Guy Creates Hilarious Signs For Grocery Store Candy (Photos)


By Cooking Panda

Most of us appreciate a clever joke from time to time, and what better place to have a laugh than the candy aisle? It’s unexpected and you’re already getting candy so you’re just enjoying yourself times two with some extra sweet humor.

Huffington Post reports that comedian Jeff Wysaski recently planted jokes in the candy aisle of a grocery store. Wysaski is just a little bit known for these random acts of comedy, since he has taken to placing jokes on paint cans at hardware stores as well. The jokes are of a somewhat nihilistic nature, so some may not appreciate the humor. It’s definitely somewhat off the wall.

For example, check out this one about the Reese’s cup:


A little weird, right? But in a funny way. It’s hard to explain, but definitely enjoyable. What about this Snickers one?

Or this Mounds/Almond Joy joke?

Clearly, Wysaski is using the slogans that we already associate with the candy brands and adding a clever twist to each one. The problem is, now that he’s started, I want to hear more clever jokes about different food brands. Where’s the KitKat joke? Or the “Sorry, I was eating a Milky Way” comeback?

This is just simply not enough!

Luckily, Mr. Obvious Plant (Wysaski’s nickname, of course) has given us some other fun stuff to appreciate. According to his Facebook page, he’s been leaving advice cards telling Target how they could be giving better service. I’m sure they’re thrilled … I know the public is entertained by it, at least.

He has also been known to leave “Fun Facts” at gas stations for people to read while pumping their gas. Honestly, I’m pretty envious of those who’ve been lucky enough to come across some of these hidden gems. I’d love to stumble onto a “Bank tellers can also be called fortune tellers” joke while filling up my tank.

One thing is for sure, Wysaski is giving us a gift, even if it’s at the annoyance of Target employees, because we all need a good, random laugh every now and then.

Sources: Huffington Post, Obvious Plant Facebook / Photo Credit: Obvious Plant/Facebook

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