Good News: Your Thanksgiving Turkey Can Fly With You


By Cooking Panda

If you’re traveling for Thanksgiving, you might like to know that your turkeys and turduckens are safe for transport. That is, the TSA wants to allow you to fully enjoy your holiday by making it possible for you to travel with these things.

The TSA isn’t quite known for being friendly and fun, so take advantage of this offer if you can. According to Tasting Table, the TSA has offered guidelines, including the foods that can and cannot be taken on planes this holiday season. For example, gravy can’t be transported, but a live turkey totally can be!

There are even guidelines for traveling Pilgrims, as far as buckles and blunderbusses are concerned. Don’t let your large buckles set off the metal detectors. The TSA blog reports that the holiday season is the busiest travel time of the year — no surprise there — and that 2.27 million passengers travel between Nov. 18 to 23, and Nov. 26 to 28. You can work on expediting the travel process with TSA Pre-Check, where the average wait time is only five minutes in line. Travelers won’t even have to remove shoes, electronics or jackets if they use this process. Try bringing your turkey along and using TSA Pre-Check!

The best part about these new guidelines is that you can actually bring the live turkey if you want to. You’ll have to check into those guidelines more specifically, and I’m sure there’s no guarantee that the turkey will still be alive when you reach your destination, but you can only ask for so much, right?

Enjoy your holiday season knowing your dinner can come with you, and leftovers can come back. No need to waste food or cook last minute! If you have questions about certain food items, or your Pilgrim buckles, you can get live team assistance by tweeting @AskTSA, or by reaching out via Facebook Messenger. Get all of your questions answered and have no trouble going through airport security? Sounds like a holiday dream come true. There’s no excuse this year to forget the turducken now!

Sources: Tasting Table, TSA Blog / Photo Credit: Artie Fishel/Instagram

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