Girl Dips Pizza In Milk, Horrifies The Internet


By Cooking Panda

People enjoy their pizza in all different kinds of ways.

Some people like to drizzle a little bit of hot sauce on their pie. Others enjoy a stuffed crust. Chicagoans like theirs deep dish style; New Yorkers fold up their thin crust, large slices and bite into them like a sandwich.

We’ve seen people dip theirs in ranch before; we’ve heard the arguments erupt between those who prefer to top theirs with pineapple and those who would rather die than eat a pizza that way.

But this — this is truly a divisive pizza tactic.

When a Twitter user posted a photo of themselves dipping a slice of pizza into a glass of milk, they paired it with the caption:

“Pizza + milk is WAYYY better than pineapple pizza. This [sh–] bomb af.”

How wrong they were.

Immediately, Twitter erupted with responses to the absolutely horrifying pizza practice, chastising the user for their totally insane method of dipping pizza into a place where pizza just simply does not belong.

Why ruin a good thing? Why?

“You just wasted a perfectly good slice of pizza how dare you,” one Twitter user lamented.

“Pizza is cancelled for the rest of the year since y’all don’t know how to behave,” another user said.

“PIZZA IN MILK IS POISON,” added one passionate and distraught Twitter user.

However, that did not deter the original poster from defending their love for pizza and milk, because they later posted a new Tweet with the caption:

“I only got 3 slices left. Anyone wanna try some?”

No. No, we do not.

Source: Hyrulecitizen/Twitter / Photo Credit: Fabio Conversano/Instagram

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