Dos Equis’ New Most Interesting Man Makes His Debut (Video)


By Cooking Panda

Dos Equis has finally introduced its new Most Interesting Man!

 I4U News reports that French actor Augustin Legrand has made his debut in the first commercial of this new campaign. If you’ll remember, the change from Jonathan Goldsmith was announced in September. Audiences may be slow to warm to the new Legrand after becoming attached to Goldsmith. At any rate, we won’t know until we begin reviewing the ads for ourselves.

The ad (below) is titled “Airboat,” and begins with Legrand racing airboats down sand dunes and sparring in Samurai armor. This new approach shows our new Most Interesting Man having his adventures, which tells us why he’s the Most Interesting. His adventures are expected to be the type of interesting that draws in today’s millennial beer drinkers, whatever that may be.

“While ‘Legend Lines’ continue to be the backbone of our campaign, a lot has changed with the rollout of the evolved character,” said Andrew Katz, VP of Marketing for Dos Equis. “The Most Interesting Man is edgier and we’ve also modified the ‘Stay Thirsty, My Friends’ tagline at the end of each commercial. Staying true to the innate brand DNA, The Most Interesting Man can be seen celebrating interesting experiences with his amigos, while enjoying our new Dos Equis cans in high-energy settings.”

It seems that 84% of men today think that what is interesting today is different than what was interesting a decade ago. Again, I’m looking forward to seeing exactly what this means.

“The new Most Interesting Man is a man of action. He’s never one to reminisce on times past, which stylistically changes everything. With a faster pace and more energy, we’re reinvigorating and modernizing one of the greatest campaigns,” said Toygar Bazarkaya, Chief Creative Officer of the Americas at marketing agency Havas Worldwide. “In the first full commercial, viewers will also see the Most Interesting Man being joined by an adventurous female travel companion who goes head-to-head with him.”

He’s also a football fan, and will be involved in football-themed commercials as the season rolls on. Take a look for yourself at the ad below and see what you think.

Sources: I4U News, Dos Equis/YouTube / Photo credit: Dos Equis/YouTube

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Meet Dos Equis’ Newest Most Interesting Man In The World


By Cooking Panda

In case you didn’t hear, Dos Equis retired their “Most Interesting Man in the World.”

Not the campaign, but the actor. His last commercial aired on March 10, in which, he set off for Mars, apparently never to return. If you were particularly attached to actor Jonathan Goldsmith, that might be sad news. However, Dos Equis is introducing a new “Interesting Man,” and you can watch his introduction below.

According to Eater, Dos Equis’ sales have been steadily falling in comparison to sales for Corona and Modelo Especial. The brand is thinking that maybe, just maybe, the millennials aren’t loving this older interesting man. In response, Dos Equis has casted a new, brown-haired younger man who they hope will appeal to a young male millennial audience.

Originally, the thought was that Goldsmith would portray a James Bond-esque character that those of this age group would aspire to be like, and therefore would “stay thirsty” for Dos Equis.

Will this new interesting man, played by French actor Augustin Legrand, really be more interesting? Social media shows some backlash, with tweets such as:

There’s also a Facebook comment on the Dos Equis page that says, “The most interesting man in the world doesn’t get replaced by the beer company. He replaces the beer company.” It has received over 3,000 likes, according to The New York Times.

The now previous interesting man has told the Times that it was not his decision to leave, but a corporate decision and that he wishes Dos Equis all the best.

Andrew Katz, vice president of Dos Equis marketing, has stated that it’s not age that caused the brand to replace Mr. Goldsmith, but a need for a new definition of the word “interesting.” His thought is that millennials have a new view of what’s interesting versus what was being portrayed in previous campaign commercials.

As a millennial myself, I look forward to watching these new ads and seeing for myself just what they mean by this statement. Go ahead and tune in to the video below and make your own judgement. What do you think?

Sources: Eater, The New York Times / Photo credit: Enrique G. Wong/Instagram

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