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By Cooking Panda

If you love the TGI Fridays endless apps deal, or if you simply haven’t been able to catch it in time before it’s over, you’ll be happy to know that the deal is back for good! Endless apps at TGI Fridays are now available all day, every day.

TGI Fridays has announced via a PR Newswire that guests can come in and order any of the most popular appetizers for $10 per person, and keep getting free refills for their entire stay! These popular app options include mozzarella sticks, loaded potato skins, BBQ chicken flatbread, pot stickers, boneless buffalo wings, and meatballs and fried pickles (which are new to the menu).

The endless apps launch is effective immediately in restaurants nationwide, and we’re betting once everyone gets wind of this, they’ll be rushing to their nearest TGI Fridays location.

“Endless Apps have become a pop culture phenomenon, as evidenced by the outcry we heard every time the limited time offer expired,” said TGI Fridays’ CEO. “We want our guests to have a great time every time they visit us, so we’re giving the people what they want — Endless Apps at any time. It’s just one more way we’re making sure ‘In Here, It’s Always Friday.'”

While the endless Endless Apps deal is huge news, there’s even more! The restaurant will also be offering seven new burgers on its menu: two new specialty cheeseburgers; a BBQ’n Burger, with classic and white barbecue sauces; a Buffalo Wingman’s Burger, with a skewer of buffalo wings; a Jack Daniel’s Burger; a turkey burger, and a vegetarian black bean and avocado burger.

So, there you have it. You can get anything you need from this American restaurant bar, and now with plenty of burger options and endless apps for the table.

“TGI Fridays provides the ultimate social bar vibe where our guests can unwind and reconnect over an array of Endless appetizers or one of our new all-natural, custom-cooked burgers, ” said one TGI Fridays spokesperson. “And, as always, they can wash it down with an ice-cold craft beer or a handcrafted cocktail, like our new Ultimate Boba Long Island Iced Tea, mixed by the best bartenders in the business.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling a burger and some wings right about now.

Source: TGI Fridays Press Release / Photo Credit: TGI Fridays/Instagram

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