This Person’s Airplane Meal Is Totally NSFW!


By Cooking Panda

One amused, if unlucky, airplane passenger on a Qantas flight from Sydney to Brisbane, Australia, was surprised to find that her flight meal consisted of a mystery side dish that looked quite phallic. Australia reports that the anonymous passenger took a picture of this meal and posted it to Facebook, receiving more than 50 comments and 100 likes. “I asked the server what it was … and he told me that it was a root vegetable,” she said.

“I asked him to pass me my phone so I could take a photo … I never take photos of food but this was too funny to pass up. He blushed and was very apologetic, I don’t think he had ever seen anything quite like it … the lady next to me was cracking up.”

I don’t blame one lady for taking a picture, or the other for cracking up, and I certainly don’t blame the waiter for feeling embarrassed. I would have been blushing too! Aside from the untouched “root vegetable,” the passenger claimed that the rest of the food was “delicious.”

When questioned about the dish, Qantas explained that it was “Steamed Vegetarian Dumplings with Chili Black Vinegar and Soy Dressing,” and that the questionable vegetable on the side was actually a Japanese eggplant, which is a very common food. It must have been the way it was cooked, because this looks a little off. The meal sounds pretty good, anyway.

According to Telegraph UK, the business class menu, off which this passenger had ordered, has been created in conjunction with Neil Perry, a chef from restaurant group Rockpool.

“Rockpool Consulting [endeavors] to deliver above and beyond in-flight, bringing restaurant quality to the skies with one eye always cast on consistency, seasonality and quality of food.” Based on the taste, restaurant-quality is probably correct, seeing as how the dumpling part of the meal was thoroughly enjoyed. The eggplant probably tasted pretty good, too, if you can get past the look of it.

Fortunately, Qantas shared the good humor of the finding, saying, “we may look at renaming it Dumpling Surprise.”

Sources: Australia, Telegraph UK / Photo Credit: Anonymous Facebook User via Australia

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