Gordon Ramsay Is Offering Master Cooking Classes


By Cooking Panda

While it is always entertaining to see celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay deliver one of his notorious tirades on screen, we can’t help but want to learn from him anyway. Sure, he’s sort of terrifying, but he’s also incredibly talented and has proven himself time and again to actually be a big sweetheart underneath all that bravado.

Now, Chef Ramsay is actually giving us all a chance to learn all of his best techniques — and we don’t even need to get screamed at on television to be taught by him! For $90, you can take an online class that has more than 15 lessons covering everything you need to know to become a Master Chef just like Ramsay.

“This is Gordon Ramsay like you’ve never experienced,” reads the description on the Masterclass website. “Chef Ramsay invites you into his home kitchen to learn the techniques that have earned him 6 Michelin stars. Gordon will teach you everything from buying the freshest ingredients to constructing unforgettable dishes. Learn the expert-level skills that will take your cooking to the next level. Your kitchen apprenticeship starts now.”

As though that isn’t enough incentive, Ramsay actually promises in the video that his pupils will “…see a side to me across this class that I don’t think has ever been shown before.”

What does that mean? What side of Ramsay has been kept under wraps? We’re so anxious to find out!

“$90 is an incredible steal for these masterclasses. It’s amazing that you guys have been able to bring on such high-caliber professionals. Keep up the good work, I’m definitely asking for one of these for Christmas!!!” one enthusiastic YouTuber commented.

Another, however, thought the subdued but still sassy Ramsay was a little off-putting.

“Not enough swearing 9/10,” the YouTuber commented.

What do you think? Are YOU excited to try Ramsay’s cooking classes?

Check out the trailer for the classes (below):

Sources: Masterclass/YouTube, Masterclass / Photo Credit: Gordon Ramsay/Facebook

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