Lady Gaga’s Cake Isn’t Good Enough For Gordon Ramsay (Photo)


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Gordon Ramsay, the brutally honest critic of culinary dishes, took to Twitter to lay his brand of savagery, which is to say, he laid it on thick. The victim? Pop star Lady Gaga (and possibly Gordon Ramsay himself …)

In August 2016, Lady Gaga posted this photo on her Instagram (below) commemorating celebrity sisters Samantha and Charlotte Ronson with a “leaning tower of funfetti,” which Gaga called “Cake 911”; she tried to save the collapsing cake with her icing skills (she did not bake it herself). The birthday cake, lavishly decorated with pink and white frosting and sprinkles, looked structurally unsound, but passably festive.

Happy Birthday to my Ronson girls!!!! ????????@samantharonson @cjronson #HappyBirthday

A post shared by xoxo, Gaga (@ladygaga) on

Flash forward to Oct. 12 of this year, where a Twitter user tweeted Gaga’s salvaged creation from the past year to Ramsay. “I made a cake for my sister’s birthday, what do you think?” the tweet said. Ramsay’s savage response shook Gaga fans, “How to make your sister cry on her birthday! Bake her a mess!!!!!” Ramsay quickly ate his words.

The “Hell’s Kitchen” host is an active Twitter user and regular giver of brutal critiques, however not known for insulting celebrity-related dishes, according to Foodbeast. The internet quickly found out the Twitter user set Ramsay up to target Gaga, and many Twitter users were just as quick to convey this to Ramsay.

“Chef, Ramsay, Lady Gaga baked that cake,” one user tweeted at Ramsay with the original photo of Gaga and the Ronson sisters. Others trickled in with barely contained reaction memes. Another fan wrote, “Now we know why she sings and doesn’t own a bake shop.”

According to Refinery29, the Twitter user who set Ramsay up is the admin on Lady Gaga’s official fan app, Little Monsters, and said he was surprised the tweet was received by Ramsay, adding in a second tweet later, “that makes it so much funnier.”

Neither Gaga nor Ramsay have addressed the brutal critique directed at her cake-making skills, which we hope means both parties came to an unseen agreement that they’ve been players in an elaborate prank (and perhaps a proper birthday cake recipe was passed during this side exchange).

Sources: Foodbeast, Refinery29 / Featured Image: gordonramsaysubmissions/Flickr

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Here’s How To Get Gordon Ramsay To Eat Pineapple Pizza (Video)


By Cooking Panda

Gordon Ramsay hates pineapple pizza with the fire of a thousand suns. Let’s make him eat it.

The renowned chef and shade thrower might be on the right side of history with his firm stance against the abomination that is pineapple on pizza (fight me), but everyone has their breaking point. Ramsay is no different and may soon be eating the nightmare pie for charity, like the softie that he is underneath his top-notch insults.

“I’ve got a proposal for YOU: if we can hit 500 donations in the next 48 hours, I will eat this f**king god-awful PINEAPPLE pizza on Facebook Live,” the “F Word” host vowed on his Instagram page.

You have until July 7 at 11:59 p.m. EST to make him eat the fruity pizza.

If this is still for some reason unclear to you, the famously catty chef HATES pineapple pizzas. HATES THEM.

He proves it yet again in this clip, although ye be warned that there’s some strong language, as with most videos of Ramsay:

Though the celebrity chef might never overcook a single thing, the burns he issues are legendary, especially when it comes to the controversial topping.

Ramsay said in a Twitter update early in the afternoon of July 6 that he is nearly halfway to the 500 donations.

“Try [and] make me eat a pineapple pizza, I dare YOU,” he wrote. “All for a good cause.”

The money really is going to do some good work — Great Ormond Street Hospital, one of the leading children’s hospitals in the world, will receive the dough, notes Omaze, the fundraising site.

“The money they raise helps the hospital provide world-class care for young children and their families, pioneer new treatments, have the most cutting edge equipment and support the refurbishment of the hospital,” the site explains. “It also helps to provide accommodation for parents and families of children being treated.”

What are you waiting for? Let’s make this guy eat pineapple pizza!

Sources: Omaze, Grub Street / Photo Credit: gordonramsaysubmissions/Flickr

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Gordon Ramsay To Turn Food Waste Into Amazing Meals


By Cooking Panda

Yas, Gordon, you cranky ol’ chef, you!

In a totally amazing and inspirational move, Gordon Ramsay, along with fellow Michelin-starred British chefs Tom Kerridge and Clare Smyth, has decided to cook with Dan Barber, a New York Michelin-starred chef, at a pop-up restaurant that aims to use food that was destined for the trash to make amazing, delicious meals and even high tea.

The pop-up is going to be called wastED London, according to Bloomberg, and is expected to run from Feb. 24 to April 2, 2017. The menu will feature quirky but delightful dishes from $18 and up that are designed specifically to remind diners that food waste is a huge issue, and one that we have the power to counteract, with a little practice and dedication.

Barber is well known in upstate New York for his restaurant called Blue Hill at Stone Barns; people wait months to eat at his restaurant, which was named best restaurant in America 2016, according to Bloomberg. Therefore, expectations are high for this new London venture, which will be held on a rooftop site at a department store called Selfridges.

“It’s all very exciting,” Bloomberg reports Barber as saying in an interview. “To put together a menu in a different city is to be forced to learn about its history and its agricultural realities. And the food scene in London is very vibrant.

“I am in favor of expanding the definition of what is waste food. We get to choose what’s for dinner when really we need a pattern of eating that supports a landscape.”

wastED London is expected to serve an a la carte menu, and the offerings could range from your standard fare to things that are a little less customary — think bruised vegetables, or even live ants, fish heads, stale bread, or other items that don’t sound immediately appetizing but can transform into something delightful with a little attention and love.

Interested in trying your luck to book a seat at the restaurant? Tickets are expected to be hard to get, but you can try and secure a reservation online here.

Sources: Bloomberg, wastED London / Photo Credit: Daniel Krieger for Bloomberg

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Gordon Ramsay Is Offering Master Cooking Classes


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While it is always entertaining to see celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay deliver one of his notorious tirades on screen, we can’t help but want to learn from him anyway. Sure, he’s sort of terrifying, but he’s also incredibly talented and has proven himself time and again to actually be a big sweetheart underneath all that bravado.

Now, Chef Ramsay is actually giving us all a chance to learn all of his best techniques — and we don’t even need to get screamed at on television to be taught by him! For $90, you can take an online class that has more than 15 lessons covering everything you need to know to become a Master Chef just like Ramsay.

“This is Gordon Ramsay like you’ve never experienced,” reads the description on the Masterclass website. “Chef Ramsay invites you into his home kitchen to learn the techniques that have earned him 6 Michelin stars. Gordon will teach you everything from buying the freshest ingredients to constructing unforgettable dishes. Learn the expert-level skills that will take your cooking to the next level. Your kitchen apprenticeship starts now.”

As though that isn’t enough incentive, Ramsay actually promises in the video that his pupils will “…see a side to me across this class that I don’t think has ever been shown before.”

What does that mean? What side of Ramsay has been kept under wraps? We’re so anxious to find out!

“$90 is an incredible steal for these masterclasses. It’s amazing that you guys have been able to bring on such high-caliber professionals. Keep up the good work, I’m definitely asking for one of these for Christmas!!!” one enthusiastic YouTuber commented.

Another, however, thought the subdued but still sassy Ramsay was a little off-putting.

“Not enough swearing 9/10,” the YouTuber commented.

What do you think? Are YOU excited to try Ramsay’s cooking classes?

Check out the trailer for the classes (below):

Sources: Masterclass/YouTube, Masterclass / Photo Credit: Gordon Ramsay/Facebook

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Gordon Ramsay Rates Gross Halloween Candy (Video)


By Cooking Panda

Just when you thought Gordon Ramsay had already voiced his opinion on every single food-related concept in the world, he comes out of the woodworks to provide us with yet another culinary take down.

This time, Ramsay paid a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he presented the host with his picks for the absolutely worst types of Halloween candy available out there (video below).

Sure, Ramsay may be British, but that doesn’t stop him from critiquing America’s sugar-filled holiday and, to be honest, he has a pretty solid point when it comes to some of our staple trick-or-treats!

Nobody likes the mean old man down the street who hands out raisins, or toothbrushes instead of candy when you ring his bell; but is the woman dolling out those nasty, suspiciously orange circus peanuts really that much better? Ramsay certainly doesn’t think so.

And the attacks don’t stop there; the Kitchen Nightmares star goes after Smarties, candy corn (which he thinks is more “earwax formed in the shape of a rotten tooth” than an edible, sugary delight), and more.

Do you agree with all of Gordon Ramsay’s opinions? Check out the video and see for yourselves below:

Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube / Photo credit: Gordon Ramsay/Instagram

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Watch Gordon Ramsay Teach You How To Make Perfect Scrambled Eggs (Video)


By Cooking Panda

Just like with rice, it seems there are an endless amount of different techniques out there of how to cook scrambled eggs (video below).

So if you’re going to defer to anybody, why not Chef Gordon Ramsay, whose Youtube tutorial has garnered up almost 16 million views since being uploaded in March 2011?

“I think there’s about 15 million people online who have [watched] that scrambled eggs video. And it transforms the way you eat eggs. Incredible,” Chef Ramsay shares with Popsugar.

“It’s a kind of rich, sumptuous way to eat scrambled eggs even for dinner, even with all the steps. It’s just delicious on sourdough bread. My video, with 15 million downloads on YouTube, I burn the f*cking toast. I’m not so far down my backside. I make mistakes. I just start again. It’s funny. I’m so into my scrambled eggs, focusing away. Fire alarm is going off and I burn my toast.”

Check out the celebrated chef’s unconventional — but undeniably masterful — method below:

Sources: Popsugar, The Daily/Youtube / Photo Sources: Pickyin

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