Everything Is Terrible: There Is A Whipped Cream Shortage


By Cooking Panda

It’s holiday baking season, so canned whipped cream was already in high demand, even before the tragic explosion at a Florida nitrous oxide plant, which put a stopper on production.

The Chicago Tribune reports that canned whipped cream varieties, such as Reddi-Wip are now in short supply. The Reddi-Wip manufacturer, ConAgra Brands, verified that the shortage is due to not having enough nitrous oxide to get cans to spray like we love for them to do.

If you want to make sure to get your hands on a can of whipped cream before it sells out, Reddi-Wip urges you to hurry and grab it while it’s early. Otherwise you’ll be out of luck because of the holiday season. Try not to be too fearful, however. According to Eater, ConAgra is working to find a solution to this nitrous oxide problem. There’s got to be something else they can use, right?

In case you aren’t familiar, nitrous oxide is better known as laughing gas, and what’s currently left of it is being saved for medical purposes, such as dental procedures. Call me crazy, but I’d rather have it when I’m getting root canals than have it fueling the whipped cream dispenser into my hot cocoa. You can just buy the kind that comes in a tub, right? Or make your own! That could taste better anyway.

A popular New England grocery store, called Market Basket, has announced that there will be a minimal supply of canned whipped cream due to the nitrous oxide shortage, and that it will last for more than a week while we look to Europe to find more of that oh-so-fun gas. If the shortage truly only lasts a week or two, I think we’ll survive it. Sure, it’s a terrible ordeal for those of us who were really looking forward to spraying it on all of our holiday desserts, but at least it’s not forever!

Just take a deep breath and deal with the tub for now. We’ll all need the comfort of our hot chocolate and holiday pies regardless of the Reddi-Wip shortage.

Sources: Chicago Tribune, Eater / Photo Credit: Reddi-Wip/Instagram

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Krispy Kreme’s Holiday Donuts Are Adorable


By Cooking Panda

Krispy Kreme has come out with three new holiday donut options that look delicious, and two of them are cute to boot!

According to Brand Eating, the three new donuts will be available until Christmas, and here’s what they are: Melted Snowman, Santa Belly and Holiday Sprinkles.

My personal fave, the Melted Snowman (just because it’s adorable), is a Kreme-filled variety dipped in white icing and, as you can probably guess by the name, looks like a melting snowman. A rather unhappy one at that. The Santa Belly donut is filled with a hot cocoa Kreme (so, just chocolate?) and decorated with chocolate icing and a candy belt buckle. The perfectly round donut shape is a perfect portrayal of the belly of Old St. Nick. How cute!

The Holiday Sprinkles donut is a regular donut (as in, there’s a hole in the middle instead of filling) and is decorated with chocolate icing and red, green and white sprinkles. This is the crowd-pleaser you want for your holiday office lunch parties, or to add some happiness to your morning routine.

Speaking of breakfast, you might also want to start your day off with a nice hot (or cold, if that’s the way you roll) Toffee Mocha, also only available for a limited time. It’s a toffee-flavored latte topped with whipped cream. Try it with one of those donuts for the sugar-rushed morning you sometimes need, especially on Mondays.

Speaking of Krispy Kreme and limited-time offers, you can also special order a Football Donut for your football celebrations … or losses. Whichever gives you a reasonable excuse to indulge. As you can guess, it’s shaped like a football with chocolate icing for the brown part (pigskin? You can tell I’m not a football fan) and white icing for the stitching. This donut is available all the way until Feb. 7, 2017, so you’ve got a little more time to order it.

The last limited-time donut I’m going to drool over is the Salted Caramel Latte Donut. It’s filled with espresso Kreme and topped with salted caramel, a salted sugar blend and espresso icing. Go now and find it at your local Krispy Kreme!

Sources: Brand Eating, Krispy Kreme (2) / Photo Credit: Brand Eating

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Check Out These Holiday Foods At Starbucks


By Cooking Panda

Starbucks is featuring a whole menu of festive holiday food this year, so even if you’re working from the coffee shop, you can still indulge in heavenly holiday treats.

Here’s a list of what you can expect to see:

All the Trimmings Breakfast Sandwich

This sandwich is made with maple-glazed ham, an apple sausage patty, apple-sage stuffing and maple glaze on a buttered bun. If you’re in Seattle, Florida or California you should look for it in your neighborhood Starbucks locations. The rest of us are out of luck!

Carved Ham, Egg and Swiss Breakfast Sandwich

Again we start with maple-glazed ham (because it’s so good!), but this time we’ll have Swiss cheese and egg on a croissant for breakfast. This would actually be great any time of year.

Holiday Turkey and Stuffing Panini

Just what it sounds like! Turkey and stuffing (cranberry herb stuffing, that is) and turkey gravy on focaccia. Perfect for when you couldn’t get any of the leftovers from the holiday party.

Cranberry Bliss Bar

If you’re feeling more of a sweet craving, try the Cranberry Bliss Bar. It’s a blondie bar with cream cheese icing, dried cranberries and a drizzle of orange zest. It should definitely pair well with a nice coffee this season.

Frosted Snowman Cookie

Relevant as long as the weather is chilly, this is a shortbread cookie decorated with white chocolate icing to look like a snowman. What more do we need to know?

Gingerbread Loaf

Nothing says winter like gingerbread snacks. This spice cake is made with candied ginger and topped with vanilla icing. I think I’d pair it with a nice hot chai to warm up!

Peppermint Brownie and Snowman Cake Pops

If you’re a cake pop fan you’ll love these new holiday flavors. The peppermint brownie version is made of chocolate peppermint cake mixed with buttercream and candy cane pieces, all coated in white chocolate. The snowman version is made of vanilla cake and coated with chocolate icing and a happy snowman face!

Don’t forget to pair these treats with your favorite seasonal Starbucks drinks!

Sources: Brand Eating / Photo Credit: Brand Eating

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Good News: Your Thanksgiving Turkey Can Fly With You


By Cooking Panda

If you’re traveling for Thanksgiving, you might like to know that your turkeys and turduckens are safe for transport. That is, the TSA wants to allow you to fully enjoy your holiday by making it possible for you to travel with these things.

The TSA isn’t quite known for being friendly and fun, so take advantage of this offer if you can. According to Tasting Table, the TSA has offered guidelines, including the foods that can and cannot be taken on planes this holiday season. For example, gravy can’t be transported, but a live turkey totally can be!

There are even guidelines for traveling Pilgrims, as far as buckles and blunderbusses are concerned. Don’t let your large buckles set off the metal detectors. The TSA blog reports that the holiday season is the busiest travel time of the year — no surprise there — and that 2.27 million passengers travel between Nov. 18 to 23, and Nov. 26 to 28. You can work on expediting the travel process with TSA Pre-Check, where the average wait time is only five minutes in line. Travelers won’t even have to remove shoes, electronics or jackets if they use this process. Try bringing your turkey along and using TSA Pre-Check!

The best part about these new guidelines is that you can actually bring the live turkey if you want to. You’ll have to check into those guidelines more specifically, and I’m sure there’s no guarantee that the turkey will still be alive when you reach your destination, but you can only ask for so much, right?

Enjoy your holiday season knowing your dinner can come with you, and leftovers can come back. No need to waste food or cook last minute! If you have questions about certain food items, or your Pilgrim buckles, you can get live team assistance by tweeting @AskTSA, or by reaching out via Facebook Messenger. Get all of your questions answered and have no trouble going through airport security? Sounds like a holiday dream come true. There’s no excuse this year to forget the turducken now!

Sources: Tasting Table, TSA Blog / Photo Credit: Artie Fishel/Instagram

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This New Coca-Cola Bottle Will Bring You Cheer (Video)


By Cooking Panda

Coca-Cola is starting the party early this year with its creative new holiday bottle (video below).

The new bottle allows your Coke to look like a cute little gift, all wrapped and ready to enjoy!

The Huffington Post reports that Coca-Cola Japan is getting festive and staying jovial after an extremely divisive and — dare I say it? — exhausting election season in the U.S. The fun holiday bottle is here to remind us that the holidays are just around the corner, and we should be celebrating.

The new label works by peeling off one end, and then pulling a tab through the end that remains attached to the bottle; the rest of the label scrunches up like a quirky holiday bow! Take the pulled-out tab and wrap it around the rest of the bottle, sticking it just under the bow to keep things classy.

Currently, this fun new bottle is only available in Japan and the U.K., but I’m hoping it will make its way here to the States soon, so I can enjoy the little things as well.

Take a look at the video below to see how it works. Somehow, it’s satisfying just watching others get to do it.

Coca-Cola is known for displaying holiday cheer each season, and as we can all see, this year is no exception.

Aside from these adorable new bottles, Coke will also be bringing back the truck tour experience, according to a company press release. The truck will make 44 stops in the U.K., offering visitors a “special winter wonderland” to explore before enjoying a bottle of their favorite soda. One lucky rider will even win a sack full of goodies worth over $6,200.

Coke will also be joining forces with a U.K. charity to reduce food waste and hunger country-wide.

And let’s not forget that a new ad will be coming out! Coke is known for coming up with great holiday ads.

“Coca-Cola is synonymous with the Christmas season, and it’s no secret that our much-loved Holiday [ads] and Christmas Truck Tour mark the unofficial countdown to Christmas,” says the company’s marketing director.

Sources: The Huffington Post, Coca-Cola UK, Coca-Cola Japan/YouTube / Photo Credit: Coca-Cola Japan/YouTube

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Butterball’s Turkey Hotline Gets An Upgrade


By Cooking Panda

As holiday season approaches, Butterball Turkey has to start bracing itself and planning early for a barrage of turkey-cooking questions that will inevitably come their way.

This year, however, they are a step ahead. For the first year ever, Butterball will be available for all of your turkey-cooking questions via text. Surprised that they get a lot of calls? According to Business Insider, Butterball’s talk line co-directors Sue Smith and Nicole Johnson say that the call volume is actually increasing each year, even with the ability most of us have to Google all of our questions.

Smith and Johnson say that many calls revolve around the turkey preparation. Some callers forgot to thaw the turkey, or some callers might not know how to roast it (isn’t that on the packaging?). There’s even one lady who has consistently called over the years for a one-to-one pep talk before cooking the turkey. Now that, I can understand.

About 50 experts answer hot line phones each season, and they take over 100,000 calls every year.

With the addition of texting availability, Butterball hopes to curb some of this call volume in an effort to be more easily reachable. It’s their way of responding to consumer demand. Let’s face it, the time of calling and talking on the phone is coming to an end, and texting is the future. Butterball is just keeping with the times!

Tasting Table reports that the call lines this year will be open from Nov. 17-24, and the number to text is 1-800-BUTTERBALL. Likewise, if you’re feeling old school, you can call that number instead.

If you’re cooking the bird this year, this should be some fabulous news for you. Butterball is staying current with these new changes, and the new option to text our questions will most likely be much appreciated, and will probably become very popular.

Let’s cook our turkeys the new, young and hip way and have the direction texted right to our phones! We can even start practicing on Nov. 17!

Sources: Tasting Table, Business Insider / Photo credit: Missy's Product Reviews

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Here’s The Absolute Fastest Way To Pack A Bag (Video)


By Cooking Panda

Planning a quick trip? Weekend getaway? Packing for the holidays?

Your vacation planning will get a lot simpler when you try this easy packing hack. The video below will show you how to pack a carry-on suitcase for a week.


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