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No, McDonald’s Will Not Cure Your Baldness, Here’s Why


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A recent scientific breakthrough in Japan has balding men of the world beelining to the nearest McDonald’s.

Researchers at Yokohama National University succeeded in regrowing hair on mice using “hair follicle germs” (or HFGs) along with polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS), a chemical used in Mickey D’s cooking oil. However, the connection between your average male pattern baldness and greasy fast-food fries is tenuous at best. Yet many balding hopefuls are excited about the idea of drive-thru follicle-stimulation.

This “scientific breakthrough” is cruising through the information highway like wildfire such that headlines like “McDonald’s French Fries May Cure Baldness” are starting to take on the definitive, “Do McDonald’s Fries Cure Baldness? Science Suggests Bathing In A Tub Of Fries.” Slow your roll. Fries curing baldness is worth being a little skeptical.

PDMS, the hair-loss antidote in question, can be found in many things outside of McDonald’s ingredients list. Grub Street cited many non-consumable items also containing PDMS: “adhesives, caulks, cosmetics, some gas-relief medicines” and Silly Putty. But, despite its barely food-like qualities, the FDA states PDMS isn’t dangerous to consume. McDonald’s writes on its website that they use PMDS to reduce oil splatter when cooking its “World Famous Fries.”

Nevertheless, Japanese scientists found another use for this additive. Writing in the journal Biomaterials, the Yokohama University team explained the key to the experiment’s success was the choice of substrate material, in this case, PMDS. Producing HFGs in large quantities is difficult but critical in hair regenerative medicine, but the Mickey D elixir proves to be a promising medium in which these germs can grow.

So, to be clear, McDonald’s fries themselves do not trigger hair growth and bathing in a tub of fries and vegetable oil will not put you in the fast track to luscious locks. PMDS simply helps move the hair-growing process along … in mice. But researchers at the Japanese university are hopeful of this method, calling it “very robust and promising” in improving hair loss treatments for humans using toupees and wigs.

Whether or not this scientific breakthrough bridges man’s receding hairline, it is exciting and frightening that we have found a way to grow hair on mice and mix gas-relief medicine in fast-food oil.

Sources: Elite Daily, SF Gate, Science Daily, Grub Street / Featured Image: Himgspendra/Wikimedia Commons

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Terrible News: French Fries Linked To Early Death


By Cooking Panda

Sad news for everyone who loves french fries (so basically, for everyone). 

A recent study has found that eating fried potatoes is linked to a higher risk of early death. 

You can bring out the Kleenex now. 

The study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found that people who eat fried potatoes two or more times a week double their risk of early death compared to those who avoid fried potatoes. 

I know what you’re thinking: If you avoid fried potatoes, are you really even living? 

Then again, the fact that eating fried food is detrimental to health isn’t exactly a big old shocker. We didn’t really need this study to deduce that food deep fried in oil is harmful to our health.

 But why did they have to target poor french fries, and not say, onion rings?

Still, although many people may have already assumed that fried potatoes are unhealthy, there is “very limited” scientific data on this topic, wrote Dr. Nicola Veronese, the lead author of the study,  according to CNN.

Luckily, eating potatoes that are not fried was not linked to a similar early death risk, according to researchers.

Phew. So, baked potatoes and mashed potatoes seem to be safe. At least for now.

“Fried potatoes consumption is increasing worldwide,” warned Veronese, per CNN.

According to the USDA, potatoes are the most commonly consumed vegetables in the U.S., partly thanks to the popularity of french fries.

The study tracked 4,440 people ages 45 to 79 over a period of eight years and divided participants into subgroups based on how many times a week they ate fried potatoes.

Over the span of eight years, 236 of the participants died. In analyzing the data, Veronese and his team discovered that the participants who ate fried potatoes two to three times each week doubled their chance of early death compared to those who ate none.

If you’re already tearing up, keep in mind that this is just an observational study, which has not established a direct causation between early mortality and eating fried potatoes.

“Even if it is an observational study, we believe that the cooking oil, rich in trans-fat, is an important factor in explaining mortality in those eating more potatoes,” added Veronese.

John Keeling, the CEO of the National Potato Council (yes, that’s a thing)  said the “study isn’t relevant to the general population” because the data was collected primarily for an osteoarthritis study and only includes patients with arthritis, according to CNN. 

Either way, don’t despair too much. A few french fries here or there probably won’t kill you. Probably.  

You can also try to make healthier fries at home by using heart-healthy olive oil, a minimal amount of salt, and even baking rather than frying. Win win.

Sources: CNN, USDA, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition / Photo credit: Keith McDuffee/Flickr

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Funnel Cake Fries


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Eggplant Fries


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Use This Hack To Get Fresh McDonald’s Fries Every Time


By Cooking Panda

When we want our fix of classic fast food french fries, McDonald’s is usually the first stop on our list.

While there’s nothing better than those crisp, warm, salty potatoes when they are handed to you straight out of the fryer through the drive-thru window, unfortunately, you cannot always predict whether or not your batch is going to be fresh, because McDonald’s french fries aren’t actually made to order.

To be honest, there is no drive-thru letdown more devastating than getting an order of unsatisfying french fries.

We can deal with a mediocre burger; we can cope if they didn’t put enough ice in our soft drink. But bad fries are the worst.

Luckily, the good folks over at Foodbeast have come up with a hack to guarantee that you get yourself some fresh McDonald’s french fries every time you roll up through those sweet golden arches.

The secret? Order your fries without salt.

Because McDonald’s needs to respect your dietary preferences and needs, if you order french fries without salt, the chain will have to make your batch fresh to satisfy your custom request.

The best part about this hack is that it honestly doesn’t contribute to food waste or make the already extremely hard-working employees have to work any harder.

Just make sure to thank your server for their help, and enjoy your fresh french fries!

Source: Foodbeast / Photo Credit: ElTrague.Mx/Instagram

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Red Velvet Funnel Cake Fries


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Carne Asada Fries


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Funnel Cake Fries


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Apple Pie Fries


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In The Battle Of The French Fries, Which Fast Food Joint Gives You The Most?


By Cooking Panda

While there’s no way to decide truly whose fries taste better, there is a way to decide who give us the biggest bang for our buck. It’s actually pretty obvious: Buy some fries from each fast food place you can think of, count and compare. Luckily Delish has saved us all the hassle of overtaking this endeavor ourselves. Here is what they found:


In my opinion, these are the absolute best fries, but probably because of the fries’ shape, Chick-fil-A offers the least amount of fries per $2.29 order. That is, you get about 20 fries. Sure, that’s a bummer, but if you ask me, they are still worth it.


Arby’s craveable curly fries are also sold sparingly, at only 33 fries per $2.39 order. Again, shape may play a role here, but, as Delish so helpfully points out, even when you account for the fact that the size of one curly fry could equal the size of 2 or 3 regular fries, it still doesn’t quite pan out.

Steak ‘N Shake

This chain offers huge burgers and sides of shoestring fries, but the fries don’t quite live up to the big expectations set by the burgers. These $2.49 fry orders give you only 36 fries.

Burger King

Burger King is known for thicker, crispier fries, but actually offers the exact same number of fries as Steak ‘N Shake, above. I guess at least Burger King’s fry size is a little bit of an excuse. Then again, they also charge 50 cents more.

Shake Shack

At $2.99 per regular order, you get only 38 of Shake Shack’s crinkle-cut fries. Don’t be fooled by the rectangular box that makes it appear like there are lots more.


With 51 fries in a regular order for $2.09, Popeye’s seasoned crispy spuds are the best deal we’ve seen so far.


(My second-favorite fry) Thicker fries aren’t a problem for Wendy’s fry count, offering 56 for $2.19.


For $2.19, McDonald’s offers 76 fries in a regular order. These fries are typically long and medium…not too thick and not too thin. Just right and just salty enough.

Smash Burger

Smash Burger’s fries are of the shoestring variety, and one regular order offers 91 fries for $2.29. No stinginess here!

Five Guys

Five Guys is our big winner for offering the most fries per order, and I could have guessed, since I’ve always considered one order as a way of feeding two people. The chain offers a whopping 98 fries per $4.29 order. That may be high, but consider how many fries you’re getting, and it’s actually not a bad deal. Especially since their seasoning is out of this world.

So there you have it. Next time you’re craving fries, you know where to go to get the most for your money.

Source: Delish / Photo credit: Hiba Karameh/Instagram

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Why Isn’t This New McDonald’s Location Serving Up Any Burgers Or Fries?


By Cooking Panda

I feel like this is the fast-food version of those reductive teen movies, in which a shy, intelligent girl whips off her glasses and suddenly every cool jock in school recognizes her for what she truly is — hot — and they ride off into the football field (er… sunset), vowing never to do stupid things like read or learn ever again.

Let me explain.

McDonald’s is having an identity crisis. It just opened up a new location in Paris, France, and all of the core elements that make the chain what it is — its signature burgers (like the McDouble or the Quarter Pounder, for instance), its french fries (those golden arches aren’t just a conceptual design!), and its McNuggets — are nowhere to be seen.

Grub Street reports that inside the new location, which is called Le Figaro, “nothing indicates that this restaurant belongs to the American chain.”

So what is the point? It’s not as though McDonald’s is struggling in France. According to Eater, the chain has more than 1,300 franchised stores across the country, rendering it the company’s second most profitable market (America is the first).

If you’re looking for conclusive answers, the truth is that nobody really knows why, exactly, the Parisian branch is so thoroughly overhauling a concept it already knows works. Perhaps the chain is hoping to draw in some new clientele; perhaps this is a glimpse into what the future of all McDonald’s locations hold. Only time will tell.

For now, if you’re in Paris and are interested in checking the new location out, the McDonald’s in question will be open every day from 7:30 a.m. to 10 p.m., and serving up coffee with freshly ground beans, teas, soups, macarons, and sandwiches.

Sources: Grub Street, Eater / Photo Source: Le Macaron Bleu

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Super-Fry Me: The McDonald’s Of The Future Is Here


By Cooking Panda

Forget going super-sized — fans of McDonald’s officially have the option of getting super-fryed, now that the “McDonald’s of the Future” formally launched at 10 a.m. on August 3.

The new McDonald’s restaurant in Missouri had previously generated buzz around its announcement that it planned to offer unlimited fries to patrons as part of a promotional deal for its grand opening; now, owner Chris Habiger is revealing that unlimited fries are only the beginning.

“Unlimited fries are just the beginning of what’s different about [this restaurant],” Habiger told the News-Press.

“We’re making a shift from fast food to fast-casual.”

Apparently, this 6,500-square-foot McDonald’s comes with a fresh, updated menu that includes more grilled options and gourmet sauces (think pico guacamole); additionally, customers have the ability to order their food via kiosks if they’re not in the mood to interact at the traditional counter. 

What’s more, an entirely separate counter will be devoted to McDonald’s Cafe drinks and a dessert bar, which reportedly will include waffle cones and signature sundaes with a panoply of tasty toppings to choose from. Fans of the restaurant might remember that McDonald’s used to offer oatmeal raisin cookies and twist cones — this McDonald’s is bringing them back, too.

While the new menu and unlimited fries might be enough to entice adults to venture over to the new location, plenty of McDonald’s fans also expressed excitement that Habiger and his wife, Karri Habiger, announced they are rebuilding the play area.

According to News-Press, that area will take up a significant portion of the restaurant, and will feature interactive light board tables and tabletop video games. 

The play area will have a dedicated staff ensuring that everything runs smoothly, but there are still more opportunities to come from the Habigers, who together own six McDonald’s locations in St. Joseph and one in Mound City, Missouri. News-Press reports that they have already hired more than 100 new employees specifically for the new McDonald’s of the Future.

“And we’re still hiring,” Karri Habiger said.

Source: News-Press / Photo credit: Natural Society

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