Fireball’s New Cinnamon-Flavored Egg Nog is Perfect for the Holiday Season

Get Festive With 9 Scrumptious Eggnog Photos


By Cooking Panda

‘Tis the season for a nice, hot cup of eggnog!

Feeling festive over here with our menorah on the mantel and Christmas tree all lit up. ????? . To make things even more holly jolly we've been sipping on some #ebfhealthyholidays approved eggnog which uses almond and coconut milk, egg whites and pure maple syrup. It’s lighter in cals and dairy-free but still SUPER DUPER creamy and just as delicious as real deal nog. You can serve it as a mocktail or get crazy and add a splash of rum or bourbon. ???? Perfect for holiday parties! . Are you an eggnog lover? If not, tag a friend who would love this healthy eggnog! . Recipe made in partnership with @peteandgerrys and is linked in my profile for ya. #ad . . . #eatingbirdfood #healthyholiday #holidayfood #cleaneatingholidays #cleaneating #cleaneats #iifym #healthyliving #eggnog #tiuholidayhustle #fitfoodie #dairyfree #glutenfree #holidayparties #iamwellandgood #greatistyou #fitfoodie #eatright #foodgasm #goodeats #eathealthy #foodsforthought #foodforthought #todayfood #youarewhatyoueat #eeeeeats #eatingwelleats #mindbodygram

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Admittedly, the thick, sometimes boozy drink can be a polarizing one. But love it or hate it, there’s no denying that eggnog is one holiday treat that’s here to stay — so I say embrace it!

Lá vem o @danilogentili com esse troço de novo ???? #Eggnog #ONatalEstáChegando #TheNoite

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Plus, you can’t deny that this looks super tasty:

Angostura Rum & Eggnog with Christmas Vacation playing are getting us ready to finally decorate the tree! ??

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This sophisticated Orange Nog, complete with a whipped egg yolk dollop on top, looks super classy does it not?

My N°005 Spiced Orange Nog brings all the birds to the yard. – To make awkward eye contact through the window. – This ridiculously indulgent #holiday beverage features @teroforma’s 1Pt N°005 Cinnamon Spice Blend, which I used to infuse some zing into a dark #rum. Teroforma’s sleek 1pt infusion bottle makes this process so easy (not to mention so damned good looking). Then I threw in all the usual noggy suspects: eggs, milk, cream, sugar, plus orange zest and orange #liqueur, all topped with a zested whipped dollop of egg whites. Head over to the blog for the full recipe and to see why I think you should be giving these infusion kits to everyone on your #holiday list this year. DO IT. Thank me later. #sponsored . #drinkingwithchickens #teroforma #onepart #1pt #infusion . . . #abmholidayspirit #craftcocktails #gardentoglass #cocktailgarden #imbibe #thirsty #liqpic #eggnog #rumdrinks #thebestdrinkever #happyhour #cocktails #drinks #prettydrinks #food52grams #drinkup #drinkstagram #huffposttaste #buzzfeedanimals #weeklyfluff #chickensofig

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Maybe you’d rather just go with something simple, because sometimes store-bought nog is just what you need …

Or you can get more elaborate and pour it into your favorite festive glass:

You can always switch it up and turn your nog into a latte.

Or a cocktail!

Can’t go wrong with your #bestfriend #eggnog #martinis and #bbqchicken #nachos and ending it with #turtlecheesecake

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Or even cupcakes!


Whether you love eggnog or think you hate it, there’s a good chance you’ll be a believer after you try a really good one. From the traditional fluffy stuff to a vegan or orange-flavored version and even a couple eggnog-inspired desserts, you might just find something delicious in this recipe list.

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10 Eggnog Recipes So Good, Even Haters Will Love Them


By Cooking Panda

Eggnog can be a polarizing drink. Some people are obsessed with it and wait all year for eggnog season, while others just think that overly thick, super-sweet milk is kind of gross. But if you’ve only ever had the stuff that comes out of the carton, you are seriously missing out. There’s a reason the drink is so popular! It’s not very hard to make fresh, but it sure does taste incredible, whether you want to add a splash of brandy, rum or whiskey, or just drink it as is. Even better, eggnog is DELICIOUS with rich, decadent desserts. Since Dec. 8 is National Brownie Day, and it is of the utmost importance that you celebrate, we offer you the perfect pairing: brownies and eggnog. You’ll love it!

1. Fluffy Eggnog

This is our favorite way to make eggnog from scratch. It’s so fluffy and creamy – totally different from the carton stuff.

2. Chocolate and Spice Eggnog

Eggnog meets Mexican hot chocolate in the most delicious way possible.

3. Stout Eggnog

We understand this might sound weird for a second, but if you think about it, it’s not really surprising that rich, creamy sweet eggnog pairs perfectly with chocolaty, malty stout, is it?

4. Coconut Eggnog

If you love coconut, don’t do dairy milk, or maybe just want a lighter spin on the rich holiday drink, this flavorful iced ‘nog is for you.

5. Peppermint Eggnog Martini

For some reason, sweet, creamy dessert cocktails just taste better in winter, don’t they? Plus, the candy cane-rimmed martini glass is just gorgeous. More in the mood for a classic, hot minty ‘nog? Try this version instead. 

6. Simple Vegan Eggnog

No dairy? No problem. This super-adaptable version of the classic holiday drink is perfection.

7. Orange Eggnog Punch

A little frozen orange juice will do wonders when mixed into your sweet eggnog. Add a little nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves or orange/lemon peel if you want to spice it up!

8. Eggnog Latte

Better than ‘bux? It just might be! If you’re feeling frisky, you can totally dump in a little rum, brandy or bourbon, by the way. No one will be any the wiser.

9. Salted Caramel Eggnog Brownies

Ok, so this isn’t a drink, BUT we wanted to remind you that eggnog lends itself amazingly to desserts, making everything it touches rich and flavorful, especially if you have a big carton of the store-bought stuff and don’t know what to do with it. Plus, it’s the perfect way to celebrate National Brownie Day.

10. Cheesecake and Eggnog Brownie Brittle Bars

Seriously, cheesecake and eggnog are a match made in heaven. Throw in a little brownie brittle, and we’re sold.

Featured Photo Credit: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt/Serious Eats

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