A Guide To Sugar-Free, Low-Carb Drinking & 5 Cocktails (Recipes)


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Reducing your sugar intake can be tough, especially if you’re on one of those “no fun allowed” diets.

One thing that I really miss when I’m dieting or otherwise cutting out sugar is alcohol. But the good news is that many folks can still have the occasional drink even while watching calories, sugar and/or carbs. You just have to be smart about it and make sure to save yourself a few extra calories/carbs if you know you’re going to indulge.

As they say, nothing in excess, including moderation.

If you’re strict on your sugar and carbs, you can still have the occasional drink or two, but note that doing so might slow down your results if you are dieting, since your liver will be too busy processing the booze to do much else, not to mention the added calories in each drink.

Low-carb folks, keep in mind that your alcohol tolerance is going to be significantly lower compared to carb eaters, so make sure to take it easy, and definitely don’t drive.

Dry wines (non-sweet reds like Malbec or Cabernet Sauvignon and non-flavored brut champagne are best, though some whites like Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc also work), non-flavored straight liquor and lite beer are acceptable as well. Here’s some more info about sugar free drink recipes:

Still, you might miss the fun of crafting delicious cocktails. If you get tired of vodka/La Croix, gin/diet tonic, and whiskey/Diet Coke, you might enjoy some of these magical low-sugar, low-carb drinks. Following are some sugar-free cocktails you would enjoy:

1. The Clyfford Still​​

This luscious coconut milk drink is absolute heaven with a few modifications: Instead of syrup, lightly smash up to a tablespoon of cardamom pods, and gently muddle them with the lime and gin. You can also add a few drops/sprinkles of your favorite sugar-free sweetener to taste. Feel free to leave out the turmeric, and if you are so inclined, you can top with coconut-flavored seltzer water (like La Croix). Absolutely delicious!

2. Extra Dirty Martini

Just keep the dry vermouth to a minimum — well under ½ ounce, ideally — and you should be fine. A good way to do this is to swirl the vermouth in the glass like so and leave it out of the mixing cup. If you order one of these out, keep an eye on the bartender and make sure they don’t load the drink up with vermouth.

3. Hot Buttered Rum

High-fat, low-carb people will love this one! This smooth, creamy, boozy drink is sort of like desserty Bulletproof coffee. In fact, this is also great in coffee too, with or without the alcohol. Note that if you’re really strict on your carb count, liquid sweetener is going to be lower carb than the powdered stuff. Just read the labels, do the math, and you’ll be all right.

4. Vodka Mojito

For some reason, fruity flavors like lime do a great job masking the “fake” flavors of non-sugar sweeteners, making this refreshing, sugar-free concoction an absolute delight and a dead ringer for the real thing.

5. Caribbean Rum Punch

Want to really shake things up? If you miss those lovely tiki drinks, this two-rum cocktail, complete with the genius additions of two different kinds of water-enhancing drops plus lime juice and sugarless soda, brings an absolutely lovely flavor. Keep in mind that dark rum sometimes has the slightest bit of sugar added to it (likely well under 2 grams of sugar per ounce), so it’s going to be low sugar and carb but not totally devoid of them.

6. Moscow Mule

This cocktail is pure magic! The secret is that sugar-free ginger syrup that gets added to diet ginger ale for a brilliant way to replicate the sugary, spicy original. This drink is also delicious with whiskey for an Irish Mule or bourbon for a Kentucky Mule, though be aware that like rum, some whiskies have trace amounts of added sugar in them, if you’re really sensitive to that stuff.

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Students Can Now Get Free Fountain Drinks At Chipotle — But Is It Even Worth It?


By Cooking Panda

In a bid to make the whole going-back-to-school shebang a little more bearable (and real talk: in a desperate bid to woo back some of its lost customers), Chipotle is offering students a deal, and giving away free drinks with the purchase of an in-store entree.

Students can bring their ID’s up to the counter after they’ve ordered a burrito, bowl, taco, or salad, and receive a free chipotle fountain drink or iced tea all September long, per Brand Eating.

Obviously, Chipotle has been struggling these days; after a series of health crises that stripped the company of its reputation last year, the brand was forced to upgrade its food safety practices. Unfortunately, the fast-casual restaurant’s best efforts haven’t been enough to win back the allegiance of its former customers.

In response, Chipotle has been pumping out various promotions — meanwhile, however, 10,000 of its current and former employees are filing a class action lawsuit for its alleged unethical work requirements.

We know that Chipotle is supposed to be serving Food With Integrity — it is the chain’s official slogan, after all — but after everything that’s happened, we’re wondering if a free drink is even worth it.

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These Are The Latest Trends Emerging In The Drink World


By Cooking Panda

In the world of beverages, the cutting-edge is becoming mainstream.

Coca-Cola and Food IQ recently teamed up to discuss the seven biggest flavor trends in the beverage industry, and the list might surprise you! Read on to learn what types of drinks will be popular in bars, grocery stores, and soda fountains over the coming year.

1. Healthy

Move aside, soda. According to FoodNavigator-USA, consumers are becoming increasingly interested in better-for-you drinks such as water and aloe juice. Expect to see more light, fresh, and green-tasting beverages hit stores over the next few months.

2. Exotic

Beverages that reflect different traditions and cultures are also increasing in popularity. Examples of such drinks include specialty teas, which are experiencing a major spike in sales.

3. Botanical

One of the more unexpected beverage trends this year is the rise in consumer preference for herbal and floral flavored drinks. Everything from basil to mint is hot right now, and “floral flavors are off the charts and growing like crazy.” In other words, prepare for a whole slew of rose, lavender, and hibiscus flavored drinks to hit the market in the coming year.

4. Subtly Savory

Not to be confused with herbal beverages, the subtly savory designation includes those drinks that are seasoned with flavors and spices not typically associated with sweets. Examples of popular subtly savory flavors are turmeric, chipotle, and cilantro.

5. Handcrafted

The popularity of handcrafted beverages is trickling down from high-end bars and cocktails to more mainstream beverages. Food IQ expects drinks with a “story to tell” to be especially trendy.

6. Specialty Citrus

Specialty citrus, such as burnt orange, is also rising in popularity due to customer affinity for “bold” and “sour” flavors. Other examples of flavors that fall under this category include tamarind, pickled fruit, and unique lemonades.

7. Bitter and Sour

According to Food IQ, the unexpected rise of drinking vinegar highlights the increasing popularity of bitter and sour flavors in beverages. In fact, bitter and sour flavors are so popular that they were given their own category by the drink experts, despite notable overlap with specialty citrus. 

Source: FoodNavigator-USA / Photo credit: Power Supply

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Judge Says Yes – You Can Sue Starbucks For Underfilling Your Drink


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Two California coffee fans are brimming with anger — over Starbucks’ seeming inability to fill its coffee cups to the rim. And as of June 17, a federal judge has granted the duo the go-ahead to pursue their lawsuit against the chain.

According to the class-action suit they filed in the U.S. District Court of Northern California, every time they order a tall, grande, or venti-sized latte (which the Starbucks menu lists as 12, 16, and 20 ounces, respectively), Starbucks has under-filled their cups by about 25% every time.

The lawsuit claims that this is no mistake — Starbucks has knowingly and systematically served its customers smaller lattes after adopting a new recipe in 2009 in order to save money on milk.

“A latte is a coffee drink made with espresso and steamed milk,” the lawsuit claims. “Traditionally, a latte is created by mixing steamed milk and espresso, which is then topped with a thin layer of milk foam.”

The case’s two plaintiffs, Siera Strumlauf of San Francisco and Benjamin Robles of Carlsbad, purport that the “fill to” lines that the Starbucks baristas use to determine how much milk to include in each drink are too low, resulting in approximately 1/4 inch of free space per drink cup.

“By underfilling its lattes, thereby shortchanging its customers, Starbucks has saved countless millions of dollars in the cost of goods sold and was unjustly enriched by taking payment for more product than it delivers,” the suit reads.

Now, according to Top Class Actions, if the class-action lawsuit is approved, then it will be open to all U.S. Class Members who have purchased a Starbucks Latte — ever. Additionally, the plaintiffs are seeking to represent a subclass of California residents who have bought a latte from Starbucks.

In other words: Starbucks is in trouble if this goes through. The U.S. Class Members plus the select California residents combined could equal a staggeringly large number of underserved java fanatics.

When reached for comment by Eater, a Starbucks spokesperson said: “We are aware of the plaintiffs’ claims, which we fully believe to be without merit. We are proud to serve our customers high-quality, handcrafted and customized beverages, and we inform customers of the likelihood of variations.”

Read the case in full on Eater here.

Sources: Eater, Top Class Actions / Photo credit: Girlterest

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