Get A Full Serving Of Veggies With These Cup Noodles (Photos)


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When you eat Cup Noodles, you know what you’re getting into — you’re indulging in a starchy, sodium-laden delicious meal that has little nutritional value, and that’s fine. Nobody is eating these things to be healthy, although of course you can always doctor up your noodles with some fresh or frozen veggies to make them a little more nutritious.

If you’re one of those folks who is doing that, you might be happy to learn that you can now buy Nissin Cup Noodles Very Veggie, the first of its kind that is jam-packed with one full serving of vegetables, according to PR Newswire.

“We believe in listening to our consumers, and following our recipe change last year, the number one consumer request was more vegetables — so that’s what we’ve done,” said Leslie Mohr, vice president of marketing of Nissin Foods USA, notes PR Newswire.

“We’ve taken our beloved Cup Noodles product and kept the noodle amount the same — we’ve just added more vegetables! We all know we need to be eating more vegetables, and we’re thrilled to be rolling out a product that allows consumers to do that easily.” 

As of now, you can purchase the healthier soup in three flavors: Chicken, Spicy Chicken and Beef. It takes just three minutes to make these 99-cent meals, which come in a microwave-safe cup and contain a mix of edamame, carrots, broccoli, corn, green beans, cabbage, red bell pepper and tomatoes, though the exact veggie combo varies with each flavor.

Oh, and like all other Cup Noodles following a 2016 recipe switch, they have way less sodium than they used to as well as no artificial flavors or added MSG.

The new dried noodles will be available at tons of stores across the nation, including Albertson’s/Safeway, 7-Eleven, Food Lion, Shoprite, BJ’s and 99 Cents Only.

Can’t get your hands on these cup noodles? Consider adding a broth-scrambled or poached egg, minced or leftover meat and/or a handful of frozen veggies like corn, carrots, green beans, peas or spinach to your instant noodles. According to Star 2, this will make your noodles perfectly nutritious, and the sodium levels shouldn’t be a problem if you don’t eat them for every single meal.

Sources: PR Newswire, Star 2 / Featured Image: Christian Kadluba/Flickr / Embedded Images: PR Newswire

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In This Museum, You Create Your Own Cup Noodles Flavor (Video)


By Cooking Panda

If you’ll recall, we recently discussed the 45th birthday of Cup Noodles, and we talked all about its history. Most of that history is celebrated within the Ramen museum in Yokohama, Japan.

Also part of that museum is an exhibit where you can make your own Cup Noodles. As you’ll see in the video below, it features a bar where you can take your cup and go through and add all of your favorite ingredients. If you loved Ramen as a kid (who didn’t?) this could possibly be the yummiest trip down memory lane…ever.

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According to Foodbeast, it costs only 300 yen ($2.89) to create your own Cup Noodles flavor. They’ll even wrap it for you so that it looks like you just bought it right off the shelf.

According to Japan Guide, you can also make your own Ramen at the “My Chicken Ramen” station in the very same museum. This takes 90 minutes and requires reservations ahead of time. It costs 500 yen and I’m sure it’s well worth it.

Also within the park is a Cup Noodles children’s playground. I knew the noodles were versatile, but this is crazy!

Finally, another area of the museum worth mentioning is the Noodles Bazaar, set up to look like a night market, and allowing visitors to taste all kinds of noodle dishes for only 300 yen. It even comes complete with the sounds of hawkers and traffic so you can have an almost real experience of what it would actually be like to visit an Asian night market.

If I haven’t said it before, this is definitely a place worth checking out if you’re ever in Japan. And besides, everyone should travel out of their own country at least once. Why not make a trip just to see this place?

Sources: FoodBeast, Japan Guidebcontrol/YouTube / Photo credit: Jackie Ako/Instagram

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Happy 45th Birthday, Cup Noodles! Here’s The History Of The Ramen Staple


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Cup Noodles is turning 45 years old. You’ve probably eaten them throughout college, and maybe even into your later 20s…And honestly, they’re still pretty tasty.

The creator’s name was Momofuku Ando, and before he created the Cup Noodles, he created chicken Ramen in 1958, spending every day for one year trying to come up with the perfect instant Ramen creation. Cup Noodles, the natural next step, made its debut in 1971, according to the Cup Noodles Museum. That’s right, there’s a museum dedicated to these noodles. It is well-deserved.

Ando went on a fact-finding trip to America in 1971, and found grocery store managers breaking up his Ramen, putting it into a cup, microwaving it with water and enjoying it with a fork. That’s when he realized if he made the Cup Noodles, it would go global. Not everyone eats this pasta fried with veggies and using chop sticks. The cup could help to diversify the noodle.

Obviously, we now know that he was right, since most of us have tried Cup Noodles at some point. According to National Public Radio, the museum that stands today is filled with tributes to the Ramen inventor, along with Ramen-inspired exhibits.

“This is the museum that really honors the creator of instant ramen and Cup Noodles,” museum manager Yuya Ichikawa told NPR. “… He tried many many methods of drying the ramen, but he could never find anything that worked perfectly well. And then one day he was watching his wife make tempura and he realized, this is how it can be done,” Ichikawa explained.

And so Ando made noodles instant by lightly frying them in oil for a few seconds, then drying and packaging them.

Visitors are able to make their own noodles in the museum, and even use ingredients from an ingredient bar to create their own noodle recipes.

Other exhibits include the Instant Noodles History Cube, where walls are decorated with all Ramen flavors from day one to now, from top to bottom, and Ando’s actual work shed. If you ever find yourself in Yokohama, Japan, stop by and learn all about Ramen.

Sources: NPR, Cup Noodles Museum / Photo credits: Vivian Tong/InstagramJapan Guide

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Cup Noodles Is The Latest Pantry Staple To Hop Aboard The Health Food Trend


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If your college experience was anything like mine, then you have had your fair share of ramen-based meals (video below).

It all starts off with the simple cup o’ noodles; standard, basic and cheap.

As time goes on (and income stays scant), you begin to discover new ways to elevate your staple meal: personally, I was thrilled when I thought to add egg and different spices/vegetables to mine, but brains more creative than mine have come up with such delights as the Ramen Burger, and more.

Now, however, the Nissin Foods pantry staple is undergoing a total upgrade. According to Delish, the company is responding to customer feedback and developing a new version of its famous Cup Noodles product with less sodium, no added MSG, and zero artificial flavors in honor of its 45th anniversary.

In order to make sure the product still stood up to its original glory, Nissin Foods enlisted the help of several blind taste-testers, who also happened to be big time fans of the OG Cup Noodles.

The verdict? Apparently, the consumers think that the improved product is totally on par with the sodium-laden original.

Here’s the best part: Natural ingredients such as paprika, lime, and turmeric were added to boost the new flavor profiles, so they’re sure to be just as satisfying and flavorful as their less-healthy (but oh-so-addictive) predecessors.

Check out the video about the change below:

Sources: Delish / Photo credits: Nissin Foods Inc. via Delish, Nissin Foods Inc. via The Inspiration Room

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