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Get McDonald’s Delivered In Even More Places


By Cooking Panda

What’s happier than a McDonald’s Happy Meal at a drive-thru? A McDonald’s Happy Meal delivered to your doorstep.

McDonald’s has officially expanded its delivery service to more than 1,000 restaurants in the U.S. McDonald’s customers in Los Angeles, Chicago, Columbus, Ohio, and Phoenix can now get their McDonald’s meals delivered to them through UberEATS.

This is a pretty big expansion, considering that they previously only delivered from about 200 McDonald’s located in Miami, Orlando and Tampa, Florida.

For those who aren’t familiar with UberEATS, it basically functions as a third-party delivery service for restaurants who don’t want to hire their own drivers. And no, your burger and fries will not be “Ubered” to you in the back seat of an Uber X, contrary to what the name suggests.

The partnership with UberEATS is called “McDelivery.” You can order your favorite McDonald’s treats on the UberEATS website or through the mobile app.

For some, like me, who didn’t even know McDelivery was a thing, this is great news. Not only are we finding out that this service exists, but also that there’s going to be more of it. Win, win.

“We are bringing a new level of convenience to more of our customers as we continue to transform the McDonald’s experience,” said McDonald’s CEO, Steve Easterbrook, in a recent press release.

Now, not only does the “McDonald’s experience” involve eating McDonald’s, but also it no longer requires leaving your couch. 

Last year, McDonald’s made almost a billion dollars in delivery sales globally, and is expected to continue expanding delivery to more cities, according to CNBC.

According to its website, McDonald’s is already one of the largest delivery food providers in the world. McDonald’s delivery services are most popular in Asia and the Middle East, where the top delivery hubs can generate as much as 40 percent of their sales from delivery.

“McDonald’s restaurant footprint, combined with the cutting-edge innovation of the UberEATS platform, positions us well to meet the consumer demand for fast and reliable delivery — making this an ideal partnership,” said Easterbrook.

So, what do you think? Would you order McDelivery in your city?

Sources: CNBC, McDonald's / Photo credit: KennethHan/Wikimedia Commons

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You Can Now Order Pizza Hut With Your Voice


By Cooking Panda

Alexa is the name of Amazon’s new robot, to which you can ask questions, play music and order food, among other things. It only makes sense that Pizza Hut would partner with Amazon to use Alexa to order pizza as well.

Eater reports that Amazon’s Echo Dot, Tap, Fire TV and Fire tablet will all have a feature allowing users to order their favorite pizza with a simple command. How convenient is that? Possible pizza orders are: pepperoni, cheese, veggie lovers, meat lovers, and supreme. You can also order sides and drinks, such as: breadsticks, cinnamon sticks, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mist Twist and Mountain Dew. The system connects with your online ordering through Pizza Hut’s website and even allows you to choose the credit card on file, or to pay in cash.

According to a press release from Pizza Hut, commands used to order pizza can be, “Alexa, ask Pizza Hut for a pizza, please,” and “Alexa, open Pizza Hut.”

Pizza Hut says it’s thrilled to be able to offer such a service to its customers. “Pizza Hut has and always will be devoted to serving customers pizza anywhere, anyhow, and anyway, and using the latest technology is no exception,” says one Pizza Hut spokesperson. “Amazon is great to work with and the Pizza Hut skill on Alexa is unlike any other pizza brand with flexible ordering from a menu of options without lifting a finger.”

Take a second to imagine that. You’re sitting on the couch, wrapped up in a blanket in PJs and feeling too comfortable to move, or too sloppy to be seen in public, and you can just say the words and the pizza is on its way. This is revolutionary, especially for major Pizza Hut fans like me. It almost makes me want to have a robot in my house that can listen to all of my conversations.

All jokes aside, Pizza Hut serves and delivers more pizza than any other pizza company in the world, and therefore, this certainly won’t be the last innovative move on its part. It’s time to sit back, eat some pizza and watch what more will unfold.

Sources: Eater, Pizza Hut Press Release / Photo Credit: Pizza Hut via Eater

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Domino’s Is Now Delivering Pizzas Via Canoes


By Cooking Panda

Well, you can’t say Domino’s doesn’t do everything within its power to make sure its pizza reaches hungry fans.

This time, Domino’s is testing the canoe method, for those pizza lovers who live too far away from the city actually to be reached effectively by road. Time Magazine reports that this method is currently available only in Maidstone, Kent, in England.

Delivery “drivers” wear full wetsuits, and pizzas will be transported in thoroughly tested floating boxes with their very own buoys. You know, in case everyone goes overboard, the pizza can still be served. That’s important when you’ve made it so far into the country. There’s no turning back!

“It’s great living by the river but it has always been impossible to get food delivered to our house so we owe Domino’s a big thank you for allowing us to have a night in,” said Debbie Hayes, the first person to receive canoe-carried pizza.

Metro News reports that Domino’s is excited to be the first business offering this service in the area. “Being in an area that is famed for its scenic waterways means the rivers are a big part of the local community so we’re glad we can extend our standard delivery methods to harness the local scenery and ensure we can deliver by land or water to pizza lovers in the area,” says location manager Ilona Poazalyte.

The locals love the new service, and probably hope it will stick around. What will Domino’s think of next?

Sources: Metro News, Time Magazine / Photo credit: Domino's Pizza/Instagram

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You Can Now Get Slurpees Delivered By Drone


By Cooking Panda

Less than two weeks after the mega Slurpee Fiftee event, 7-Eleven is shaking up the food world again with another Slurpee-themed innovation.  

According to TechCrunch, the convenience store chain recently partnered with a tech startup called Flirtey to deliver Slurpees by drone. The inaugural delivery took place in Reno, Nevada, on July 10, and consisted of ferrying an order of Slurpees, a chicken sandwich, hot coffee, candy and doughnuts from a 7-Eleven store to a family’s home.

The shocking news is made even more mind-boggling when you consider the fact that the Slurpee stunt constitutes the first drone delivery to a customer’s home in the U.S., emphasizing the growing symbiosis between technology and food.

Flirtey, the company that built the Slurpee-delivering drone in question, is a privately held business with the mission of creating and flying drones that can be used in everything from humanitarian aid to retail. According to Flirtey CEO Matt Sweeney, the company is responsible for building their own drones, software, and even the packaging in which their flying machines deliver goods.

While there is no question that the Slurpee delivery was a path-breaking novelty, 7-Eleven has legitimate plans to offer delivery of its products by drone on a larger scale in the future. Despite the fact that no date has been set for the launch of a widespread drone delivery system, the company believes that the service would be especially useful to families for whom a trip to a store can become a hassle or inconvenience.

Following the successful drone delivery, Sweeney further commented that the Slurpee-themed event represents a sign of “rapid progress” in the path to mainstream drone deliveries.

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration is expected to put new drone delivery rules into effect in late August, paving the way for instant Slurpee and doughnut deliveries for everyone!

Source: TechCrunch / Photo credit: TechCrunch

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How Domino’s Pizza Saved Daily Customer’s Life


By Cooking Panda

And just like that, your daily coffee-and-pastry habit has been justified.

For the past seven years, Kirk Alexander, 48, has been placing almost daily orders at a Domino’s Pizza located in Salem, Oregon. One night, the employees noticed something unusual — Alexander hadn’t placed a food order for 11 consecutive days. Just to ensure everything was alright, they drove by his residence to check on their loyal, long-time customer.

It was a decision that saved Alexander’s life.

Alexander was known among the evening shift drivers for his near-daily habit of ordering from the chain. Therefore, his silence struck the store’s general manager, Sarah Fuller, along with her assistant manager, Jenny Seiber, as conspicuous.

“Several of our drivers had commented that they hadn’t seen an order come through for him recently,” Fuller said to USA Today. “And when we looked it up, we knew instantly it wasn’t normal.”

First, they attempted to reach Alexander by phone. After the call went immediately to voicemail, Fuller decided it was time to take some action.

“It was about 1 a.m. Sunday morning, and we weren’t terribly busy,” Fuller said. “So I asked one of our regular drivers who knew Alexander to stop by the customer’s home on Penticton Circle NE and check it out. We all know Kirk and he only lives about 6 minutes from our store, so the whole team was concerned.”

Although both the television and the lights were on at Alexander’s home, the driver reported that nobody came to answer the door; the team back at the store therefore advised the driver to call 911.

According to the Marion County Sheriff’s Department, officers could hear Alexander calling for help from inside his home when they arrived on the scene. After forcing entry, the deputies located Alexander, who was in need of immediate medical attention. 

“Thanks to the quick actions of Mr. Hamblen, Mr. Alexander is in stable condition at the Salem Hospital,” reads the Department’s Facebook post.

USA Today reports that several members of the staff have visited Alexander in the hospital, noting that he smiled and nodded upon seeing him, showing that he understood the role the staff played in getting him help.

“We’re like a family here, and we were glad we were able to do something to help,” Fuller said to USA Today. “We hope he’s able to fully recover from this.”

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Credit: USA Today, Marion County Sheriff's Office/Facebook / Photo credit: dominos/Instagram (2) (3) (4) (5)

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Dunkin’ Donuts To Launch Delivery Service


By Cooking Panda

Dunkin’ Donuts recently made an announcement sure to please its regulars and late risers alike. The breakfast chain may soon be delivering coffee and donuts to customers’ doors, according to

During a media summit at the Dunkin’ Donuts headquarters in Canton, Massachusetts, the company revealed that they will soon update DD Perks, their mobile app, to allow for third party delivery as well as curbside and in-store pickup.

The breakfast franchise will join Starbucks, McDonalds and Chipotle, who are also developing ways to test food delivery.

Dunkin’ Donuts will release the new version of the app next year, where they will first test delivery at limited locations, with the intention to expand nationwide.

“We’re now developing mobile ordering,” Dunkin’ CEO Nigel Travis told CNBC. “We’re doing a private test. We’ll move to a more public test later this year. We’ll probably launch mobile ordering sometime next year.”

Travis, who has run the company, which includes Baskin-Robbins as well as the Dunkin’ brand, since January 2009, said that he sees delivery as an important way to serve the growing number of customers who rely on technology.

“The trend in this country is convenience,” Travis explained. “So I think delivery plays very strongly. I think the next few years you’re going to see us get more and more into delivery.”

It may be a while, however, before the breakfast franchise has delivery services at all of its 8,000 locations. The company is in no rush, Travis said.

“The key thing is we have to make sure we can operationalize all these procedures. That’s why I’ve slowed up mobile ordering to make sure it’s operationally simple at the store level.”

While the store is known for its pastries, the company’s namesake is not where they make the majority of their profits.

According to Travis, “about 60 percent is beverages; coffee, tea, iced coffee …and smoothies.” Still, “donuts are still a significant part” of the menu, and they expect it to continue expanding, as it has done for 17 quarters in a row.

“People see it as a treat, as a reward,” Travis said. “It’s an indulgent desert that people can just pick up and it’s fairly affordable.”

Sources: DelishCNBC / Photo Credit: Wikimedia CommonsAllYou, Aim

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