent of people own Keurigs or other coffee pod devices at home, which means they’re being used on a much larger scale. So what’s the problem? Why would someone regret creating a 5 billion dollar industry?

The problem is the massive amount of plastic waste produced by coffee pods each year. It turns out, the pods are not biodegradable, and are difficult to recycle. Stine Wilhelmsen of Hubbub, an environmental charity, told Metro News that the reason the coffee pods are so hard to recycle is “due to the specific material mix used — mixed plastics (PE and PP) and Aluminum — as well as the contamination caused by the coffee grounds. As most pods comprise of 6g of coffee per 3g of material, it is clear that the rise of coffee pods has serious environmental implications.”

Apparently, enough K-cups were sold last year that if they were placed end-to-end, they’d circle the world over 10 times. Even worse is that more and more people are using these coffee pods, so that number will continue to rise as well.

With all of this bad news, there also come solutions. Many coffee companies are reacting to all of this by developing biodegradable and compostable coffee pods. Whew! Some coffee companies, like Dualit, are already using the newer, more environmentally friendly pods. Others are working diligently to make them available. Cru Kafe is reportedly working on 100 percent compostable pods; Lavazza says it’s researching the idea currently.

Coffee brand Halo is one of those already offering the new pod. Co-founder Nils Leonard says, “The challenge to anyone with an environmentally positive idea is just to start… And for all of us, to start making a difference in any way we can, with our everyday actions, big or small.”

It’s so great to know that coffee companies are reacting to this very important issue!

Sources: Metro News, Wellness Mama / Photo Credit: Keurig/Instagram

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Soon You’ll Be Able To Brew Booze In Your Keurig


By Cooking Panda


If this is the kind of good news 2017 is bringing in January, we think we’re off to a pretty good year.

Anheuser-Busch InBev and Keurig have decided to collaborate on a creation that is going to freaking blow your mind.

Prepare yourselves for the new Keurig-like device that brews booze in the comfort of your own kitchen.

We’re not joking. The companies announced on Jan. 6 that they plan to launch a new appliance that has the ability to brew “beer, spirits, cocktails and mixers” at home. While there isn’t even a prototype of the appliance out yet, the mere idea already has us so amped and excited for what is to come.

“We’re thrilled to be moving forward with this joint venture and look forward to working closely with the Keurig Green Mountain team to explore the possibilities of what we can achieve together,” Nathaniel Davis, CEO of the new venture, shared in a press release on the Anheuser-Busch website. “We can’t wait to get started.”

For Keurig’s part, CEO Bob Gamgort says that they are “excited to partner with AB InBev to develop a new system for the adult beverage category,” which comes as no surprise, considering that according to CNN, Keurig’s latest product launch of the Kold was supremely unsuccessful, and production was halted after a scant 10 months of being available. Keurig even had to issue refunds to unsatisfied customers for the $370 machine.

Are you excited for the new in-home alcohol appliance?

Sources: Anheuser-Busch InBev, CNN / Photo Credit: Studioleramos/Instagram

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This Device Will Brew Your K-Cups For You On The Go


By Cooking Panda

If you are somebody who is truly on the go — as in, so on the go that not only do you not have enough time to stop in at a coffee shop in the morning, but you don’t even have time to wake up five minutes early and wait for your K-Cup to brew — then worry no more: there is a new device on the market that seeks to help you get your much-needed caffeine dosage on the go.

The AnyCafe is a travel mug that actually brews coffee using single-serve pods for you wherever you are.

Real Simple reports that all you have to do is pop open the lid, and insert the coffee pod you want. Then, just add some water, close the lid, press the button, and tada! Fresh, hot coffee made anywhere.

“This is a first-of-its-kind travel accessory that gives those who are coffee-obsessed or constantly on the go a delicious, warm cup of coffee in just a few minutes,” Logan Carlson, CEO of AnyCafe, said in a statement as reported by Real Simple. “We made sure our design is easy to use and filled with top-notch technology that makes using AnyCafe easier to use than a Keurig.”

Eventually, the company even wants the device to be able to use coffee grounds and loose tea leaves, thus ensuring that your carbon footprint remains as friendly as possible while you’re brewing your drink on the go.

“The AnyCafe Travel Brewer” is the vehicle for bringing coffee brewing to the mobile age. Never again will you have to go searching for that warm second cup,” the company’s Kickstarter page reads.

For now, the AnyCafe can hold 9.5 ounces of liquid, and is battery-powered. You can recharge the battery both in the car and at home. The mug is BPA-free, and you can pre-order one for $49.00 on the company’s Kickstarter page.

AnyCafe has a goal of raising $75,000 by Tuesday, Dec. 13, for it to become the reality all of us coffee-addicted workaholics dream of.

Sources: Real Simple, Any Cafe, Any Cafe/KickStarter / Photo Credit: Any Cafe, Any Cafe/KickStarter

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This Super-Sleek Coffee Machine Could Be The Next Keurig


By Cooking Panda

For some of us, there’s no such thing as reality, or manners, or the ability to function — not until before some sort of caffeinated beverage has been consumed in the morning. 

While I personally prioritize actually consuming my coffee over the coffee’s actual aesthetic — those rainbow lattes mean nothing to me before my first sip — those more sophisticated than I am yearn for a modern, sleek looking machine to pour out their morning brew.

Enter: the Cyclone Belt coffee machine. Inspired by elements of Dyson products, the machine is the brainchild of Korean industrial designer Jaehyo Lee and PDF HAUS, and is meant to capture the hub-less style of Dyson’s Fan and Hairdryer. 

“All you do is place the cup in the negative space, run the controls, and out pours the coffee, tasty as ever,” reads the product description at Yanko Design.

“The design resembles the bladeless fan in aesthetic, except for the little extrusion on top, which is where you store your coffee beans,” the description continues. “Even the controls limit themselves to three simple buttons, which goes to show how smart and effective the machine is at doing its job.

The overview concludes saying, “The Cyclone Belt uses Dyson’s proprietary cyclone system for precise control over moisture and temperature. It also looks absolutely badass, making your Keurig look like a puny little toy!”

The gadget is currently sketched in four potential colors: blue, orange, violet and silver. As of July 7, it is merely a concept (meaning it has not yet been manufactured for purchase).

Would you buy a Cyclone Belt coffee machine if it was put into production?

Source: Yanko Design / Photo credit: Yanko Design

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Enjoy Fresh Tortillas In 90 Seconds With The ‘Keurig Of Tortillas’ (Video)


By Cooking Panda

Flatev, an “artisan tortilla maker” that has been referred to as the “Keurig of tortillas,” aims to make fresh corn or flour tortillas in under 90 seconds (video below).

“Because they’re fresh when you eat them, not when you buy them, they’re even better than what you can buy at a bakery,” according to the Flatev ad below.

Carlos Ruiz, the co-founder and CEO of the company, developed the Flatev because he struggled to make homemade tortillas when he lived in the U.S. and missed authentic ones entirely when he moved to Europe, as noted by Verge.

“You know that age-old problem, when you want to make fajitas at home but just don’t want to settle for store-bought tortillas?” Wired inquired. “We’ve all been there. Thankfully, a new company has the solution.”

The machine uses pods of dough in a variety of flavors to prepare the tortillas one at a time, and unlike the Keurig, the pods are reportedly recyclable. The dough is also all-natural and gluten-free, so all of your friends and family could enjoy your fancy new appliance without the need to worry about dietary restrictions. The pods will be 79 cents each, so I’d personally just Google a gluten-free recipe myself, but to each his own.

The company initiated a Kickstarter campaign and has managed to pass its initial goal of $50,000 within a matter of days. As the retail price of a Flatev artisan tortilla maker will be $437, those who pledge the Super Early Bird or Cinco De Mayo specials were able to get one for $199. The most dedicated VIP backers will receive 10 tortilla makers and 480 pods of dough for $2,799.

Sources: Eater, Verge, Kickstarter / Photo credit: Flatev via Tech Insider

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