These Glow-In-The-Dark Doughnuts Will Brighten Your Day (Photos)


By Cooking Panda

The day is long gone when people were impressed by a simple, however delicious, glazed doughnut. You’ve seen rainbow doughnuts and galaxy doughnuts, after all.

But just when you thought that was as wild as the confection could get, an Australian shop has dared to make a doughnut do what no doughnut has done before: glow in the dark.

Black Star Pastry in Sydney presents the Glownut, a plain doughnut topped with yuzu (a citrus fruit) icing. It’s packed with vitamin B, which gives the pastries their glow-in-the-dark effect, according to Daily Mail Australia.

That’s it, you ask? No artificial dyes or unsafe additives? Though the bright-green confection appears out of this world, the shop assures customers that natural vitamin B is the only trick.

In the light of day, the Glownut looks like a tasty but run-of-the-mill citrus doughnut.

When the black light comes on, the magic happens.

Black Star Pastry owner Christopher The was inspired to create the glowing treat as he walked around Sydney’s Vivid music and lights festival, staring at the skyline’s pink, green and yellow lights. 

“I was thinking hard about a way to tie in food with lights,” he told Daily Mail Australia. “And glow-in-the-dark popped in my head.”

“Just the thought of people eating glow-in-the-dark food at the world-famous Vivid festival of light was an amazing challenge we just couldn’t resist.”

It took him a year to master the Glownut’s natural effect — and to make sure it didn’t taste like a glow stick. Christopher said the final product is light — like a brioche bun with half the butter — and not greasy, topped with a tart, citrusy icing. 

He chose to create a doughnut, rather than a different dessert, so people could easily hold their glow-in-the-dark treats.

“We thought it would be fun to see people with glow-in-the-dark icing all over their hands and faces,” he said. “Then we came up with the name ‘Glownut,’ which really sealed the deal.”

Festival goers will be able to rave not only with their $7 Glownuts, but with Black Star’s glowing doughnut holes and black sesame yuzu cake. Black Star even partnered with a gelato shop, which created a glow-in-the-dark hot chocolate to pair with the neon foods. 

The response to the Glownuts has been so positive, Christopher said, that his boutique dessert shop has had to speed up production for Vivid.

This isn’t the first time Black Star has made headlines for eye-catching desserts; the shop became famous for its strawberry watermelon cake, which has been called the most photographed cake in Australia.

Source: Daily Mail Australia / Photo credit: Pixabay

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Here’s How To Make Spooky Glow-In-The-Dark Pie (Video)


By Cooking Panda

It’s never too early to spook-ify your life up in preparation for Halloween.

If there’s one dessert that seems to hold up during every season, it might just be pie.

You can make an autumn-themed and cozy pie by filling it with pumpkin flavors; during the holiday season, there’s nothing more winter-appropriate than a cozy mince pie enjoyed with family. When spring comes, strawberry rhubarb seems appropriate; and during summer we’re all about some summer peach pie enjoyed after a barbecue!

But you know what’s been lacking in pie? A Halloweeny quality — an ability to glow in the dark, to be specific. Until now.

Pie maker and creative filmmaker extraordinaire, Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin, runs a blog called Pies Are Awesome, and she has come up with an amazing method that allows you to make a delicious pie, and then get it to glow in the dark.

Essentially, you just need tonic water, which has luminescent properties, and boil it with some agar-agar. The result? A super amazing gel that you can pipe into your pie crust to make it glow, baby, glow!

Interested? Check out the video on YouTube (below):

Sources: Pies Are Awesome, Pies Are Awesome/YouTube / Photo Credit: Pies Are Awesome/YouTube

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