Kale Meets Brussels Sprouts in Kalettes


By Cooking Panda

Do you wish you had a vegetable to enjoy at Christmas time that wasn’t brussels sprouts?

If so, you’re in luck. According to Express, Staples Vegetables near Boston, Lincolnshire, U.K., has come up with something new to replace the little cabbages. The new vegetable will be called “Kalettes,” and is a mix between kale and brussels sprouts. The kale is supposed to give the vegetable a more palatable taste, with a milder and nuttier flavor.

“We think this will be a really popular choice for Christmas dinners this year. With Kalettes having a milder [flavor] we are hoping it will be a hit for Christmas dinners,” said Nigel Clare, the commercial director of Staples Vegetables. “The Kalettes are milder tasting than sprouts and so we think it is more friendly for the general public and kids alike. From a children’s point of view we have this process at Christmas where they will have three sprouts which they push around the plate. “

The Kalettes were made by crossbreeding brussels sprouts and kale. You might have already heard of them, or even tasted them before, under the name “flower sprout.” The flower sprout has already grown popular among U.K., European, Australian and North American populations.

You can usually find them in seven-ounce packs in stores such as Lidl, Morrisons, Aldi and M&S.

To cook the Kalettes, you can either steam them or stir fry them, much like you’d prepare brussels sprouts. Clare says Staples Vegetables has been “very excited” to get these grown and harvested for the public.

“We have been growing and developing this crop in collaboration with independent British seed house Tozer Seeds for three years and have been immensely encouraged by consumer uplift of the product under its previous name Flower Sprout. Changing the name to Kalettes is more characteristic of the product and will help consumers identify the product in-store, which I am sure will help sales. We have also developed new packaging that will give a clear point of difference in-store to explain to the consumer the key attributes of the product.”

So, visit the grocery stores mentioned and look for “Kalettes” so you can try them for yourself this year.

Source Express / Photo Credit: How to Cook Good Food 

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