May The Fork Be With You At London’s New Star Wars Pop-Up Restaurant


By Cooking Panda

Use the fork, Luke…

Good news, Star Wars fans — a few months from now in a galaxy far, far away (you know… the one across the pond), a Star Wars-themed diner called “The Fork Awakens” will avail itself to hungry Londoners for one week only.

Brought to you by immersive dining pundits Barrel and Forks (the same folks who organized the aphrodisiacal Casanova Dinner) the pop-up (which is set in Darth Vader’s kingdom) “will take Foodtroopers into an immersive journey through time and space, with many familiar encounters and interactive adventures along the way,” according to Barrel and Forks’ website. 

For around $80 (or £55 in London), diners will receive a welcoming “jedi lightsaber” cocktail in the canteen, and nosh on “hutt dogs and special spacefood” while meeting galactic adventurers and interacting with rebel spies.

Keeping in line with pop-up restaurant tradition, the certified menu and exact location of The Fork Awakens won’t be revealed until 48 hours before the event takes place. However, organizers warn patrons to expect “strong drinks, hot tunes and occasional outbreaks of shocking violence.”

If this sounds up your alley, you can register to become a member of the fork alliance online; you will then receive an ID home one month before the June 23 event, which will grant you access to the 4-course interactive meal and galactic spectacle. Until then, keep yourself busy by speculating over potential menu items.

Padawonton appetizers? Obi Wan Unagi sushi rolls? How about a soothing glass of AT-ATea? And as for dessert: Do or donut. There is no pie.

May the fork be with you…

Sources: Barrel and ForksMashable / Image Credit: Barrel and Forks

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