Couple Receives Super Gross UberEATS Delivery (Photos)


By Cooking Panda

It’s always a bummer when you order delivery food, and your driver shows up a little late with lukewarm stuff that is totally not fresh anymore. Or maybe you get the wrong order, or your food never even arrives.

Compared to a couple who said they got two moldy, partially eaten sandwiches from UberEATS, your most upsetting takeout experience could have been a whole lot worse.

Anna Kotlikova and Blake Weinzettl ordered two pizzas and a couple cans of soda on June 4, according to CBC. Sounds pretty normal, right?

Well, after waiting about a half hour longer than the delivery estimate, the driver finally arrived at their door with what Kotlikova described as “a huge brown bag” filled with ancient-looking sandwiches, one of which was partially eaten, two round discs that could have been anything and a salad that looked like it has also been sitting out for a while.

“I don’t know where [the driver] got this mysterious big brown bag with an order number, which wasn’t even our order number, or the order number from the restaurant,” she told CBC. ” … I don’t know where this guy was driving to, because he definitely did go somewhere. And where is this old food coming from? And why is he doing this?”

She said that seals were broken and the utensils were opened.

“The smell overwhelmed the whole room,” she added.

Weinzettl told Global News that he “was appalled.”

“I instantly wanted to vomit, as soon as I looked at it,” he added.

Another mystery: The UberEATS app shows where the driver is once they pick up an order. Kotlikova said that after they got an alert that the driver picked up the food, the app showed him being 15 minutes away from both the restaurant and their home in Etobicoke, a suburb of Toronto, Canada, according to CBC.

The pizza joint’s general manager said that two other people complained that the same thing happened to them that night.

Uber refunded their money, gave them a $25 voucher and promised to deal with the situation, but to them it’s not enough.

“We wanted Uber to have a sense of urgency,” Kotlikova said.

Sources: CBC, Global News / Photo Credit: Bradley Gordon/Flickr, Anna Kotlikova/Facebook via CBC

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Why Are People Eating Jack In The Box’s Gross Tacos?


By Cooking Panda

Most fast food chains have certain items that they are known for — and in general, they want those items to be regarded as tasty so that they can cultivate a loyal fanbase.

For instance, if you want tacos or crunch-wraps, Taco Bell is probably a stop on your list. Looking for a burger? Perhaps you’ll count on the King. And nobody does french fries like the golden arches, although that is a heated debate.

It appears that Jack in the Box is also known for its tacos; unfortunately, however, it is known for its tacos being terrible, rather than delicious.

Per Grub Street, a writer named Russell Adams spoke to some adamant Jack-in-the-Box-taco fans, and asked them why in the world 554 million of this commonly reviled menu item are sold every single year.

If you were wondering, that equals approximately 1,055 gross Jack in the Box tacos purchased per minute.

“Jack in the Box now sells more tacos than any other item on its menu thanks to a legion of fans who swear by the greasy vessels even as they sometimes struggle to understand their appeal,” Grub Street reports Adams as writing.

“The first time Heather Johnson tasted a Jack in the Box taco, she was at a drive-through in Cincinnati … 

“She took two bites, threw the rest on the passenger seat and kept driving. ‘It was stale, greasy, spicy, crunchy, saucy and just plain strange … Who puts a slice of American cheese in a taco?'”

You might think that that would conclude Johnson’s foray into Jack in the Box tacos. Astonishingly, however, you would be mistaken. Not only did Johnson pick the taco back up off of her seat and finish the dang thing, she even decided to return and eat the other one later! Adams writes her saying:

“I was like, ‘I must have more. This is vile and amazing.’”

We guess the revolting combination must have some sort of magical secret ingredient that prompts people to continue buying them, even though nobody seems to enjoy them very much!

Sources: Grub Street / Photo Credit: Jack in the Box/Instagram

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Wine And Cheese Shots Sound Great But Look Gross (Video, Photos)


By Cooking Panda

Wine and cheese shots — sounds great, right? THINK AGAIN.

Consider: Wine is good, right? And so is cheese? You enjoy consuming them together, so what’s the hold up?

We’ll tell you. Take a look:

These cheese shot glasses take wine and cheese to a WHOLE new level. ???? #eatthetrend with @brandimilloy

A video posted by POPSUGAR Food (@popsugarfood) on

Yes, you are seeing this correctly. These are actual edible shot glasses made out of cheese, with red wine poured inside, as per a recipe posted by PopSugar.

“These cheese shot glasses take wine and cheese to a WHOLE new level,” PopSugar captioned their Instagram post.

A whole new level indeed.

No one ever said that cheese soaked in wine is a bad idea, but have you ever tried reversing it and soaking wine in cheese? We sure haven’t, and honestly we don’t want to.

And who actually drinks shots of wine?

Here’s what you are looking at: a block of probably cheap bright orange cheddar cheese that has been shredded, melted down into goo and poured into shot glass molds before getting topped off with (hopefully also cheap) red wine.

In other words, whatever type of cheese you probably enjoy with your wine — Stilton, Manchego or Brie, for example — is definitely absent here. And by the way, can you imagine what a shot glass made out of blue cheese would do to your wine? IT WOULD MAKE IT SMELL AND TASTE LIKE FEET. That’s desirable in blue cheese. Not so much in literally anything else.

“This is the most [uncivilized] and disgusting thing I’ve ever seen in relation to a food concept,” wrote one Facebook user in comment section, joining many more who were nauseated by the idea.” … You are an insult to our modern [civilization] for firstly recording this then secondly for thinking it deserved to be shared. I’m appalled.”

A few people were intrigued and willing to try it, but most questioned what the wine and cheese had done to deserve such punishment. Others demanded to know when sipping wine and eating cheese became a difficult task requiring a cheese-cup shortcut.

“[You’ve] taken the most simple task of sipping wine and eating cheese, and turned it into a greasy, cumbersome chore,” another user commented. “Way to go, morons.”

If this looks super gross to you (you’re not alone), why not just keep it less gross and stick to sweet, edible shot glasses made out of real food like these?

Sources: PopSugar/FacebookBuzzFeed / Photo Credit: PopSugar Food via Metro

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