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McDonald’s Is Getting Brand New McFlurry Machines


By Cooking Panda

Have you ever gone to a McDonald’s on a bright, warm day and decided to order a McFlurry to cool off?

Their McFlurries are famous for being sweet, thick, and chock full of add-ins that give the dessert an interesting texture that never gets old. They are basically McDonald’s big take on the classic Blizzards served at Dairy Queen, and they are equally as addicting and satisfying too.

Unfortunately, we have been told many times that we can’t get our McFlurries … because the McFlurry machines are always down.

It’s an extremely common phenomenon. Originally, we thought it was just our local McDonald’s that always seemed to have issues with its McFlurry machine, but as it happens, the machines were prone to breaking down in general, and consumers have been reporting frustration over this fact.

Luckily, however, the Wall Street Journal reports that McDonald’s is planning to install much easier-to-maintain soft-serve machines.

Allegedly, the machines will come with fewer parts, which will make maintenance and cleaning of the machines easier and less prone to going out of order. Because the old machines took such a long time to clean, if employees at an establishment began cleaning the machines too long before closing, then chances are you wouldn’t be able to get your hands on a McFlurry until the next day.

So you know what easier-to-clean soft-serve machines mean, right? More frozen treats and more reliable availability!

Delish also reports that the new machines are made by an Italian company called Carpigiani, and that the machines might even be able to dispense more flavors than their predecessors.

We could get down for some new and delicious McFlurry flavor combinations! We’re already daydreaming about the possibilities…

Are you excited about the soft-serve upgrade at the golden arches? 

Sources: Delish, Wall Street Journal / Photo Credit: Alexandra Brunet/Instagram

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Get Taco Bell’s New Egg-Shell Breakfast Taco This Month! (Photos)


By Cooking Panda

For those who stick to low-carb diets but have a soft spot for Taco Bell, there is splendid news: The always innovative chain’s new breakfast taco will be available in August — and it’s absolutely bread-free.

The Naked Breakfast Taco consists of all the beloved fillings of a typical morning taco — fried potatoes, cheese, and bacon or sausage (and nacho cheese sauce, because it’s Taco Bell) — but they’re folded into a fried-egg shell. After an apparently successful test run in April, the new breakfast delight is set to hit menus nationwide on August 31, according to Eater.

Is egg a totally effective replacement for bread? Not necessarily, Brand Eating reports, as a fried egg (a bit greasy on its own) doesn’t have the oil-absorbent infrastructure of a tortilla or biscuit. But since it’s fried until crispy, it’s sturdy enough to maintain shape and to keep its fillings from tragically falling overboard. Just do yourself a favor, and have a few napkins handy while you eat it.

If you find yourself uncomfortable with the indecency of a Naked taco, you can get yours Dressed. This drier variety sports the same egg shell, but it’s double-wrapped in flatbread for a neater, albeit higher carb, meal.

Clearly, Taco Bell likes to rethink traditional taco wrappings more than the average fast-food giant. The Naked Breakfast Taco follows the reign (or lack thereof) of the short-lived Naked Chicken Chalupa, which featured chalupa fillings inside of a fried-chicken shell and enjoyed a spot on menus for less than a month. May it rest in peace.

The Naked taco isn’t the chain’s first voyage into unusually shelled breakfast tacos, either. The restaurant has previously experimented with vessels made from buttery biscuits, flaky croissants and puffy waffles. The only breakfast carb that remains untouched by Taco Bell is the doughnut, though it may only be a matter of time.

Celebrate the last morning of August with a Naked taco of your own for just $1.99. Since you’re already splurging, go ahead and pair it with an order of salty, crispy hash browns and sugary, gooey Cinnabon Delights. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Sources: Brand Eating, Eater / Featured Image: Anthony92931/Wikimedia Commons

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Oh, Crap: Your Soda Just Might Contain Fecal Matter


By Cooking Panda

Remember when we told you about how there might be fecal matter in your Starbucks iced coffee? Well, those pesky poop particles have made their way into plenty of other drinks, a new BBC study reveals.

Traces of fecal bacteria were found in U.K. locations of three of the world’s largest food chains: McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC, where plenty of people go for supersize Cokes and Dr. Peppers. The BBC program “Watchdog” tested for disease-carrying fecal coliform bacteria in 10 drink samples at each chain, and the results were smelly, according to CNBC.

Six of Burger King’s and seven of KFC’s samples contained coliforms, which are banned at high levels in drinking water by the EPA, as they indicate the possibility of fecal contamination, according to ABC News. Several of the chains’ contaminated samples had “significant” levels of the bacteria.

If you’re in the US and think you’re safe from poo bacteria, don’t. ABC News reported on a study that found coliform bacteria in nearly half of all sodas dispensed from a sample of 30 machines in Virginia, and they guessed the problem is much more widespread.

“Wherever man is there will be representation of feces,” microbiologist Philip Tierno told ABC. “We’re basically bathed in feces as a society.”

Oh, what a lovely image. It’s pretty easy for soft-drink machines to become infested with bacteria, according to ABC News, as just one contamination of the soda nozzle can lead to more bacteria making their way through the tubing, into the machine and back out into our tasty sodas.

Sure, cleaning the nozzles daily and the machines monthly would be an effective solution, but experts doubt that restaurants are aware of the necessity.

“…my guess is that most restaurant owners wouldn’t have the vaguest idea about how to flush those machines, or that they would even need too,” biology professor Renee Godard told ABC News.

And there’s always the possibility that even if restaurants have cleaning measures in place, people aren’t adhering to them.

“We are shocked and extremely disappointed by these results,” a KFC spokesperson said following the BBC study. “We have strict procedures for the management and handling of ice, including daily and weekly inspections and cleaning of the ice machine and storage holds, as well as the routine testing of ice quality across our business.”

Down to the nitty-gritty, though: You’re probably not going to die or get a serious disease from contaminated soda. But there is cause for concern if coliforms lead to more serious strands of bacteria, like E. coli, or fecal contamination-induced viruses, ABC News reports.

For now, order your iced coffees and Diet Cokes with caution, or sneak your own bottled beverages into restaurants.

Sources: CNBC, ABC News / Photo credit: Kurt Nordstrom/Flickr

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McDonald’s Hack Alert: The McFlurry Ice Cream Sandwich


By Cooking Panda

The latest and greatest McDonald’s hack is not for the faint of heart. It is not for someone who prefers to play it safe, to stick to lighter fare. It is instead for someone who is willing to take a walk on the wild side, to ingest quite a bit of sugar and to get a lot of chocolate on their face. 

If that someone sounds like you, stick with me. 

A creative and hungry Twitter user recently discovered that even though ice cream sandwiches are not on McDonald’s menu, it’s possible to create one by, here we go, ordering the McFlurry of your choice, plus two soft-baked chocolate chip cookies, and sandwiching it all together. 

The result, in his case, was a dangerously chocolaty Oreo McFlurry sandwich situation.

His tweet has nearly 20,000 retweets, so it’s safe to say people think this is an excellent idea. And $2.57 isn’t too shabby a price, considering the generosity of the dessert and the fact that you’ll likely have leftover McFlurry to eat.

Others have been inspired to try it out for themselves.

Even McDonald’s is in on the trend.

This hack to end all hacks solves every problem of an inferior ice cream sandwich. The cookies are served fresh, so they’re soft and easy to bite into, and their temperature renders the ice cream perfectly melty. The McFlurry has a more whipped consistency than regular ice cream, which gives the entire sandwich a more pleasant sensation on the tongue. And it’s a McFlurry, meaning your already chocolate-chip-filled dessert can ALSO have M&M’s, Reese’s or Oreo bits. It’s not just delicious … it’s a game changer.

If you’re in need of other McDonald’s dessert hacks, the possibilities are aplenty.

Like this reverse of the McFlurry ice cream sandwich: Break up a couple of cookies, and stir the pieces into your favorite McFlurry.

A post shared by Nick Love (@whereislove) on

Or this apple pie shake, for which you crumble up one or two apple pies and fold the chunks into a McFlurry or vanilla shake.

A post shared by Josephine (@joelleandchoux) on

You could even create your own chocolate-covered strawberry sundae by ordering a fudge sundae and asking for strawberries and chocolate chips on top. 

A post shared by @mcdonalds_secret_menu on

Source: N8/Twitter / Photo credit: jeffreyw/Flickr

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Taco Bell Now Serves Fries And Chicken Crunchwraps!


By Cooking Panda

Hold the phone; Taco Bell is seriously changing the game with its new menu offering in West Virginia.

According to Brand Eating, the fast food chain is testing new Nacho Fries for only $1, and the fries come with a warm nacho cheese sauce for your dipping pleasure.

Everybody knows that the only thing Taco Bell was ever lacking in was a french fry option, but we all also thought that they would never offer it, considering the restaurant is more of a Tex-Mex chain.\

But the day has finally come!

You can order Nacho Fries Supreme or Bell Grande as well. All options will consist of a plate of fries topped with a comforting and warm cheese sauce (yum), seasoned beef, diced tomatoes, as well as reduced-fat sour cream.

Go for the Bell Grande if you’re feeling hungry, because that option gets you two times the amount of fries as the regular order.

Amazingly enough, there’s even more good news, because Taco Bell is also going all in with its fried chicken concept (does anybody else remember the short-lived Naked Chalupa it was selling earlier in 2017?) and has released the Chikstar, a Crunchwrap-type of dish that has fried chicken in it instead of ground beef.

The chicken is shaped to look like tortilla chips, and also replaces the typical hard tortilla crunch in the Crunchwrap.

Unfortunately, the Chikstar is only available for a limited amount of time. and Taco Bell hasn’t announced when that time will come yet, according to Delish. So if you think the Chikstar sounds tasty, go out to your local store and order one before it’s too late!

What do you think of these two new offerings from Taco Bell? Which one do you want to try first? Personally, I’d go all in on those Nacho Fries.

Source: Brand Eating, Delish / Photo Credit: Mike Baird/Flickr

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Would You Eat A Burger With The New McDonald’s ‘Frork’? (Video)


By Cooking Panda

Is it just me, or is McDonald’s being super extra this year (video below)?

First it released its series of video ads that promoted the golden arches as “that place where Coke tastes so good” without ever mentioning its actual name.

Now, it’s continuing its new legacy of pumping out super bizarre videos with its latest new creation: the Frork.

No, that isn’t a typo. The Frork is a new utensil that McDonald’s is introducing that swaps out traditionally metal fork prongs for a couple of the chain’s classic french fries.

In the mind-boggling, but very funny, new infomercial, Anthony Sullivan introduces the Frork as the “uselessly useful” new utensil that’s here to solve all of our first-world dining woes.

“When savoring these recipes, there’s a hitch you just can’t ditch: the topping dropping,” Sullivan says on screen. “This is a real problem. Wait, sorry, is this a real problem? Probably not, but good news: we solved it anyway.”

Essentially, the idea is that the Frork will help you scoop up every last bit of deliciousness stuffed between two McDonald’s buns, so none of the food goes to waste rather than into your stomach.

If you want to try out the Frork for yourself, the infomercial urges you to get yourself over to a participating McDonald’s locations on May 5, as that’s the only day the Frork will be available with a purchase of any Signature Crafted Recipe sandwich while supplies lasts.

Lastly, if you want to find out which locations near you are participating in the promotional deal, go ahead and dial up 1-844-McD-FRORK to find out.

May the Frork be with you!

Source: McDonald's/YouTube / Photo Credit: David Schott/Flickr

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Burger King’s New Steakhouse King Burger Is Extra Meaty


By Cooking Panda

Starbucks isn’t the only chain that released an over-the-top, limited-time menu option this week, because Burger King has just debuted its all new Steakhouse King burger, and it is sure to give all you bacon lovers out there a reason to dig into your wallets and shell out some cash for dinner.

The Steakhouse King sandwich comes with not one, but two whole quarter-pound, flame-grilled beef patties (which are actually just the same patties you can get on your Whopper, but still) as well as three half-strips of thick-cut bacon, a generous pour of A.1. Thick & Hearty sauce, crispy onions, gooey and melted American cheese, and then finally a serving of mayonnaise all on a sesame seed bun, according to Brand Eating.

Holy moly.

The Steakhouse King is set to retail at around $5 or $6, depending on where you pick yours up, and clocks in at a whopping 1100 calories, which is possibly more than half of your recommended daily intake, if you’re not getting in any exercise and are an adult human!

That’s not all: Each Steakhouse King also has 74 grams of fat, 1,620 milligrams of sodium, 59 grams of carbs and 50 grams of protein from all of that meat.

Not exactly a health food, people.

If you’re in the U.K., and you really can’t pass up a burger with bacon, consider ordering Burger King’s very similar burger, the Steakhouse, which features most of the same ingredients, minus the mayo, one beef patty (do you really need two?), and with Western BBQ sauce rather than A.1.

If you order the plain old Steakhouse, you’ll save near to 400 calories, 400 milligrams of sodium and 30 grams of fat, but still get that indulgent, meaty sandwich you’ve been craving.

What do you think? Have you tried either of these two extra meaty Burger King offerings, or are you more of a veggie burger or chicken-fries type of fast food consumer?

Source: Brand Eating / Photo Credit: Burger King

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If You Love Spice, KFC’s New Sandwich Is For You


By Cooking Panda

Spice lovers, listen up!

In an apparent bid to leverage the Fast Food spicy-chicken-sandwich playing field (both McDonald’s and Burger King offer a version of the sandwich on their menus), KFC is finally debuting its own spicy sandwich, and it sounds fire.

The sandwich is making its grand appearance on April 24 at all KFC locations, and is being dubbed the Zinger Sandwich. For 14 weeks, you can get your hands on the item, and decide for yourself if it truly has anything on McDonald’s Hot ‘n Spicy McChicken, or Wendy’s Spicy Chicken sandwich.

Hey, KFC is a chicken chain, so hopes should be high for this one, and not just because they specialize in the bird. While fried chicken sandwiches are pretty ubiquitous at many fast food restaurants, Kevin Hochman, KFC’s president, tells Business Insider that what really sets apart KFC is that it fries its chicken in store, rather than receiving it from a central factory where the chickens are frozen, and then refried at store.

“You can come to KFC and get a hand-breaded Zinger and a $5 fill up — that is just unbelievable value and a vastly superior sandwich,” said Hochman. “Compared to a factory breaded sandwich, it will always be crunchier, more flavorful, more juicy.”

The Zinger itself features a chicken breast fillet, and is prepared simply with some mayo and lettuce on top of a toasted bun. The sparse amount of condiments and toppings are probably meant to allow the in-store fried and spicy chicken breast to truly shine.

“We’re going all out to establish ourselves as a sandwich player,” Hochman told Business Insider. “It’s easier said than done. We’re late to the party — that’s why we’re throwing in the kitchen sink.”

It seems Hochman’s confidence doesn’t come without some backup, however, as Business Insider reports that according to Hochman, KFC actually put $80 million toward ensuring that the speed of service and back of house organization to sell the Zinger Sandwich would be working at optimal levels.

What do you think? Are you excited to try the new spicy chicken offering at KFC? Or will you stick with your tried-and-true favorites?

Source: Business Insider / Photo Credit: Hollis Johnson for Business Insider

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Taco Bell’s New Mexican Pizza Is All About Fried Chicken


By Cooking Panda

Taco Bell sure is showing a lot of love for fried chicken. I’m not sure if that’s very Mexican food-like, but I’m pretty sure we’re all on board anyway.

According to Brand Eating, the newest fried chicken creation from Taco Bell is the Mexican Crispy Chicken Pizza, which is currently a test item in Columbus, Ohio. The new pizza features a crispy shell, nacho cheese sauce, a crispy chicken patty, Mexican Pizza sauce, three-cheese blend and pico de gallo — in that order. Think of the regular Mexican Pizza, but with fried chicken rather than beef, and nacho cheese rather than beans. Sounds great!

The chicken used is the same used in the Naked Chicken Chalupa, but is flattened out for the pizza. One Brand Eating taste-tester said that the pico on top offers “a bit more zip” than the tomatoes used on Taco Bell’s regular Mexican Pizza and that the chicken and shell gave the pizza a nice crunch.

The Mexican Crispy Chicken Pizza is test running through May 10, 2017, so if you’re in the Columbus area, check it out. It will be anywhere between $3.49 and $3.99 based on your location, and is also available in a combo with a Crunchy Taco and large drink, starting at $5.49.

If you aren’t lucky enough to be in the Columbus area to try out this new menu item, you might prefer to try the regular Mexican Pizza, which has become a classic for the fast food chain. If you’re craving crispy chicken, go for the Naked Chicken Chalupa.

But if you’re really feeling adventurous, get both and a side of nacho cheese and see if you can combine the meals to come up with your own Mexican Crispy Chicken Pizza. It’s bound to be delicious, even if you have to use plain tomatoes. Who knows? Maybe having the beef, beans, chicken and nacho cheese all on one shell would be even more amazing. It’s worth a try!

Source: Brand Eating / Photo Credit: Taco Bell via Brand Eating

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Help This Guy Win A Year’s Worth Of Wendy’s Nuggets (Photo)


By Cooking Panda

Look, I’m sure you have better things to do with your time, but just in case you don’t, you could be wiling away the minutes by helping this guy achieve his dream of receiving a year’s supply of Wendy’s chicken nuggets.

I’m not endorsing you to help this man; I’m just saying you could if you wanted to.

Basically, Mashable reports that a man named Carter Wilkerson tweeted out to the fast food chain:

“Yo Wendy’s how many retweets for a year of free chicken nuggets?”

Wendy’s is sort of famous these days for totally slaying the Twitter game, and replied cheekily back to Wilkerson that he needed 18 million retweets, and they’d reward him with his nugs.

“Consider it done,” Wilkerson replied.

Challenge accepted?

Of course, 18 million is an impossibly high number of retweets to receive. For context, do you remember the photo that Ellen DeGeneres took when she was hosting the Oscars? You know, that one selfie chock full of the most famous celebs cheesing it up in their gowns for the camera.

Yeah, that picture only received 3.2 million retweets, so Wilkerson never really had a chance.

However, that hasn’t stopped supporters from rallying behind his cause and tweeting at Wendy’s to give him his nuggets.

“Honestly has gotten way more RTs than we expected,” Wendy’s replied to the many tweets being sent their way, which seems to bode well for Wilkerson. Even if he doesn’t complete the initial challenge, it sounds like the fast food chain is willing to send him some sort of nuggety consolation prize, doesn’t it?

Do you think Wilkerson should receive free nuggets for his tweet? Or what do you think would be a fitting gift for him to get, if Wendy’s does decide to treat him to some freebies?

Sources: Mashable, Wendy's/Twitter / Photo Credit: Wendy's

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This Bizarre Guy Ordered ‘A Cheese’ At McDonald’s (Photo)


By Cooking Panda

To each his own, as they say!

Typically, when people visit the drive-thru, it’s with the intention to indulge in a convenient, quick and pretty unhealthy meal. If you’re taking the five minutes out of your day to visit a McDonald’s, for example, it’s probably not to try out the newest healthy item the golden arches is promoting. Rather, you’re probably just trying to grab your McNuggets or McFlurry or Big Mac to go, go, go!

However, if you happen to be this man, all you really want to hit up McDonald’s for is its cheese.

Just its cheese.


A Twitter user decided to swing by McDonald’s and see just how minimalistic he could get his lunch to be, by ordering one cheeseburger … without everything except the cheese.

That’s right. His order stipulated that he wanted a single cheeseburger, only with no onion, no ketchup, no mustard, no pickles, no meat patty and no bun.

The man ordered “a cheese.”

What’s more, he paid the exact same amount for his “cheese” as he would have for the entire cheeseburger, which kind of strips away the point of fast food — it’s supposed to give you a filling meal for a reasonable price!

Would you pay $1.22 for a slice of fake-looking, manufactured McDonald’s cheese?

Plenty of Twitter users responded, and many were perplexed by both the man’s order, and the price of the bizarre cheese slice meal.

“So like to add cheese to something cost 30 cents but just a slice of cheese…” one Twitter user speculated.

“This confuses me so much,” added another.

Here’s hoping the Twitter user enjoyed his simple lunch!

Source: Merchant/Twitter / Photo Credit: Madison East Hotel

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McDonald’s Is Now Selling Buttermilk Crispy Tenders


By Cooking Panda

If you live in the Charlotte, North Carolina, area, and are a fan of chicken in all of its many forms, then there is a potential treat in store for you.

McDonald’s is now testing its new Buttermilk Crispy Tenders in 138 restaurants around the Charlotte area. The tenders are made with no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives and no MSG, making it a good option for consumers trying to avoid unnatural additives in their food. Additionally, the tenders are made with 100 percent white meat.

Even better, McDonald’s does not use chicken that has been treated with antibiotics that are important to human medicine as a rule.

The tenders are battered with authentic seasonings and available in different portion sizes, according to the press release, although specifics were not given.

“This is the south and in the south you have to have good chicken! There are a lot of competitors in this market and we wanted to play in that arena and expand our chicken offerings,” Jeff Stanton, the local McDonald’s owner and operator, said in the press release. “We are excited to introduce our Charlotte customers to Buttermilk Crispy Tenders, which taste great and are simply delicious especially paired with our new Signature sauce.”

Signature sauce? That sounds interesting.

Additionally, Chef Michael Haracz, manager of culinary innovation at McDonald’s USA, had this to say:

“The introduction of the Buttermilk Crispy Tenders is part of McDonald’s efforts to continue our food journey by listening to our customers… We know people love chicken tenders, and we are committed to creating great tasting food with quality ingredients and testing new innovations for our customers. Along with the chicken tenders, we are also testing a new Signature sauce, which is slightly tangy and sweet and makes the ‘perfect pairing.'”

What do you think? Will you be trying out the new tenders and the new sauce if you live near Charlotte?

Source: PR Web / Photo Credit: McDonald's via PR Web

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McDonald’s Has A Dreamy New Cherry Soda Float


By Cooking Panda

This sounds so refreshing and delicious!

If you didn’t already know, cherry blossom season is about to descend upon Japan, which means that plenty of different restaurants are beginning to offer super-cool specials to celebrate the vibrant hue of the cherry blossom.

Rocket News 24 reports that actually, even though many Japanese specials feature the brilliantly pink hue of the cherry blossom, not as many feature the sweet and sugary taste of cherries — because the cherry blossom trees in Japan, called sakura, are not usually fruit-bearing trees.

However, a variety of cherries called Satonishiki is grown in Yamagata Prefecture, and McDonald’s Japan is definitely capitalizing on that fact in order to bring its customers two delicious-sounding new drinks that highlight both the color and the flavor of the beautiful cherries.

In honor of the wonderful season, McDonald’s Japan is selling these new drinks: the McFizz Sakuranbo and the McFloat Sakuranbo, which both feature 1 percent Satonishiki (cherry fruit) juice.

The drinks are both carbonated and are being marketed as super fresh and sweet, with a fruity profile rather than a floral one.

For just $2.20, fans of cherry-flavored beverages can pick up the McFizz, while for about $2.70, they can purchase the McFloat, which is essentially the same drink with the addition of a creamy swirl of McDonald’s classic vanilla soft serve.


The drinks will come served in special pastel-colored seasonal packaging, so your beverage is going to match your surroundings if you’re lucky enough to pick one up and enjoy it while walking around outside.

If you live in Japan, stop by a McDonald’s starting on March 8, 2017, to try one of the new drinks — they’ll only be available until April!

Source: Rocket News 24 / Photo Credit: Rocket News 24

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Would You Try Arby’s Meaty, Fishy Sandwich?


By Cooking Panda

We all know Arby’s has “the meats,” but how much meat do we really need on one sandwich? How much meat is too much meat?

I think when you’re mixing a fried fish fillet with turkey and ham, you know you’ve gone too far. Those foods simply don’t work together on the same bun. Many would disagree with me though, and those “many” are Arby’s fans.

Uproxx reports that the meaty fast food restaurant has made an addition to its “Meat Mountain” sandwich, which consisted of chicken tenders, turkey, ham, roast beef, corned beef, brisket, Swiss cheese, cheddar cheese and bacon. Basically, the whole kitchen is in that thing. Except, apparently it was missing fish. What’s a Meat Mountain without fish, after all?

You can order the Meat Mountain at Arby’s with the addition of Alaskan Pollock for the month of March 2017. Just ask for it “Denali Style”; it doesn’t even cost extra! That’s probably because the sandwich is already $10, but that’s probably a bargain for the actual cost of all of that meat. I honestly feel sick just looking at it. With fast food chains working so hard in an effort to compete for more business, I have to wonder, are they headed in the wrong direction?

The trend right now is health food! What’s up with the extra meat movement? Why is McDonald’s releasing new sizes of Big Macs, and Taco Bell serving up a Chalupa with a fried chicken shell? The fast food industry isn’t thriving right now, so rather than adding more meat into the sandwiches, they should probably be looking more at the latest trends and coming up with some yummy veggie burgers.

Business Insider reports that Taco Bell has pledged to cut artificial ingredients and use cage-free eggs. McDonald’s has added more salads and nixed antibiotics … but that’s probably not going to be enough. New fast food chains such as Salad and Go are popping up, and they’re likely to start taking the industry by storm. Places like LYFE Kitchen are introducing health and fresh foods into the market.

If you’re one of the meataholics who isn’t into the health food trend, you might want to go grab that Meat Mountain sandwich while it lasts. The times are changing!

Sources: Uproxx, Business Insider / Photo Credit: Arby's/Instagram

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McDonald’s Is Totally Into Using Sustainable Beef


By Cooking Panda

McDonald’s is known for many things worldwide: its iconic golden arches; its signature burger, the Big Mac, with the coveted secret sauce; its delicious fries and McNuggets; its affordability and convenience; its mascot, Ronald McDonald.

But did you know that it is also a founding member of the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef?

To be honest, most of the criticism geared toward McDonald’s usually has to do with whether its menu items are healthy, its advertising is moral and its practices are ethical. So we were blown away when we learned that back in 2012, the fast food chain decided to become a major proponent for a roundtable that focuses on defining sustainable beef as environmentally sound, socially responsible and economically viable.

McDonald’s is one of the largest beef purchasers globally, so the company’s dedication to sustainable beef is actually a huge deal, especially because as Fortune reports, it is directing its significant purchasing power to influence sustainable beef in two new key pilot programs.

For one, McDonald’s is supporting a sustainable beef pilot program in the U.S. that will attempt to measure beef sustainability in a research initiative conducted by the Noble Foundation.

McDonald’s will also be supporting a $4.5 million matching grant program that will test grazing practices that could lead to negative carbon impact.

Additionally, McDonald’s is totally committed to aiding in the elimination of deforestation. As Fortune reports, the company has said that it is “one of the first global restaurant brands to take a stand to confirm that forests are protected while beef is produced” and wants to eliminate deforestation for its beef supply chain as soon as 2020.

Not bad, McDonald’s!

Of course, that doesn’t stop the facts from being the facts: There is no consistent definition of sustainable beef, and factory farming and the like are never going to be environmentally conscious or cruelty-free practices.

However, the fact that McDonald’s is taking strides to be more environmental and compassionate is only going to spur other chains to hopefully follow their lead, and possibly even outstrip them eventually in humanitarian efforts!

Source: Fortune / Photo Credit: Pika_Zhi/Instagram

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McDonald’s Has The Best Coke: Here’s Why


By Cooking Panda

If you are somebody who frequents fast food places for your meals, you’ve probably noticed that many of the menus have some overlapping items that you can buy.

For example, many fast food chains offer their version of crispy, warm, french fries; many also offer some variation of a burger as well. If you’re going to a Mexican type of fast food place, on the other hand, you’re probably going to be able to find a taco.

But what almost all fast food chains share in common is that they pretty much all offer soft drinks, right?

While it makes sense that somebody might favor the french fries at one chain over another, we never really thought about comparing soft drinks between establishments; however, it turns out that many people have done just that.

In fact, loads of people seem to believe that McDonald’s has the best Coke soft drink of all!

Spoon University has listen not one, not two, but five whole reasons detailing why McDonald’s has better Coke than its fast food competitors.

For one thing, apparently McDonald’s gets its Coke delivered in stainless steel containers that make the Coke taste fresher than the chains that have their Coca-Cola delivered in plastic bags.

Secondly, McDonald’s takes its water filtration methods seriously, and actually invests money to make sure its water is filtered more often than other chains.

Third, the water used in the Coke is constantly running through an insulated tube to keep it at a temperature just above freezing, which then lends your drink a super crisp, bubbly and refreshing profile, because its CO2 levels are on point.

And that’s not the only thing that gets chilled to perfection: the syrup mixed in to create Coke is also pre-chilled for your drinking pleasure.

Lastly, and this one may seem like a stretch, but the straw that McDonald’s gives out is actually slightly bigger than other fast food chains, so all of that refreshing goodness coats as many parts of your taste buds as possible with every sip.

That’s it! Are you convinced?

Source: Spoon University / Photo Credit: Coca-Cola/Instagram

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Use This Hack To Get Fresh McDonald’s Fries Every Time


By Cooking Panda

When we want our fix of classic fast food french fries, McDonald’s is usually the first stop on our list.

While there’s nothing better than those crisp, warm, salty potatoes when they are handed to you straight out of the fryer through the drive-thru window, unfortunately, you cannot always predict whether or not your batch is going to be fresh, because McDonald’s french fries aren’t actually made to order.

To be honest, there is no drive-thru letdown more devastating than getting an order of unsatisfying french fries.

We can deal with a mediocre burger; we can cope if they didn’t put enough ice in our soft drink. But bad fries are the worst.

Luckily, the good folks over at Foodbeast have come up with a hack to guarantee that you get yourself some fresh McDonald’s french fries every time you roll up through those sweet golden arches.

The secret? Order your fries without salt.

Because McDonald’s needs to respect your dietary preferences and needs, if you order french fries without salt, the chain will have to make your batch fresh to satisfy your custom request.

The best part about this hack is that it honestly doesn’t contribute to food waste or make the already extremely hard-working employees have to work any harder.

Just make sure to thank your server for their help, and enjoy your fresh french fries!

Source: Foodbeast / Photo Credit: ElTrague.Mx/Instagram

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McDonald’s Drinks Are Getting Even Cheaper


By Cooking Panda

The fast food industry hasn’t been doing so great lately, probably because of the health food trends we’re seeing nowadays. In order to stay competitive in the market, McDonald’s is stepping up its promotional game.

The Chicago Tribune reports that in an effort to increase sales and consumer interest the fast food company is going to be launching a drink promotion for $1 soft drinks and $2 McCafe drinks, including smoothies and frappes. CEO Steve Easterbrook has been working to gain more attention for Mickey D’s since his recent all-day breakfast push. I’ll admit, I would have thought the all-day breakfast would have taken off. We all thought we wanted it! Maybe it was just a little too late. Perhaps it would have been better a couple of years ago, before we all decided to start getting healthier.

McDonald’s vice president of U.S. marketing says that these new promotional changes will serve to add “another layer of great value for customers with more choices.” As it is, drinks have a higher profit margin than food, since they’re cheaper to distribute. Still, I can’t help but wonder if the best idea isn’t price changes as much as a lack of healthy menu items. What about introducing a veggie burger and organic minty green tea or something? It’s difficult to eat at fast food restaurants as a healthy eater, especially if you’re a vegetarian. Have I mentioned that even the salads at McDonald’s are high calorie?

Let’s hope for McDonald’s sake that the drink promotion will do the trick for its declining profits. I don’t want to see anyone doing poorly, but I especially love my guilty McDonald’s fix about once a week. Customers are always looking for a good deal, and since there is no longer a Mickey D’s dollar menu, something’s got to give, right? One thing McDonald’s does want its loyal customers to know is that “value will always be part of [their] deal.” I think we can all agree that we are grateful for that.

Source: Chicago Tribune/ Photo Credit: McDonald's/Instagram

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McDonald’s Golden Arches Have A Secret, Dark Meaning


By Cooking Panda

This is seriously crazy!

When we think of McDonald’s, one of the first images that comes to our minds, naturally, is the iconic Golden Arches.

We always had this idea that maybe it was two of the fast food chain’s popular golden french fries bent to represent the letter “M” for the first letter of McDonald’s name.

It turns out we might have been mistaken — horribly mistaken.

According to Huffington Post, there’s an old tale about the actual origin of those arches that popped up again on the internet, after Eric Schlosser’s 2011 bestselling book, “Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal,” started to enjoy a small resurgence in popularity thanks to Foodbeast posting about it online.

Schlosser apparently writes in his book that originally, the logo was two separate golden arches entirely that were placed on either side of a McDonald’s building.

Okay, so we’re following so far …

Now here’s the twist: You might assume that after a while, somebody realized that by putting the two arches together, the golden humps made an “M” that stood for McDonald’s, and everybody was happy.

However, it turns out McDonald’s wanted to upgrade its look, and didn’t have any attachment to those arches whatsoever. The chain actually hired a design consultant and psychologist named Louis Cheskin, and it was Cheskin who advised McDonald’s to keep the arches.

Here’s why:

“He argued against completely eliminating the golden arches, claiming they had a great Freudian importance in the subconscious mind of consumers. According to Cheskin, the golden arches resembled a pair of large breasts: ‘mother McDonald’s breasts.’ It made little sense to lose the appeal of that universal, and yet somehow all-American, symbolism. The company followed Cheskin’s advice and retained the golden arches, using them to form the M in McDonald’s.”

That’s right, folks. The entire reason McDonald’s arches look the way they do is because some dude named Cheskin thought that they made us all think of breasts.

We hope you think about that next time you decide you want a Big Mac and fries for lunch!

Source: Huffington Post / Photo Credit: Chels/Instagram

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