Hugh Jackman Breaks His ‘Wolverine’ Diet With Pasta (Video)


By Cooking Panda

We’ve all been through our fair share of failed diets. So it’s easy to appreciate how much of a sacrifice Hugh Jackman has had to make over the last 17 years starring as everyone’s favorite Wolverine … sustaining himself on a diet of steamed chicken.

According to Foodbeast, Jackman’s final “Wolverine” movie will be released on March 2, 2017, and he stopped in to “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” while making his rounds to promote the new movie. After competing in Fallon’s famous Whisper Challenge, Jackman was offered a reward for his “win.” You’ll see in the video below that he didn’t quite win, but he’s winning at life, so it counts.

Fallon’s reward is a healthy portion of diet-breaking pasta, prepared by Chef Mario Batali. Jackman’s surprise was well worth Batali’s dramatic pasta entrance — featuring a giant bowl of what appears to be fettucine noodles dressed in parmesan to the max. Chef Batali also brought in a few giant glasses of red wine to wash it down. Surely, this is the perfect answer to the end of a strict diet and a marvelous movie saga.

When Jackman witnessed the surprisingly large (you’ll see, it’s like the size of two of their heads) bowl, he exclaimed, “That is the greatest freaking thing I’ve ever seen in my life.” Yes, yes of course it is. There’s a reason the rest of us struggle with diets. A big part of that reason is the fact that pasta is just so tasty.

Check out the video below to witness the Whisper Challenge, followed by Jackman’s surprise reward. Try not to get too jealous! He has earned it, after all.

Sources: Foodbeast, The Tonight Show / Photo Credit: Mario Batali/Twitter

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Could You Follow Mariah Carey’s Super Strict Diet?


By Cooking Panda

Mariah Carey’s diet leaves much to be desired. The singer’s diet secret consists of two things: Norwegian salmon and capers.

First of all: yuck to the capers. Secondly, just salmon and capers? Obviously, Mariah Carey is beautiful, so something she’s doing is working, but I have a feeling she could be incorporating a lot more variety into her diet and looking just as good.

“It’s really hard. My diet, you would hate it,” she told E! News. Yes, I would most definitely hate it. Especially since I think capers taste too much like olives. The goal, she says is to “stick with the proteins.” I’m sorry, but if I were told I could only eat those two things every day or gain weight … I’d gain weight. It’s just not worth it.

Then again, what about all of her vitamins and other necessary nutrients? I can’t imagine this is a healthy diet. As much as we all want to hate sugar and carbs, they are still essential. Sure, salmon is high in healthy fats, protein and calories, but I also can’t imagine she’s meeting the minimum requirements she should be, either. Oh Mariah, you could be eating so much more!

What about fruits? Avocado? Tuna? I could go on and on with delicious and healthy foods that could be added in. Green beans are delicious and also carry carbohydrates. Honestly, it makes me sad to know that someone else’s diet is so restricted. I feel like I need to eat more to make up for it.

If you want to achieve Mariah’s great figure, then by all means try the diet. But, according to Women’s Health and their article on “10 Healthy-Eating Rules Almost All Nutritionists Agree On,” you can follow a healthy diet that allows fruit and oats for breakfast, plenty of veggies, lots of water and for you to eat when you’re hungry. You don’t even have to skip meals!

That is a much more tempting “diet” in my opinion — although it doesn’t look much like a diet at all. And I know Mariah is stunning, but I also believe that healthy is beautiful.

Sources: E! News, Women's Health / Photo Credit: E! News

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Genius New Plate Absorbs Extra Calories From Food (Video)


By Cooking Panda

How excited would you be if I told you that you could cut calories simply by eating off of a different type of plate? (video below)

Well, thanks to the Thai government, that dream is now a reality. Facing an obesity epidemic, the South East Asian country’s health board recently collaborated with advertising agency BBDO Bangkok to design the revolutionary new “Absorbplate”—a dish that claims to reduce caloric intake by up to 30 calories per meal.

The beauty of the plate, however, is that it doesn’t require you to change your diet in order to experience its weight-loss magic. Designed specifically for greasy (delicious) Thai food, the Absorbplate works by soaking up extra oil and fat. While 30 calories may not seem like much, it is significant considering the unhealthy source of those calories, and can add-up over the course of a day.

Never fear, however—eating off of the Absorbplate won’t turn you into a social pariah, like those god-awful “fit” shoes or painfully obvious waist-trainers. The innovative dish is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also features an easy-to-clean design.

While the company has yet to set an official release date for their product, we are already planning on ordering as many Absorbplates as we can get our hands on. Watch the video below for an in-depth explanation of the Absorbplate’s design, and prepare for a future full of delicious, greasy, guilt-free eating!

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 Source: Cosmopolitan / Photo credit: BBDO Bangkok/YouTube

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Surrounded By Fried Food, Man Undergoes Incredible Transformation (Photos)


By Cooking Panda

He used to weigh a quarter of a ton. Now he shows off his bulging biceps.

For 33-year-old John “Tiny” Likely, life has changed dramatically since he shed more than half his body weight of 500 pounds, and it’s all thanks to the staff at a fast food restaurant.

In late 2013, the owner of a Zaxby’s in Andalusia, Alabama, hired Likely as a fry cook, according to Likely says he couldn’t keep up, couldn’t fit into the Zaxby’s uniform, and couldn’t even stand at his station for more than 10 minutes at a time.

“During the day I could just see how he struggled,” Scott Brown, owner of the Andalusia Zaxby’s, told ABC News.” “It made me hurt to watch him work, and I just thought, ‘You know we really need to do something.’”

Brown got Likely a gym membership, then-manager Klint Short became Likely’s physical trainer, and co-worker O.T. Green became the in-house nutritionist, passing along things he’d learned as a football player and in his high school anatomy class.

Not only did Likely’s co-workers help him work out and choose healthy meals, they also helped him remain vigilant, keeping Likely away from the fried food on days he was struggling. As of December, he weighs 239 pounds, but has more to lose.

Now Likely is a local celebrity: He has appeared on “Good Morning America,” he’s turned heads with his dramatic weight loss, and he’s even got a fan club through Facebook and his own website, On the site, he keeps a blog in which he writes about everything from healthy homemade smoothies to maintaining commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

“I barely could walk, I barely could breathe, life was a nightmare. I weighed more than 500 pounds and I found comfort and savior in a fast food restaurant,” Likely wrote on his website. “I managed to eat better so I could keep up with my team at work and by making small changes I was beginning to see big results.”

In the meantime, Likely has become a motivator, telling people that if he could dramatically change his life with weight loss, anyone can do it with determination. He also preaches the benefits of healthy food, like salads, fruits, eggs and grilled chicken.

During his “Good Morning America” appearance in July,  Likely received props from Chris Powell — the personal trainer behind ABC’s “Extreme Weight Loss” — for inspiring others. But he also made sure he shared the credit with his fast food friends who got him started on the healthy path.

“Everybody who chipped on the journey — my Team Tiny family, my Andalusia family, my blood family — I thank you,” Likely said. “You all believing in me made me believe in myself. You can do anything you put your mind to. Just because you’re one weight doesn’t mean you going end up that weight.”

Sources: AL.comABC NewsTeamTiny81 / Photo source John Likely via:

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