Get Ready For Pizzas And Ice Cream Sandwiches At Baskin Robbins (Photos)


By Cooking Panda

Baskin Robbins is getting ready to launch new desserts, just in time for summer. Or your next cookout. Or potluck. Or really, anytime you’re craving something sweet.

For those of us who want an ice cream sandwich with a twist, Baskin Robbins will be releasing donut ice cream sandwiches for a limited time. According to Grub Grade, the sandwiches have been tested in Las Vegas and throughout certain locations in Maryland.

These soft, sweet sandwiches will consist of a powdered sugar doughnut, hot fudge, and your choice of ice cream. With the 31 flavors that Baskin Robbins boasts, you’ll have plenty of options to enjoy this innovative treat. 

For those of us who enjoy pizza in all of its varieties, the renowned ice cream conglomerate will soon launch Polar Pizzas.

The dessert pizzas will be available in two different types of “crusts”: a chocolate-based crust and a chocolate chip cookie-based crust, reports Delish. You can’t go wrong with either option! The crust will be topped with a “sauce” made of smooth ice cream and various toppings. According to photos, it looks like some of the dessert toppings will include sprinkles, Oreo cookies, chocolate chip cookie dough, and icing.

Eaten like a regular pizza, the Polar Pizzas will appeal to dessert lovers everywhere. 

Sources: Grub Grade, Delish / Photo credit: Grub Grade, Delish via Instagram

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