What Do You Think Of These New Sweet Cheetos Flavors?


By Cooking Panda

I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes I think old-fashioned, classic food items could use a makeover, or at least a bit of a twist from time to time.

After all, where would we be if nobody had thought to take the humble potato and turn it into a french fry? If nobody had discovered that peanut butter could (and should) be slathered on bread and then paired with jelly? If nobody had thought to take a Cheeto and make it hot?

However, sometimes companies go a little too far, and I think this might be one of those cases; but I’ll let you decide.

Cheetos is back at it with a brand spanking new flavor that I’m sure it hopes fans will go crazy for. Maybe it’s because I just had dessert so my sweet tooth is satiated (for now), but this new flavor just isn’t speaking to me.

According to Brand Eating, you can now, for a limited time, buy Cheetos Sweetos, which come in the original Cinnamon Sugar flavor (as in, Cheetos has already released that flavor before) and a new, never-before released Caramel flavor.

As a springtime special, the sweet versions of the Cheetos come in a decorated egg shape, according to Brand Eating, which sounds certainly interesting, and will be available nationwide for the time-being.

You can purchase them in either 2.6- or 7-ounce bags, which will retail for around $1.39 and $3.69, respectively (although those prices may very depending on where you pick them up).

So, yeah. Obviously, these aren’t doing it for me, but maybe I’m just being unfairly pessimistic. Have you tried the new Cheetos Sweetos flavors? Which one do you like best, or do you wish they’d just quit it with the sugary kind altogether and stick with hot and savory, cheesy combos?

Sources: Brand Eating / Photo Credit: Frito-Lay via Brand Eating

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Lay’s Wants You To Create Another New Flavor


By Cooking Panda

Every now and then, we see a new campaign from Lay’s asking us to creatively come up with a fun new potato chip flavor. You remember, like when they chose Chicken & Waffles? Well, they’re at it again.

The campaign is called “Do Us A Flavor” and, as Foodbeast reports, there are some crazy ones out there. For example, Beers and Cigar? Or Peeps? Some of them are hilarious, but I’d prefer to let you discover those on your own, considering some might find them offensive.

Personally, I think a nice Cuban Sandwich or Lobster Bisque flavor would be delectable. Should I be submitting these? If you’ve got some good ideas, don’t hesitate to go and submit them as well! There’s even an “Inspiration Gallery” to help you come up with ideas.

Aside from the gallery, you can also find good ideas just by scrolling through the ingredient list when you go to create your own flavor. I’ve looked around at what Lay’s has to offer in that area, and many of the ingredients would be great flavors themselves. Spoiler alert, lobster bisque is actually an ingredient option. You can create and submit more than one flavor, so go wild!

Otherwise, you might scroll through the gallery just for fun. There are some entertaining flavor submissions, as well as some exciting ones. For example, Bacon Mac’n’Cheese Burger sounds pretty great, but Spaghetti Taco? I don’t know about that one. You can click “I’d Eat That” on any of the flavors that look appealing to you, but they don’t count as actual votes. They basically help your ranking in the gallery.

Top scorers for the “I’d Eat That” category as of right now are Summer Pad Thai, Bacon & Gouda Stuffed Avocado and Chicken Quesadilla Ranch. I’m a sucker for anything with avocado, so that one’s got my vote! I’m also highly interested in the Vanilla Shake and Fries flavor. How does Lay’s decide? There are so many good options!

Go to dousaflavor.com to submit your own creation, or simply to scroll through the gallery. Good luck with your flavor ideas!

Sources: Foodbeast, Do Us A Flavor / Photo Credit: Lay's/Instagram

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Attention Chip Fans: Lay’s Is Bringing You 4 New International Flavors To Try


By Cooking Panda

With the 2016 Summer Olympics fast approaching, Lay’s wants to ensure that fans nationwide have a wide variety of chips to snack on while watching the talent on-screen — which is why the company has decided to bring four international flavors of Lay’s chips to all its stateside fans in honor of the occasion.

According to the press release, the four new popular flavors will be available in stores starting on July 25.

“This summer, all eyes will be on the global stage, reminding us of our desire to travel and explore the world. While most of us can’t just hop on a plane, all of us can travel through our taste buds,” Jeannie Cho, vice president of Frito-Lay marketing, said in the press release. “The Passport to Flavor program invites consumers to try four delicious new global flavors, while also giving them a chance to win a variety [of] different trips and travel-related prizes.”

Lay’s cites a recent Mintel study, which demonstrated that three out of five people now claim to have become more adventurous when it comes to sampling ethnic cuisines, as an additional inspiration for bringing the flavors stateside.

Check out the list of flavors, courtesy of the press release, below:

  • Brazilian Picanha – the potato chip captures the flavor of Picanha, the finest cut of Brazilian steak, which is skewer-grilled with coarse salt to lock in flavor with a mix of chimichurri sauce.
  • Chinese Szechuan Chicken – The regional Sichuan Pepper is where takeout favorite Szechuan Chicken gets its name. The potato chip embodies the dish with the tongue-tingling sensation of “mala.”
  • Greek Tzatziki – Made up of a mix of dill, garlic and other unique spices added to yogurt, Tzatziki is a Mediterranean classic.
  • Indian Tikka Masala – Packed with flavorful spices like turmeric and cumin, the tomato-based dish Tikka Masala is a fixture in global cuisine.

Sources: Lay's via PR Newswire / Photo credit: Lay's/Twitter

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Cracker Jack Now Has ‘Digital Prizes’ Instead Of Toys


By Cooking Panda

When you were a kid, you probably loved when you had Cracker Jacks, not just because you got to eat the super delicious caramel coated popcorn and peanut mix, but especially for the cool toy that you would find inside every box or bag.

The classic treat, which has been thrilling kids since 1896, comes with a huge blast of nostalgia. In case you feel old and out of touch, don’t worry! This will make you feel even worse: The iconic snack’s toys will soon be completely digital.

That’s right. Frito-Lay has decided to update the 120-year-old snacks with something they call the Prize inside Mobile experience, as Vice reports. Instead of a toy, Cracker Jacks will come with stickers that have a code on them. If you download the Blippar app and scan your sticker, you can access one of four prizes that allows you to “show off your dance moves on a simulated baseball field jumbo screen on your phone, control the outcome of the legendary Dot Race, or make yourself a baseball star in baseball cards and autographed photos that can be traded and shared with your family and friends.” Color us excited. (Not really.)

According to a press release from senior director of marketing Haston Lewis of Frito-Lay, “The new Prize Inside allows families to enjoy their favorite baseball moments through a new one-of-a-kind mobile experience, leveraging digital technology to bring the iconic Prize Inside to life.”

Lewis went on say, “We are a brand that authentically reminds people of simpler times, childhood memories and family experiences. With this redesign and new mobile game experience, the Cracker Jack brand embraces a modernized, young-at-heart attitude while keeping that treasured feeling of childhood wistfulness.”

Are we the only ones who miss the hot dog and hamburger plastic charms, toy spinners, whistles, temporary tattoos and tiny joke books?

Sources: Vice, Mercury News / Photo Credit: Mike Mozart/Flickr

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