We Need Krispy Kreme’s Coffee Hazelnut Spread Now! (Photo)


By Cooking Panda

If you’re a fan of Nutella, coffee and Krispy Kreme, this is basically your dream come true. It would be hard to find someone who doesn’t love at least two of those three things, so I’d say most people will be pretty pumped to know about the new Krispy Kreme coffee and hazelnut spread.

Metro reports that that Krispy Kreme has launched a Caramel Macchiato spread. It’s similar to Nutella, but has so much more to offer.

According to Tasting Table, the new spread is caffeinated. It’s made with real, premium Arabica coffee beans and hazelnuts. Basically, you can use it to spread your coffee onto your morning toast rather than drinking it from a mug. Personally, I’ll take my coffee hazelnut spread on toast along with a nice hot cup of coffee. Who doesn’t need a little extra jolt in the mornings? Especially on Mondays …

Unfortunately, if we want to believe that Instagram post by Junk Banter, the spread won’t be available until it hits Walmart shelves later this year. How late is later? I need to try it now!

If you’re like me and dying to try a caffeinated sweet spread with your breakfast (or any time, for that matter), Tasting Table has a pretty decent answer. It’s a homemade coffee butter recipe that is sure to hold you over. Who knows, maybe you can combine it with a jar of Nutella and make do?

Just use some finely ground coffee, 2 cups of heavy cream, 2 tablespoons of powdered sugar, a half teaspoon of kosher salt, cheesecloth and flaked salt if you want to get fancy and have a garnish.

Take the heavy cream and mix it with ground coffee and steep that overnight in the refrigerator. Strain your coffee mixture the next morning, pushing out as much milk fat is possible, and discard the ground coffee. Take your newly strained liquid and put it into a food processor with the sugar and kosher salt and spin it into a butter! The liquid will separate and you can transfer the mixture to cheesecloth and squeeze out the excess liquid. That’s that! Use your new butter (garnished if you’d like) right away or put it in the fridge for later.

The recipe makes a half cup of the yummy spread, so double up if you want to make extra for later. This should be enough to keep you satisfied until the new Krispy Kreme stuff hits the shelf. Get creative and add hazelnuts or Nutella and see what you can do in the meantime!

Sources: Metro, Tasting Table (2) / Photo Credit: A. Kniesel/Wikimedia Commons

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Nutella Wants To Be More Than Just Dessert


By Cooking Panda

Wait, was Nutella supposed to be reserved for dessert? I guess I was doing it wrong, eating it every chance I could get. Then again, I may have been ahead of the curve…

Bloomberg reports that Nutella is fighting for a bigger spot at the breakfast table, competing with jam, butter, honey and maple syrup. In order to be more of a contender, owner Ferrero says the serving size should be cut down from two tablespoons to one to make the nutrition label resemble those of the other ingredients mentioned more closely.

The Food and Drug Administration is looking into this, as more people are using the delicious hazelnut spread on toast in the mornings with their breakfast. Ferrero petitioned for this change in 2014.

If it is approved by the FDA, you might want to keep an eye on nutrition labels. It could feel a bit misleading to think that a serving size of Nutella is equal to jam on your toast.

Let’s not try to deny the higher fat content, either. But honestly, who can deny themselves Nutella in the end? It’s irresistible, regardless of the nutritional content. I mostly prefer to pretend that label isn’t even there.

It is something to be taken a little more seriously, though, as much as I wish it was okay to eat a whole jar at once. In fact, when Good Housekeeping’s Nutrition Director, Jackie London, was asked her opinion, it’s wasn’t sunshine and daisies (back to reality).

“This would be a tremendous step back, because by changing the market positioning of Nutella from a dessert to a breakfast, we’re essentially giving the OK to consume added sugar at a meal that’s intended to provide sustained energy and meet nutritional needs of consumers,” she says.

Although this statement rains on my parade, I know it’s true. Which is why I don’t own any Nutella…anymore.  It’s just too good for me to enjoy responsibly. If this new nutrition label does make it onto Nutella jars, don’t be fooled into thinking it’s suddenly healthier. Just try to love it in moderation!

Sources: Bloomberg, Good Housekeeping / Photo credit: Nutella/Instagram

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