Can You Resist These 16 Luscious Brownie GIFs?


By Cooking Panda

I love brownies so much, I should just marry them!

Brownies are just the freaking best, am I right?

The rich, chocolaty, densely cakey dessert is just perfection — in any form.

Even the batter is heaven.

Pro-tip: Add a couple spoonfuls of black coffee to your batter for a subtle yet deeply complex flavor hint. You can thank me later.

Tell the truth: how badly do you want to lick this spoon right now?

Or do you have way more self-control than me and you’ll wait until it’s fully cooked to have your bite? I applaud that, I really do.

Enjoy this delightful downpour of snowy powdered sugar for your troubles!

That’s right! Pile that stuff on!

I’ll even take them in molten mug form …

Because brownie goo is the best kind of goo.

Especially when you top it with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Or a big drizzle of caramel, because obviously!

And don’t you dare forget about the brownie’s sexy, scrumptious cousin, the buttery, vanilla blondie.


Whatever form you prefer — enjoy!

Featured Image: livininoblivion/Flickr

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