How To Defrost A Steak In 10 Minutes


By Cooking Panda

How many times have you looked through your fridge and decided at the last minute that you want to eat that steak that’s sitting in your freezer? You’re hungry now, and while you don’t feel like waiting an hour, you also don’t want to wreck the beef in the microwave. Did you know that you can defrost it in 10 minutes?

All you need are two metal pots and some room temperature water. That’s it!

Turn one pot upside down and put your frozen steak on top. Then fill the second pot with water – just enough to make it heavier – and place it on top of your steak, sandwiching the meat between both pots.

The metal pans will conduct just enough heat to defrost the steak without cooking it. For a thinner steak that’s around a half inch thick, it should be defrosted in about five minutes, while a two-inch thick steak will take closer to 10 minutes. Make sure you keep an eye on it and take off the pans as soon as it’s fully defrosted.

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