Watch Snoop Dogg Find Out How Candy Canes Are Made (Video)


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Snoop Dogg found out how candy canes are made, and he did not like it (video below).

On a hilarious “Jimmy Kimmel Live” segment called “Howz It Mizzade,” the Doggfather watches footage from a mysterious factory while trying to figure out what type of spooky food he is looking at.

“It’s something that’s not edible,” Snoop guesses on the parody of the Science Channel’s “How It’s Made” show. “I don’t like it. Nobody’s going to buy these.”

In his defense, it does look pretty gnarly at the beginning, where we see factory workers dump a hot, golden pulsating waxy clump from a vat onto a workstation. Snoop’s description of the liquid mixture as “hot bumble bee pee” is pretty accurate, we have to say.

“Ugh,” he says. “It looks like the Blob. Remember that movie, ‘The Blob?'”

At one point, Snoop speculates that they are making something he has smoked before. Cannabis wax?

“It looks like throw-up,” he adds, as the footage shows workers and machines continuing to stretch and knead the mixture, which is gradually becoming lighter in color.

What he is actually looking at is a mixture of sugar and corn syrup, plus a bit of flavoring and color. If you’ve ever made hard candy, caramel or toffee, you might recognize the horrifying hot blob of melted sugar. But, as far as we can tell, he has never made candy before, not even with best buddy Martha Stewart.

In the video, workers roll the heavy, solidifying mixture into a thick log, and, in what we can only imagine is a desperate bid to have the plasticky item not be something that he has eaten before, the rapper guesses that they are making a Frisbee.

But then the workers stick long bits of a red taffy-looking thing onto the white hunk and put it through a machine that stretches and rolls it into a long, thin cord before cutting it every few inches.

“Oh!” Snoop exclaims, with simultaneous jubilance and horror, realizing that it is the festive holiday peppermint-flavored candy.

“I’m never eating a candy cane again, cuz,” he says. “That was bullsh** right there. F*ck that. That was a candy cane?”

Sources: ​Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube, Spangler Candy / Photo Credit; ​Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

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Kids Lose It After Jimmy Kimmel’s Halloween Candy Prank (Video)


By Cooking Panda

The day after Halloween can be polarizing — some people mourn the end of their favorite holiday, while others celebrate discount candy and the onset of Thanksgiving, Christmas and all the other holidays associated with a Winter Wonderland.

But every year after Halloween, there is one sentence that makes kids completely lose their minds — that one beautiful phrase that brings us all together at this time of year (video below).

It goes something like this. “Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I told my kids I ate all their Halloween candy.”

You know the one.

The savage prank has been going on for six years in a row, and every year it cracks us up like no other. You get the temper tantrums, the “I hate you’s” and even a couple of kids lunging at their parents and taking a few good swings. Some collapse to the ground, too shocked to speak, while a few others point out that they “worked so hard to get” the candy that they were looking forward to enjoying. And, of course, you get the occasional swear word.

“I’m not mad,” one adorably polite girl says. “I’m not happy, but I still love you.”

One kid calls his parent an “idiot” and another says they want to send Jimmy Kimmel to jail. Fair enough.

“It’s Jimmy Kimmel…it’s Jimmy Kimmel,” says one wise little boy who has apparently seen it all, when his mom says she ate all his candy. “You’re hiding my candy. I’ve seen this before. I’ve watched YouTube.”

And to make things extra special this year, the ever-sadistic Kimmel decided to give his audience a new taste of excitement by showing that he can be cruel too and tried to play the prank on his 2-year-old daughter, Jane.

“She woke up this morning in a snippy mood, and she is also at the age where she says ‘no’ to everything,” he tells the audience in the video. “So I decided it was the perfect time to tell her I ate all her Halloween candy.”

Jane wasn’t too phased and just wanted pancakes.

Sources: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube (2) / Photo Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

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Gordon Ramsay Rates Gross Halloween Candy (Video)


By Cooking Panda

Just when you thought Gordon Ramsay had already voiced his opinion on every single food-related concept in the world, he comes out of the woodworks to provide us with yet another culinary take down.

This time, Ramsay paid a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he presented the host with his picks for the absolutely worst types of Halloween candy available out there (video below).

Sure, Ramsay may be British, but that doesn’t stop him from critiquing America’s sugar-filled holiday and, to be honest, he has a pretty solid point when it comes to some of our staple trick-or-treats!

Nobody likes the mean old man down the street who hands out raisins, or toothbrushes instead of candy when you ring his bell; but is the woman dolling out those nasty, suspiciously orange circus peanuts really that much better? Ramsay certainly doesn’t think so.

And the attacks don’t stop there; the Kitchen Nightmares star goes after Smarties, candy corn (which he thinks is more “earwax formed in the shape of a rotten tooth” than an edible, sugary delight), and more.

Do you agree with all of Gordon Ramsay’s opinions? Check out the video and see for yourselves below:

Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube / Photo credit: Gordon Ramsay/Instagram

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Jimmy Kimmel Tastes Durian For The First Time (Video)


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Late-night TV show host Jimmy Kimmel tasted durian for the first time with actress Jessica Chastain, and his reaction is definitely worth watching (video below).

Durian is widely considered the king of fruits in Southeast Asia, largely due to its strong, prickly shell that can be hard to hack through. Once you get it open by slicing along the outside and pulling it apart, you’ll find approximately 10 seeds the size of dates, surrounded by the only edible part of the fruit: a thick, custardy “meat.”

But some people are put off by its unique smell. In fact, the odor is so strong that Thailand has banned it in public places like the subway as well as some airlines and hotels, Chastain explained. The fruit is also banned on Singapore subways, according to The Guardian.

Despite the smell, the taste can be addictive. Chastain fell in love with the pungent, spikey fruit while doing press tours in Asia for her new movie, “The Huntsman: Winter’s War.”

During a recent interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Chastain brought Kimmel a whole durian, complete with two knives and two pairs of gloves — so the strong smell would not get on their fingers.

How does it taste? In the video, Chastain describes it as onions, garlic, pineapple and avocado, all mixed together into a custard — the “bleu cheese of fruit.”

“It kind of smells like a garbage can,” she says in the video.

After splitting the spiky fruit open, Kimmel is quickly overwhelmed by the smell it emits but eventually takes a big bite with some prompting from Chastain.

“It’s on the line between horrible and delicious,” he said, adding that he feels “like throwing up a little bit.”

Kimmel then has his assistant, Guillermo, take the two halves of the fruit and “throw them in the sea or something,” admitting that he doesn’t really like it.

For the record, we think durian tastes great, but it’s not something we could eat every day. If you’ve never tried it, you’re in a for a unique treat — just make sure not to eat it right before a date, as the smell does linger in your throat and on your hands for a while.

Sources: Jimmy Kimmel/YouTube, The Guardian / Photo credit: Jimmy Kimmel/YouTube

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