Dairy Queen Debuts A ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Blizzard (Photo)


By Cooking Panda

Dairy Queen is helping to promote the new “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” movie in the sweetest, most delicious way possible.

Foodbeast reports that Dairy Queen’s new Blizzard, which is called the Guardians Awesome Mix, features Brookies (a great name for a mashup of brownies and cookies, if I do say so myself) combined with vanilla ice cream, caramel and chocolate chunks.

The Guardians Awesome Mix Blizzard isn’t the only Guardians-themed item DQ is sharing with fans. There’s also a snack-type meal called “Guardian Snacks,” which includes a Mini Blizzard, three hot pretzel sticks and a side of queso. But there’s more …

Starting April 26 at noon central time, Dairy Queen will begin giving out its 1,000 cassette tapes to those fans lucky enough to get to them fast enough. It’s called the “Mission Mixtape,” and it contains unofficial bonus tracks related to the movie. It’s also said to contain a special code for prizes, such as signed movie posters and Dairy Queen gift cards. I just hope you have an old cassette player lying around so that you can actually listen to it!

In a press release, Barry Westrum, executive vice president of marketing for Dairy Queen, says,” The Marvel collaboration allows us to bring our Fan Food philosophy to life in our new summer blockbuster Guardians Awesome Mix Blizzard treat. In the movie, the Guardians are stronger as a team. Likewise, we teamed up with Marvel to create a Fan favorite summer Blizzard treat flavor, mixing brownie and cookie pieces to create ‘Brookie’ pieces and combining them with caramel, choco chunks and DQ vanilla soft-serve.”

In return for this fun, attention-grabbing promo, Marvel is giving Dairy Queen some film time in the movie. There is reported to have been filming at both a retro version of DQ, and a newer version of DQ. Once April 26 rolls around, make sure and keep an eye out for #MissionMixtape to see what all the fuss is about. That is, if you don’t get your hands on a tape of your own.

Check out the movie when it hits theaters on May 5, and keep an eye out for Dairy Queen spottings!

Sources: Foodbeast, Dairy Queen / Photo Credit: BagoGames/Flickr, Dairy Queen

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Would You Try These ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Doritos?


By Cooking Panda

Is anybody else getting some serious purple-and-green ketchup bottle flashbacks here?

If you’re a fan of the franchise (or possibly just Chris Pratt), you are probably well aware that the new movie “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” is making its debut in theaters on May 5.

In celebration of that fact, the ever-popular snack brand Doritos decided to release its classic cheesy triangle chips in a brand new hue and flavor — emerald green, to be exact, as a limited edition Supernova flavor.

These things are green, ya’ll.

Loving green Doritos ?? #green #doritos #gaurdiansofthegalaxy #vol2

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Like, really green.

According to Food Beast, the Supernova Edition of Doritos are flavored like zesty lime with a subtle kick of black pepper as well, but no word yet on whether or not they stain your tongue green, like those hot pink Peep Oreos did to so many people.

If you’re in Australia, you can pick up a bag of these chips in the snack food aisles of participating grocery retailers in Australia.

The rest of you will just have to scour the internet to try and nab yourself a bag if you are a true rare-chip collector, or else just a massive fan of the movie franchise.

How will you be celebrating the release of “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”?

Are you going to try and get your hands on these limited edition chips and give them a taste? Or are you content to munch on your tried-and-true, preferred movie theater choice as usual, and save all the excitement for the screen and after-movie discussion with your friends?

Source: Food Beast / Photo Credit: Asha Anderson/Instagram

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