Looking For Popeyes Biscuits? They’re Overturned On The Highway


By Cooking Panda

If you have ever eaten at Popeyes, chances are that you love their biscuits.

The perfectly golden cylinders are buttery, flakey, and almost overwhelmingly delicious. We like them plain, with a drizzle of honey, or accompanied by a side of spicy fried chicken or flavorful red beans and rice (not the other way around!).

Unfortunately, however, the world now contains 40,000 fewer pounds of biscuit perfection. According to WLOX, a truck carrying 20 tons of Popeyes biscuits overturned Wednesday morning in Pearl River County, Mississippi, causing a massive incident that required the highway to be restricted to one lane.

While all of the biscuits initially remained within the truck’s trailer, Assistant Police Chief Jeremy Magri commented that they would need to be removed in order to right the damaged 18-wheeler. Authorities estimated that the process could take up to eight hours, restricting traffic in the meantime.

At the time of the accident, the biscuit-filled truck was being driven by Gilbert and Tina Witte, aged 49 and 45, respectively. Both Gilbert and Tina were taken to a local hospital, but are believed to be uninjured.

There have been no reports to suggest that the incident could lead to a Popeyes Biscuit shortage, but as true lovers of all things buttery, we can’t help but be a little concerned. We’ll be crossing our fingers over the next few days that the truck’s drivers and cargo remain uninjured, and that the nation’s all-important biscuit supply chain is not delayed or interrupted! 

Source: WLOX / Photo credits: WLOX, Foodspotting

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Watch: Brave Australian Drives Down Highway With Burning Pizza Oven (Video)


By Cooking Panda

Australia always has been, and always will be, a land of mystery. The world may never fully understand why the inhabitants of that strange continent actually enjoy Vegemite, choose to live in a place with so many poisonous snakes, or have a sum total of THREE national Frisbee teams. Unfortunately, however, thanks to a recent event on an Australian highway, that list of mysteries is only growing.

A couple of days ago, Australian Kerri Lacey spotted what might be the biggest Australian anomaly of all time—a car driving down the freeway with an ignited wood-burning pizza oven in tow. Being a normal human being, Lacey filmed the incident, and the video is already going viral.

More than anything, the clip leaves viewers with the fundamental question, “What were they thinking?” Who in their right mind would attach a burning pizza oven to the back of their car and then drive down the highway with the oven still burning? The world may never know.

Luckily, regardless of the reasoning behind the incident, what we are left with is one hilarious video and the comical narration to match. Watch the clip below to experience the oddity for yourself, and be sure to note Lacey’s hilarious comment, “One wonders if this is very safe. A fire… in a pizza oven… on the freeway… with a car. Just a question,” as you do.

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Sources: ViceLandLopers / Photo credit: Dash Cam Owners Australia/Facebook

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