Want Free McDonald’s Ice Cream? Here’s How To Get It! (Video)


By Cooking Panda

As everybody knows, the best kind of ice cream is free ice cream, and the best kind of holiday is the kind when you can get such a delicious frozen dessert for free.

That’s all going to happen on July 16, which incidentally is National Ice Cream Day, when McDonald’s is giving out free vanilla soft serve cones to all. Oh happy day!

TIME notes that National Ice Cream Day is a totally made up holiday, but aren’t all holidays made up?

All you have to do to cash in on this offer is download McD’s mobile app and find the free ice cream coupon under “my deals,” according to Business Insider. It should appear on July 16, and you can show to cashiers at the register or drive-thru to get your complimentary cone between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m.

No word yet on whether or not this means that their ice cream machine will actually be working when you come in for your free scoop, though.

​You can probably delete the app when you’re done, but it’s honestly pretty great to have if you go to McDonald’s every now and again — you can almost always find a coupon that makes it worth your while. But hey, you do you.

Still skeptical about this free offer? Don’t be. The famous fast food company has made some changes to its soft serve recipe, and they’re promoting that.

Starting in late 2016, McDonald’s took artificial flavors, colors and preservatives out of their soft serve. Does this mean that my McFlurry is now healthy?

On July 10, the golden arches social media launched a campaign to hype you up by dishing out personalized compliments to Twitter users who tweet McDonald’s with the hashtag #SoftServed.

There will probably be a bunch more deals popping up for National Ice Cream Day, so keep your eyes peeled!

Sources: Business Insider, TIME / Photo Credit: Steven Depolo/Flickr​

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Vatican McDonald’s Promises To Feed The Homeless


By Cooking Panda

A McDonald’s located on Vatican-owned property has partnered up with an organization to regularly offer free meals to the local homeless population.

Italy’s The Local reports that this particular McDonald’s, nicknamed “McVatican,” has sparked outrage among Italy’s population and people of the church for proceeding to build its restaurant on Vatican-owned property. However, those same cardinals who called the McDonald’s’ actions “controversial and perverse” might be singing a different tune in the near future. After all, the fast food giant is behaving quite charitably, and who can complain about that?

The McVatican (I guess that’s going to stick) is collaborating with the Medicine Solidale (Solidarity Medicine) charity in order to carry out this new idea, and the director of the organization, Lucia Ercoli, seems to be thrilled. She said that the McDonald’s responded “promptly” to her request for this service, and that she was “very satisfied with this agreement.”

“It is truly a small drop in an ocean of things being done by so many other associations, by so many people who spend their time helping others,” she told Vatican Radio.

The details of the charitable services involve handing out more than 1,000 meals at lunchtime, beginning on Jan. 16, 2017. Lunches will consist of a double cheeseburger, apple slices and a bottle of water.

According to Catholic News, this Monday lunch will be handed out for 10 Mondays in an effort to open dialog with the people of Italy about expanding more in the future. Ercoli’s organization has long been in collaboration with the papal almoner in working to help the homeless in areas such as medical care and nutrition. Bringing McDonald’s into this mix should surely help everyone involved. If this fast food chain wants to be welcomed into Italy so badly, I would imagine this is the best way to get the country to open its arms.

“With these meals, we’ll make a significant leap in providing so many women and men who live on the street in this neighborhood the possibility of a meal that will guarantee a suitable intake of proteins and vitamins for them,” Ercoli said. These efforts are truly admirable, and I’m rooting for the golden arches.

Sources: The Local, Catholic News / Photo Credit: Poland Europe/Instagram

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