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BBQ Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs


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Ladies And Gentleman, Say Hello To Your New Favorite Lunch: The Hamdog


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Forget the debate about whether or not a hotdog is also a sandwich; that’s old hat in comparison to the new form the hot dog has now taken on.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you were torn? Torn between indulging in a burger or a hot dog for lunch?

Well, worry not, indecisive diners, because a man in Perth, Australia, named Mark Murray has created a solution for you: the Hamdog.

Per Metro, the Hamdog is a super intense looking hamburger-hotdog hybrid, and is now the world’s only patented burger which is currently being rolled out across Australia at large.

Apparently, Murray actually dreamt up the chimera in 2004, but only began offering his unique brainchild to the world two months ago; his venture has been a great success.

Each Hamdog costs $6, and consists of a frankfurter placed between two halves of a beef patty — yes, you read that correctly — and then topped with cheese, pickles, lettuce, tomato, American mustard, ketchup, and mayonnaise. Then, all of those ingredients are tucked snugly inside a meticulously designed Hamdog bun (think normal burger bun, only with the addition of hot dog bun ends attached).

All of the Hamdog ingredients are locally sourced from Western Australia, excluding the American-sourced pickles.

#HamDog Haaaaaaaaaaamdaaaaaaaaaaawg!!!

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“We’ve had requests of all sorts for gluten free, vegan and vegetarian Hamdogs,” Mark told News.com.au. “Once the product is out there and that process is sorted, we’ll start experimenting.”

At the moment, the most intricate detail that goes into the Hamdog is the bun: Each one apparently has to be assembled by hand, which is no doubt an extremely time-consuming process — especially if demand increases. Murray is currently looking to find a way to semi-automate the process.

Interested in helping him out? The Hamdog is patented both in America and Australia, so you can’t bring the idea over stateside. However, if you want to get involved in the business, you are welcome to purchase a franchise for approximately $7,500, and try to help production get moving along.

Bon appetit!

Sources: Metro, News.com.au / Photo credit: Three Foodie Sisters Australia/Instagram

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Cheesy Stuffed Pretzel Dogs


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Prepare Your Body For National Hot Dog Day


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Saturday, July 23, is a very important holiday — it is National Hot Dog Day!

Well…ok, technically, the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (THIS IS A REAL THING) decreed that the frankfurter celebration is on July 14, but nobody listened — instead, food places are celebrating it on July 23, because that’s when it was last year, and, well they do what they want.

At any rate, we are super thrilled to get some sweet deals tomorrow.

Here’s where you can score big (Saturday, July 23 only), according to CNBC:

1. Burger King

Grab a Classic Grilled Dog or a Chili Cheese Grilled Dog for just $1.

2. 7-11

$1 will get you a Quarter Pound Big Bite. $10 will get you enough to pretend you are having a party, even if you secretly eat them all by yourself.

3. Dog Haus

Hot Dog Sliders and Corn Dog Sliders will be $1 each.

4. Wayback Burgers

Get two Classic Dogs for $5.

5. Nathan’s Famous (Fort Myers)

Buy a hot dog at regular price, get a second for five cents – only at the Fort Myers location, as far as we know.

6. Hwy 55 Burgers, Shakes & Fries

The chain’s famous fire-engine red hot dogs will be $1 each.

7. Beer Park (Las Vegas)

Buy a Budweiser Signature Draught, get a free hot dog.

A little history:

As far as we can tell, the world’s first hot dog came from Frankfurt, Germany (as in, “frankfurter”) in 1487 — five years before Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue, according to the noble people at the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council. However, the hot dog’s origin is hotly contested by Austria, who says that they invented it first in Vienna, hence the name “wiener.”

Hot dogs first popped up in North America around the 1860s. They were originally called dachshund sausages and sold by German immigrants, although the hot dog likely evolved from a mixture of common European sausages that butchers brought over around that time. In case you were wondering.

Now that you know everything there is to know about hot dogs, it’s important that you eat them properly. Here’s how to make some awesome bacon Doritos hot dogs that the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council would absolutely not approve of — and, to be honest, that’s all the more reason to eat them:

Sources: CNBC, National Hot Dog and Sausage Council / Photo credit: Cinefamily/Tumblr

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Matt Damon Describes His Ideal Taco On Reddit, And It’s Amazing


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Finally, some important news!

Thanks to a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) session on July 19, we are now privy to a slew of new, fascinating information about Matt Damon, spanning from his bromance with Ben Affleck to his favorite type of taco.

After Damon answered a variety of non-taco related queries, one Reddit user finally got down to business, asking the 45-year-old actor: “What are the ingredients of your ideal taco?”

And Damon delivered:

The ingredients of my ideal taco, oh my god. Fantastic question. My ideal taco is actually the taco I’m not supposed to have which is the taco we have on taco night at my house. It’s the crunchy corn shell with the good meat, just ground beef in there. It’s all about the layering. The meats gotta be hot, and the cheese goes on first so that it melts. And then you’re gonna get in there with a little bit of tomato and lettuce but not too much cause it’s not a salad, it’s a taco, and then you’re gonna throw some avocado on top and some sour cream and then a bunch of cholula. I don’t know if you know what cholula hot sauce is but it’s the best. Throw a bunch of cholula on there, maybe squeeze some lime on top, and go to town.

Upon reading his response, fans flocked to the AMA to shower Damon with support on his answer.

“Now that’s how you answer a question about tacos,” one Redditor wrote.

“Holy taco,” responded another. “Matt Damon’s AMA is the best in awhile….a huge paragraph just on he likes his f******* tacos. I love this guy.”

“Your comment on tacos not being salads has likely impacted me more than anything else in the past decade,” lauded another user, a sentiment I am inclined to agree with.

As an added bonus, Damon also decided to give his two cents over the hotly contested debate: Are hot dogs really hot dogs, or are they secretly just sandwiches?

“I’ve never considered a hot dog a sandwich because a hot dog is a hot dog,” he wrote. “I mean technically it comes between 2 pieces of bread or one fold it into two, so I guess you can classify it as a sandwich. Then what would you call it, a hot dog sandwich? That’s like a hat on a hat so let’s just keep it as a hot dog.”

Touche, Matt Damon.

Source: Reddit / Photo credit: Just Jared

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IKEA Japan Is Now Serving A Black, Ninja Hot Dog


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Gird your stomachs.

IKEA Japan just introduced a new food in celebration of its 10th anniversary, and the bizarre menu item is even more repulsive than you might expect. Called the “Ninja Dog,” the dish is not only pitch black, but also shockingly massive, clocking-in at almost 12 inches in length.

According to Rocket New 24, the unexpected food was named for its shape as well its color. The Ninja Dog was designed to resemble a ninja scroll and is colored with edible bamboo charcoal—a substance that is rumored to kill bodily toxins.

While the concept of dying food black might seem a little bizarre, it’s actually a common (and popular) selling tactic in Japan. Everywhere from small local restaurants to massive fast food chains such as Burger King have been known to offer midnight-hued food stuffs in the island nation, explaining IKEA’s decision to color their newest offering.

If you find yourself in Japan in the near future, you can pick up a Ninja Dog at any Japanese IKEA for about $2.92. The hot dogs will be available for the rest of the calendar year, and are offered a la carte or as part of a meal.

Personally, we’ll stick to gazing in horror at Instagram images of the Ninja Dog. Despite the supposed health benefits of bamboo charcoal, we’re not sure our stomachs (or taste buds) could handle a foot of pitch black pig parts!

Ninja Dog!!!! #ikea #blackhotdog #ninja #food #fun #yummy #foodporn #love #japan

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Ninja Dogs?? #hotdog #ninja #ninjadog #ikea #japan

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Ninja hotdogs at IKEA Omgeeee

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Sources: Rocket News 24, Business Insider, Foodbeast / Photo credit: IKEA 

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NSYNC’s Joey Fatone Is Opening Up A Hot Dog Stand And The Name Will Make You Laugh


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If 90s boy bands and shopping malls spark a certain feeling of nostalgia in your heart, you are not alone.

For everyone who spent the 90s shopping at Hot Topic, dining in mall food courts, and listening to *NSYNC, we have amazing news—former *NSYNC band member Joey Fatone is opening a hot dog stand in Orlando’s Florida Mall, and it’s just as corny as you might imagine.

While Fatone has spent the last decade pursing a veritable smorgasbord of entertainment ventures and media stunts, his latest attempt to postpone his inevitable decline into obscurity might be our favorite yet. According to Vice, after years of bouncing between everything from Food Network shows to Dancing with the Stars, Fatone may have finally found his place in the world of mall food.

Even better? Fatone clearly has a sense of humor and is not afraid of a little self-deprecation in the name of laughs.

The former boy band star announced recently that he would be opening a hot dog stand named “Fat One’s,” after Fatone’s infamous nickname. Fatone will even sell a product named the “Boybander,” which consists of five mini hot dogs to represent the five members of *NSYNC!

In an interview with Orlando Business Journal, Fatone stated, “After years of working on television food shows, I’m excited to open this new venture, which is a combination of who I am, where I’m from and where I’ve been. Launching Fat One’s at The Florida Mall, where I roamed as a middle school kid, felt like a perfect fit for our first location.”

Personally, we couldn’t agree more. Stay tuned to learn whether or not Fat One’s is a success—and if a branch of the humorous hot dog stand will be coming to a mall near you!

Sources: Vice, Tasting Table / Photo credit: Lance Bass/Twitter

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